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[[Category:Game characters]]
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[[Category:Colosseum Leaders]]
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Sashay (Japanese version)

Colosseum Master Sashay (Japanese: コロシアムマスター リボン Colosseum Master Ribon) is the sixth Colosseum leader in Pokémon Battle Revolution, as well as the second Colosseum Master. She is also the head of Sunny Park Colosseum. She has purple hair, white skin (in the Japanese version; her skin was darker in English variations), and light brown eyes. Trainers in her Colosseum sometimes refer to her as "Ms. Sashay", perhaps in reference to her young appearance. Like Taylor, Sashay appears to like cute and beautiful Pokémon, which matches her nearly narcissitic views of her own beauty. Sashay also considers herself an expert dancer.

When facing her in Little Battle format, her Trainer class is changed from Colosseum Master to Little Queen, a Trainer class exclusive to her. Similarly, there is a Trainer class called Sashay Fan Club, the members of which presumably being members of a fan club with the same name.


Language Name Origin
Japanese リボン (Ribbon) From english ribbon.
English Sashay From sash, a cloth belt, and sashay, a ballet term.
French Rubana From ruban, ribbon.
German Arabeske From arabesque, a ballet position.
Italian Graziella From grazia, grace.
Spanish Cinta Literally means belt.
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