Safari Land

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Safari Land
サファリランド Safari Land
Safari Land.png
Safari Land
Region Kanto
Debut The Flame Pokémon-athon!

(Japanese: サファリランド Safari Land) is an anime-exclusive location in Kanto. Located between Fuchsia City and the Safari Zone, it is a Pokémon reserve where lots of Pokémon live in peace.

Located in Safari Land is the Laramie Big P Ranch, owned by the Laramie family. On the ranch, lots of Pokémon are bred and raised in their natural habitat. It is not allowed to catch Pokémon inside the Laramie Big P Ranch. According to Brock, Pokémon Breeders love Pokémon originating from the ranch, because they were raised in the wild and are a little bit stronger than other Pokémon. Located on the farm is Laramie Village.

Ash and his friends arrived on the ranch in The Flame Pokémon-athon!. Thinking they had reached the Safari Zone, Ash attempted to catch a Tauros. He was stopped by a Growlithe that was revealed to be owned by Lara Laramie, part of the Laramie family and in charge of patrolling the farm. After making clear they had no intention to do any harm, Lara introduced herself to the group. She invited them to a party at Laramie Village held that night and also to watch the Big P Pokémon Race held the day after.

Closer to the Safari Zone are dense forests and open plains filled with many rare wild Pokémon, which are patrolled by Ranger Jenny in her jeep. In The Kangaskhan Kid, Ash and his friends helped Tommy to reunite with his parents after they lost him in Safari Land five years earlier. After defeating Team Rocket, Tommy's parents decided to live with Tommy's adopted family, a herd of Kangaskhan.

Pokémon seen in Safari Land

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Tauros Laramie Ranch.png
Lara Laramie Rhyhorn.png
Lara Laramie Sandslash.png
Lara Laramie Nidorina.png
Lara Laramie Nidorino.png
Lara Laramie Raticate.png
Lara Laramie Dodrio.png
Lara Laramie Rapidash.png
Ponyta → Rapidash
Lara Laramie Growlithe.png

In other languages

Language Title
Italy Flag.png Italian Terra Safari
Poland Flag.png Polish Strefa Safari*

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