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リラ Lila
Art from Emerald
Gender Female
Hometown Unknown
Region HoennTemplate:Gameabbrev/Kanto*
Trainer class Salon Maiden
(Frontier Brain)
Generation III
Games Pokémon Emerald
Brain of Battle Tower
Symbol Ability Symbol
Anime debut Talking a Good Game
English voice actor Hilary Thomas
Japanese voice actor Akiko Kimura

Salon Maiden Anabel (Japanese: タワータイクーン リラ Tower Tycoon Lila) is the Frontier Brain in charge of running the Battle Frontier's Battle Tower.

In the anime

Anabel in the anime

Anabel appears in the episodes Talking a Good Game and Second Time's the Charm.

Anabel has the empathic ability to sense the emotions of Pokémon and giving them telepathic commands, possessing powers similar to Yellow of Pokémon Special, although other characters do not seem to regard these as psychic abilities but rather a honed sense of empathy. Nevertheless, she is still portrayed as a sort of Template:Type2 specialist.

She failed to teach Ash and May her empathetic abilities, as their Pokémon receive nothing from them. Ash and his friends are surprised to learn that Anabel is a girl when the group arrived to her house and she declined to change her wet clothes in front of them; Ash asked if it's because of May's presence, but she said it was because she's female.

Ash lost his first match to Anabel after her powerful Alakazam managed to defeat two of his Pokémon consecutively, shadowing both Ash's Corphish and Tauros. In a rematch, Ash beat her by using the same strategy as in the previous battle. During their farewell, Anabel was shown to have a crush on Ash.

Anabel made a cameo appearance during a flashback in DP128.


This listing is of Anabel's known Pokémon in the anime:


Voice actors

  • Spanish
    • Mariana Ortiz (Latin America)
    • Sara Vivas (Spain)

In the games

Sprite Image of Anabel from Pokémon Emerald.

Anabel's heard rumors of Brendan/May's rankings in the Battle Tower, but isn't impressed. She wants to see their talent in battle for herself. When defeated, she awards the Ability Symbol onto the Frontier Pass.

On the second match, Anabel commends Brendan/May's progress, and is grateful for the chance to battle without holding anything back; to battle to her fullest.

She is one of the two known Tower Tycoons, the other one being Palmer of the Battle Tower in the Sinnoh region.


Silver Symbol challenge

Template:PartyHeader Template:PartyBody33 Template:PartyFooter

Gold Symbol challenge

Template:PartyHeader Template:PartyBody33 Template:PartyFooter


  • First battle:

"Greetings… My name is Anabel. I am the Salon Maiden, and I am in charge of running the Battle Tower… I have heard several rumors about you… I all honesty, what I have heard does not seem attractive in any way… The reason I’ve come to see you… Well, there is but one reason… Let me see your talent in its entirety…"

"Okay, I understand…"

"Fufufu, nicely done… Your Frontier Pass, please… Your talent shall be recognized."

"… … … … … … You have confidence in your Pokémon battling talent, don’t you? I urge you to keep battling and keep on winning. I will be waiting for you. Until the next time we meet…"

  • Second battle:

"You really did come back to see me… … … … … … … You’ve won straight matches to see me… I won’t have to hold back against you… It’s been too long now… Too long since I’ve been able to battle without thinking about anything… Let’s begin, shall we?"

"Thank you…"

"Fufu, congratulations… Your Frontier Pass, please… That was fun… I have never had a Pokémon battle so enjoyable before… I wish I could battle with you again…"

In the manga

In the Pokémon Special manga

Almost nothing is known except that Anabel has a Raikou and she is the most powerful Frontier Brain. Anabel is also aware of the Pokédex and keeps the central villain busy while Emerald attempts to capture Jirachi.


This listing is for Anabel's Pokémon in the Pokémon Special manga.


In the Pokémon Battle Frontier manga

Anabel as a Photographer
Anabel first appears in chapter 4, disguised as a photographer. She tells Enta about the Frontier Brains after Rald is defeated by her, prompting him to challenge them in order to discover which one defeated Rald. After Enta defeats his sixth Frontier Brain, Lucy, he is told that the seventh one is none other than Anabel herself, much to his surprise. Enta's battle with Anabel ends up in a draw after a showdown between Ninetales and Entei.


  • Right after Pokémon Emerald was released, there was some debate regarding Anabel's gender. However, after the publishing of her Sugimori artwork and her anime and manga appearances, there was no doubt that she was female. The initial confusion was only increased because she uses the typically masculine personal pronoun ボク boku.
  • It is possible that her design is based off of the female Psychic. This theory is further supported by the fact that Anabel uses all Template:Type2 Pokémon in the anime.
  • Anabel is the only Frontier Brain whose title (in some languages) does not incorporate the second word of his or her facility's name. However, the Battle Salon is an actual room in the Battle Tower (Emerald version) where Trainers can meet each other and team up to participate in Multi Battles.
  • Her clothing style varies the between anime, sprites, and artwork.
  • Her Espeon knows Zap Cannon, a move it can't learn in games past Generation II.


Language Name Reference to
Japanese リラ Lila The Spanish word for lilac.
English Salon Maiden Anabel From ability.
French As Du Salon Cathy From capacité, capacity.
German Kampfkoloss Anabel From anlage.
Italian Dama Torre Alberta From abilità, ability.
Spanish Dama Torre Destra From destreza, skill.
Korean 타워타이쿤 리라 Tower Tycoon Lila From Japanese name Lila.
Chinese (Taiwan) 莉拉 Lìlā Translation of Lila.

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