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* Nick-kun - Moderator
* Nick-kun - Moderator
* Trainer Rachel - Moderator(inactive)
* Trainer Rachel - Moderator(inactive)
* Matkin22 - Moderator(inactive)
* offkilter06 - Moderator(inactive)
* offkilter06 - Moderator(inactive)

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Template:Recasting controversy series Save our Voice Actors, commonly abbreviated SOVA is a Pokémon community-driven campaign to bring back the original Voice Actors instead of recasting the Pokémon anime dub with new Voice Actors.


The campaign started as Save the Dub on March 21, 2006. News broke out when a member at a Pokémon forum received a letter from Veronica Taylor. Moments later, Pokémon Palace Network received an email and a guest book entry by Eric Stuart. These letters provided evidence that Pokémon USA was going to recast the voice actors, which spurred significant controversy in the Pokémon communities.


The mission is to let as many Pokémon fans know and support the previous voice actors by communicating to Pokémon USA to tell them that the recasting of voice actors is wrong. Methods to convey their message include writing letters and e-mail, signing online petitions, and sending them styrofoam Poké Balls with messages written on them.

Recent victories?

In 2008, when TPCi switched dubbing studios from TAJ Productions to DuArt, several of the voice actors from the 4Kids dub began to return to the series. Initially, they were voice actors who had played minor roles or recurring characters, such as Evelyn Lanto, Sean Schemmel, Dan Green and Bella Hudson. However, beginning with Lost Leader Strategy, fans noticed that Rachael Lillis had returned to voice Maylene. Since then, Maddie Blaustein has returned as well, voicing Chatot in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon 2.

For the first time, a 4Kids voice actor was able to return to one of their roles. In The Thief That Keeps On Thieving!, Ted Lewis reprised his role as Giovanni.


Current Staff

  • PokemonTrainerLisa - Proud SOVA Leader
  • Nekusagi - SOVA Leader(hiatus)
  • Dark Master - SOVA Leader
  • Mitch - Secretary of SOVA/Leader
  • Tommy - Administrator/Leader
  • Shadow25 - SOVA Commissioner
  • Misty - Administrator
  • Nick-kun - Moderator
  • Trainer Rachel - Moderator(inactive)
  • offkilter06 - Moderator(inactive)

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