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Sapphire Birch
オダマキ サファイア Sapphire Odamaki
Age 13 (as of the ninth chapter)
Gender Female
Birthday September 20
Eye color Blue
Hair color Brown
Hometown Littleroot Town
Region Hoenn
Relatives Professor Birch
Trainer class Trainer

Sapphire Birch (Japanese: オダマキ・サファイア Sapphire Odamaki) is the ninth main character of the manga series Pokémon Adventures. Her first two Pokémon are a Torchic and an Aron; she probably got them from her father, Professor Birch.

Sapphire loves to battle and is a tomboy; she has been seen swinging on vines through trees in an outfit made of leaves. However, she does have a feminine side, as she explains to Ruby in volume 19. She is in love with Ruby, yet, even after they both confess their feelings, she becomes annoyed at Ruby constantly avoiding the matter.

Character history


File:Young sapphire.png
Sapphire as a child

Sapphire was born in Littleroot Town, Hoenn. Her father was Professor Birch, who was a Pokémon Researcher. As a child, she was an average fancy girl but that changed when she met Ruby. The two had a lot of fun with each other, until their playdate was interrupted by a Salamence. Acting quickly, Ruby was able to knock it out with his Pokémon. At that time, Rayquaza was being held by the Pokémon Association near the place he and Sapphire were playing and was set free by the Salamence. Sapphire ran away crying, and later came to realize she ruined Ruby's dignity, and vowed to become stronger.

Ruby & Sapphire chapter

Sapphire in the last R/S volume

Sapphire was introduced when she saved Ruby from two wild Mightyenas. She was, at first, mistaken by Ruby as a wild animal because she wore leaves and started attacking him. This hostility escalated when she learned the two had contrasting goals. Soon, they agreed to settle their rivalry with an 80-day pact, in which Sapphire would conquer all 8 gyms in Hoenn while Ruby did the same for all contests.

In Rustboro City, Sapphire rescued Mr. Stone's Castform in a fountain, and chased after the SSS of Team Aqua. After that, she defeated Roxanne at the Rustboro Gym. After traveling to Dewford Island on Walo and training in the Granite Cave, she deafeated Brawly, before traveling with Ruby to the Abandoned Ship, where they met up with Courtney and Mitch of Team Magma.

After parting ways with the boy in Slateport City, Sapphire stumbled upon New Mauville, where she helped Wattson and the Trick Master settle the underground city's generators. Sapphire then headed to Mt. Chimney, where she teamed up with Flannery to stop Team Aqua from killing the volcano. However, they failed to do so, and Sapphire went to Fortree City on Pilo, her Tropius.

Sapphire in the Emerald arc of the manga

Once there, Sapphire became Winona's disciple after loosing to her in a gym battle. Soon, an emergency meeting of the gym leaders brought Ruby, who had become Wallace's student, to Fortree. Unfortunately, the two had a fall out after Sapphire learned that Ruby had been hiding his true strength from her and the boy showed little care about Hoenn's fate. As the awakening of Kyogre and Groudon brought havoc to Hoenn, Sapphire went with Winona to fight, and learned, in the process, about the Seafloor Cavern.

Soon, Ruby finally decided to join the battle and, with the help of Sapphire and her Relo, went to the Seafloor Cavern. At the bottom of the sea, the young pair squared off against Maxie and Archie but were horribly defeated. They were then taken to Mirage Island, where the trained and learned that they had absorbed the Blue and Red Orbs.

Just before leaving Mirage Island. Sapphire told a shocked Ruby that she liked him. Before Ruby could respond, they had to leave and he didn't get to tell her that he felt the same way until they reached Sootopolis City, where he pushed Sapphire away in order to protect her. Ruby then left with Marge in order to fight against Maxie, Archie and the Ancient Pokémon Groudon and Kyogre.

Soon, Sapphire escaped the air car and came to the battlefield, where the two rivals charged up Plusle and Minun and finally defeated Archie and Maxie. Ruby then used Celebi to restore peace.

The next day was the eightieth day of the bet and Sapphire had succeed in her goal of getting all of the badges in Hoenn. She then ran off into the sunset with Ruby to Littleroot Town, where a party was awaiting for both of their birthdays.

Emerald chapter

In the sixth chapter, Ruby and Sapphire traveled to the Battle Frontier to help save the other Pokédex holders.


These are all of Sapphire's Pokémon as of Volume 21.

On hand

Main article: Rono

As an Aron, Rono (Japanese: どらら Dorara) was first seen used by Sapphire battling a Pelipper at Rustboro City, and helped Sapphire rescue Mr. Stone's Castform. He evolved into Lairon after undergoing intensive training in Granite Cave, and evolved when battling Brawly's Makuhita. Rono evolved into an Aggron during his training on Mirage Island, with Juan, Tate, and Liza. In the Emerald arc, he fought against Tucker's Salamence. His ability is Sturdy, and he has a Naughty nature. He is currently at Level 54.

