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Sally (Japanese: サリイ Sally) is the character of the day in The Lost World of Gothitelle!.

Sally was a young girl who first introduced herself to Ash and his friends after they rode the water taxi she and her father run together. The taxi took travelers to Castelia City. She was also friends with a Gothitelle who helped her serve juice to the passengers. She explained that their taxi business would end soon as soon as the Skyarrow Bridge was finished.

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Present-day Sally

The young Sally that Ash met was merely an illusion created by Gothitelle. The real Sally was actually a woman whom he met earlier at the Poké Mart. Like the group, she also tried to cross the Skyarrow Bridge but becomes lost in Gothitelle's illusion. She eventually comes across Gothitelle and tried to stop it from attacking the group. Everyone was in shock and then Sally begins to explain things.

When the Skyarrow Bridge was built, her father was forced to shut down his water taxi business as it would no longer be needed. Sally invited Gothitelle to come live with them and help run a restaurant. When Sally grew up she left her home and Gothitelle behind to become a doctor. Gothitelle was upset by this and left one day. Sally explained to Gothitelle that while their life was wonderful, they could not keep living in the past. But she promised to come a visit when she visited the Skyarrow Bridge again and Gothitelle then mysteriously disappeared after saying goodbye to Sally.



Sally's Gothitelle
Gothitelle is a good friend of Sally's ever since she was a little girl. It helped her and her father run a water taxi business before the creation of Skyarrow Bridge. It went to live with Sally after her father's ferry business was shut down. Sally eventually grew up and left the house. Gothitelle was saddened when she left and traveled back to Skyarrow Bridge.

Gothitelle created a fog around the bridge to deter people from crossing. Still, Ash, Iris, and Cilan crossed it anyway and it attacked them. It then creates the illusion of its old life with Sally and her father. The group is confused when they see the same Gothitelle attack them earlier being nice and friendly towards them. While the illusion was convincing, Cilan knew something was amiss.

They later follow Gothitelle to Skyarrow Bridge where it attacks them once more. That's when the real Sally appears to stop it. Gothitelle was happy to be reunited with its old friend and clears the fog from the bridge, letting Ash and company cross. It then mysteriously disappears.

Gothitelle's known moves are Psybeam, Protect, Psychic and Double Team.

Debut The Lost World of Gothitelle!
Voice actors
Japanese Wasabi Mizuta
English Emily Jenness

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Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 遠藤綾 Aya Endō
English Eva Christensen
German Gabrielle Pietermann
Norwegian Lena Meieran
Brazilian Portuguese Fernanda Bullara
Spanish Latin America Gabriela Beltrán
Spain Celia de Diego

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