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Santalune Gym
ハクダンジム Hakudan Gym
XY Prerelease Santalune Gym.png
Location Santalune City
Gym Leader Viola
Badge Unknown
Dominant Type Bug
Region Kalos

Santalune Gym (Japanese: ハクダンジム Hakudan Gym) is the official Gym of Santalune City and the first Gym the player character challenges. It is based on Bug-type Pokémon. The Gym Leader is Viola.

In the games

The spider web

The Gym is designed with several wooden-shaped walkways with a giant spider web in the middle. It is the first Gym the player challenges.

In the anime

In the manga

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Gym Leaders of the Kalos region
Santalune Gym Bug Badge
XY Viola Icon.png
Cyllage Gym Cliff Badge
XY Grant Icon.png
Shalour Gym Rumble Badge
XY Korrina Icon.png
Coumarine Gym Plant Badge
XY Ramos Icon.png
Lumiose Gym Voltage Badge
XY Clemont Icon.png
Laverre Gym Fairy Badge
XY Valerie Icon.png
Anistar Gym Psychic Badge
XY Olympia Icon.png
Snowbelle Gym Iceberg Badge
XY Wulfric Icon.png

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