Debut VS. Dustox
Main article: Toro

Sapphire received Toro (Japanese: ちゃも Chamo) from her father, Professor Birch. After intensive training at Granite Cave, she evolved into Combusken and defeated Brawly's Hariyama in the Dewford Gym. Toro later evolved into Blaziken during her battle with Winona. She is Sapphire's most trusted team member, and was used in almost every single major battle she had. Toro teamed up with Ruby's Zuzu in a double battle against Archie and Maxie at Seafloor Cavern. In the Emerald arc, Toro was Sapphire's most used Pokémon in the numerous Battle Dome and Battle Tower battles, and she learned the ultimate fire attack, Blast Burn, from Kimberly's metal ring. Her ability is Blaze and she has a Quiet nature. She is currently at Level 59.

Debut VS. Mightyena
Sapphire met Dono (Japanese: ふぁどど) when the Template:Type2 was rampaging around Route 110 due the amount of energy let off by the underground city of New Mauville. He helped Sapphire shut down the generator and then became a powerful member of her team and was often used in major battles such as the one against Archie and Maxie and the one against Guile Hideout. He has the ability Sturdy and has a Hasty nature. It is currently at Level 58.
Debut VS. Electrike II
Pilo (Japanese: とろろ Tororo) is Sapphire's means of flying. She borrowed him from her father when she left for her journey and was first seen when Sapphire teamed up with Flannery to fight Team Aqua on Mt. Chimney. With his powerful grass type moves, Pilo is used often and is a major member on her team. He was used to launch an attack from the sky on the Great Sea Beast that had appeared on top of the battle tower. His ability is unknown and he has a Calm nature. It is, currently, at Level 56.
Debut VS. Azumarill II

At Sea

Walo (Japanese: えるる Eruru) was lent to Sapphire by her father so that she could cross the seas. He played a major role in the unsealing of the legendary golems. Because of his huge size, he is rarely used in battle and is often sent out at sea so that he isn't confined in a Poké Ball. He has a Brave nature and is currently at Level 53.
Debut VS. Crawdaunt I
Relo was found on Route 123, which was dried up due to the drought that was caused by Groudon. Although it was initially only on her team until it was healed, Sapphire kept it after Ruby explained that it could be used to Dive into the cave deep underseas where Groudon and Kyogre were awakened by the evil Aqua and Magma bosses. Later, with Walo and Steven Stone's 4 Beldum, it was used to awaken the legendary golems as Mr. Stone had discovered possible in the event that the two titans are revived and all hell breaks loose in the Hoenn region. It is kept at sea with Walo and has a Hardy nature. It is currently Level 55.
Debut VS. Kyogre & Groudon IV

Status unknown

Minun met Sapphire on the Abandoned Ship, where she helped the girl and fight Team Magma. She was later partnered with Sapphire during his training on Mirage Island and in the final battle. She hasn't been seen since. She has a Naive nature and the ability Minus.
Debut VS. Plusle & Minun I


  • Like her game counterpart, she is the only female rival in the Pokémon Adventures manga.
  • She is the only female Pokémon Adventures character named after a generation's second version (Blue, Silver, and Pearl are all male). Like them, however, she is the designated rival of the character with the name of the respective primary version, and based on the rival in the respective games.
  • Sapphire is the only rival whose starter's type is disadvantaged against that of her own rival (her Torchic vs Ruby's Mudkip). However, unlike other rivals in Adventures, which were all based on in-game rivals, Sapphire's game basis is also a player character.
  • Sapphire is the only character to successfully earn every gym badge in her native region. Red and Platinum challenge or challenged Gyms as well; however, although Red defeated every Gym Leader in Kanto, he didn't earn every badge, and Platinum has yet to finish her journey. Silver simply stole every Gym Badge from Johto at one point, but he didn't earn them through challenges.
  • Sapphire's birthday is September 20th.
    • A sapphire is the birthstone for those born in September.
  • Sapphire's bloodtype is O.
  • All of Sapphire's Pokémon mirror her gender, with the exception of Toro & Minun. The same goes for Ruby (with the exception of having also owned a genderless Pokémon), with only his starter and electric rodent the same gender as him.
  • Even though in Sapphire there was no version-exclusive look for May, artwork of Sapphire shows a blue variation of her attire.
  • Sapphire is one of three Pokédex holders to have a known last name; the other two are Blue and Platinum.

In other languages

Language Name Reference to
Japanese サファイア Sapphire From Pokémon Sapphire.
English (Singapore) Sapphire From Pokémon Sapphire.
Korean 사파이어 Sapphire From Pokémon Sapphire.
Chinese 沙菲雅 Shāfēiyǎ Phonetical translation of Sapphire.

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