Sakura Go-Round

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Look Look☆Here
Japanese ending themes


BW ED 05.png
Sakura Gō Raundo
Sakura Go-Round
BW ED 05
Artist 私立恵比寿中学
Shiritsu Ebisu Chūgaku
Lyrics 戸田昭吾
Akihito Toda
Composer たなかひろかず
Hirokazu Tanaka
Arrangement たなかひろかず
Hirokazu Tanaka
Choreography {{{choreographername}}}
Catalog no.

Sakura Go-Round (Japanese: サクラ・ゴーラウンド Sakura Gō Raundo) is the fifth ending theme of the Best Wishes series. It debuted as an ending song in BW109, replacing Look Look☆Here.

Ending Animation





Japanese English
サクラサク季節に 出会って
プールではしゃぎすぎ おこられて
運動会で おどったね
ハロウィンかたづけ メリークリスマス
あけまして 今年も サクラサク!
まるで ジェットコースターだったよね
それとも 季節のメリーゴーラウンド
まわれ いつまでも!
ぜーんぶ 夢になっちゃう?
色とりどりの 願い込め
ゆびきりの手に ひらり ひらり サクラ!
We met when the Cherry Blossoms bloomed
Got told off for running around the pool
And danced on Sports Day, right?
Tidy up Hallowe'en then Merry Christmas
In this new year too, the Cherry Blossoms will bloom!
It's just like a roller-coaster
Or perhaps a merry-go-round of seasons
Revolving forever!
When the final bell rings
Will this all be a dream?
Of course not!
Tie your promises to the sky in a ribbon
Filled with all sorts of wishes
The spring wind blows at your heart
But in the hand you make promises with, floats down a Cherry Blossom!

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Look Look☆Here
Japanese ending themes


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