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[[Category:Johto characters of the day]]
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Satchel and Magby

Satchel (Japanese: センイチ Sen'ichi) is a character of the day in You're a Star, Larvitar!.

Satchel asked Ash if he wanted to battle, and Ash accepted, saying he wanted to prepare for the Silver Conference. Satchel sent out his Magby and Ash, wanting to literally fight fire with fire, sent out his Cyndaquil. Although Cyndaquil put up a good fight, Magby ended up defeating it.

When Ash complimented Satchel on how strong it was, he said that he was trying to evolve it into a Magmar. He agreed that it was strong, but said that as a Magby, it wouldn't last half a round in the Silver Conference.

Satchel's goal was accomplished when Team Rocket attacked and stole many Trainers' Pokémon. After Ash's Larvitar helped to save them, Satchel used Magby to attack Team Rocket. After it began to get the upper hand, it evolved into Magmar and sent Team Rocket blasting off.

As Ash and Satchel parted ways, they both hoped that they would battle each other in the Silver Conference. However, that never happened, and Satchel hasn't been seen since.


Satchel's Magby

Satchel's Magmar
Magby → Magmar
Magmar is Satchel's only known and most powerful Pokémon. It first appeared as a Magby in a battle against Ash and his Cyndaquil. Both of them had strong Flamethrowers and the Pokémon were pretty much equal, but Magby's speed was too much for Cyndaquil and it was defeated by a DynamicPunch. Later, Magby with a load of other Pokémon, were captured by Team Rocket. Larvitar was able to free Ash, get onto the truck and tell Magby and Cyndaquil to burn a hole in the glass, which they finally did and all the Pokémon escaped. Magby tried to send Team Rocket blasting off but is not powerful enough. Just then, suddenly it evolved into Magmar and successfully fended off Team Rocket before they were blasted off by Cyndaquil.

It made a brief appearance in Address Unown! where it was part of an Unown's dimension.

Magmar's known moves are Flamethrower, Double Team and DynamicPunch.

Debut You're a Star, Larvitar!

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 佐藤ゆうこ Yūko Satō
English Tara Jayne
European Spanish Amelia Jara

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