Safari (Friend Area)

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Safari is a Friend Area in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon. This area can be bought from Wigglytuff in the Pokémon Square for 700 Poké. It is in the South Plains area, and has a capacity of fifteen Pokémon.


Pokémon Location
029 Nidoran♀ Thunderwave Cave (B1F-B3F)
030 Nidorina Evolve Nidoran♀
Lapis Cave (B4F-B8F)
Wish Cave (B47F-B50F)
031 Nidoqueen Evolve Nidorina
032 Nidoran♂ Mt. Thunder 1F-4F
Wish Cave (B33F-B37F)
Oddity Cave (B1F-B4F)
033 Nidorino Evolve Nidoran♂
Lapis Cave (B4F-B8F)
Wish Cave (B47F-B50F)
034 Nidoking Evolve Nidorino
084 Doduo Great Canyon (1F-4F)
Pitfall Valley (B7F-B12F)
Joyous Tower (35F-39F)
Remains Island (B7F-B12F)
085 Dodrio Evolve Doduo
111 Rhyhorn Frosty Grotto (1F-4F)
Buried Relic (B61F-B73F)
Wish Cave (B58F-B61F)
Southern Cavern (B31F-B39F)
Joyous Tower (58F-61F)
112 Rhydon Evolve Rhyhorn
115 Kangaskhan Western Cave (B13F-B19F)
128 Tauros Great Canyon (10F-12F)
Western Cave (B10F-B16F)
Wish Cave (B36F-B43F)
Joyous Tower (41F-44F)
231 Phanpy Great Canyon (1F-3F)
Southern Cavern (B10F-B19F)
232 Donphan Evolve Phanpy
241 Miltank Western Cave (10F, 20F, 30F, 40F, 50F-53F, 60F-98F)


Safari is a large grassland with rocks and trees as foliage.

In-game data

An expansive savanna that spreads to the south. Pokémon powerfully race through blazing heat.


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