Sabrina's Haunter

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Sabrina's Haunter
ナツメのゴースト Natsume's Ghost
Poké Ball
Sabrina and Haunter
Debuts in The Tower of Terror
Caught at Pokémon Tower
Gender Unknown
Ability Unknown
Current location With Sabrina
This Pokémon has not evolved.
Voice actor Japanese English
As Haunter Toshiyuki Morikawa Ted Lewis

Sabrina's Haunter (Japanese: ナツメのゴースト Natsume's Ghost) was a Pokémon briefly in Ash's possession. Because Ash didn't technically capture this Pokémon, many fans don't consider it to be his Pokémon. Its Japanese voice actor is Toshiyuki Morikawa and its English voice actor is Ted Lewis.


File:Ash Haunter.jpg
Ash, Pikachu and Haunter
Ash decided to challenge the Gym Leader Sabrina in Saffron City, unaware of what happened to many of the challengers that lost to her. A man tried to dissuade him from challenging her, but Ash did not listen, intent on getting another badge.

Her Abra evolved into a Kadabra during the battle, defeating Ash's Pikachu easily.

Sabrina used her psychic powers to turn Ash and his friends into miniature versions of themselves before they were rescued by the man who had warned them about Sabrina's powers earlier, who turned out to be her father. Sabrina's psychic powers far outclassed her father's, leading him to have no control over her anymore. She had turned into two people- her old, fun-loving self and a cold-hearted trainer with a thirst for power. Her evil self had locked away her soul.

Sabrina's father told Ash that Ghost Pokémon would probably be able to defeat her psychic minions, and told Ash to go to the Pokémon Tower to find Gastly, Haunter and Gengar. Ash finds all three of them, but did not capture them. A Haunter that he befriended followed him back to Saffron, but when Ash is ready to fight, the Haunter disappeared.

After Ash found it, it disappeared once again. Pikachu asks to battle Sabrina, but again Ash's defeat is imminent until Haunter returns, making faces at Sabrina. Sabrina finally laughs for the first time in years, making the connection to her old self again. She is immobilized by laughter at the Haunter's faces, and her Kadabra, who is psychically linked with her, is immobilized as well and Ash and Haunter win the Marsh Badge.

Haunter decides to stay behind with Sabrina at the Saffron Gym.

Moves used


  • Haunter was the tenth Pokémon species that Ash owned, despite the fact that he did not actually capture it.
  • This is Ash's only ghost Pokémon, despite the fact he didn't capture it.

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