Sandgem Flats

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Sandgem Flats マサゴ平原
Masago Plains
"Wild Missingno. appeared!"
Sandgem Flats LA.png
Map description:
Location: Southwest Obsidian Fieldlands
Region: Hisui
Generations: VIII
File:Hisui Sandgem Flats Map.png
Location of Sandgem Flats in Hisui.
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The Sandgem Flats (Japanese: マサゴ平原 Masago Plains) is an area located in the southwestern region of the Obsidian Fieldlands of Hisui. It connects to Lake Verity and Aspiration Hill to the north. Ramanas Island is visible across the river.

Despite what the name might suggest, in modern day Sinnoh, the Sandgem Flats become part of Verity Lakefront, Route 201, and Twinleaf Town. However, Sandgem Town would be established at what appears to be the river to the east of the flats once it has dried up.


The Sandgem Flats is a mostly flat, forested area that borders a river. The terrain gets more jagged the farther it is from the shore. A pass that cuts through the mountainous enclosure of Lake Verity can be accessed here. A shallow body of water acts as the border between Sandgem Flats and Aspiration Hill; the player is able to cross without the need of Ride Pokémon Basculegion.


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# Pokémon Levels Time of day Weather Presence of
Fixed Alpha
063 063 Abra 9-15 All All
064 064 Kadabra 12-30 All All
065 065 Alakazam 40 All All Alpha icon.png
075 075 Graveler 15 All All
122 122 Mr. Mime 15-30 All All
143 143 Snorlax 25 All All Alpha icon.png
397 397 Staravia 9-18 Morning
404 404 Luxio 11-29 All All
405 405 Luxray 15-44 All All
413 413 Wormadam
Plant Cloak
20-23 All All
422 422 Shellos
West Sea
15-29 All All
423 423 Gastrodon
West Sea
15-40 All All
426 426 Drifblim 10-44 Night All
439 439 Mime Jr. 3-25 All All

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 真砂平原 Jānsā Pìhngyùhn
Mandarin 真砂平原 Zhēnshā Píngyuán
France Flag.png French Plaine Littorella
Germany Flag.png German Sandgemmenheide
Italy Flag.png Italian Pianura Sabbiafine
South Korea Flag.png Korean 잔모래 평원 Janmorae Pyeong-won
Spain Flag.png Spanish Planicie Arena

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