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SS016 : Luvdisc is a Many Splendored Thing
WPBS side stories
SS018 : The Search for the Legend
SS016 : Luvdisc is a Many Splendored Thing
Pokémon Chronicles
SS018 : The Search for the Legend
Those Darn Electabuzz!
Nanako and Lizardon! Super Hard Training of Flame!
First broadcast
Japan September 21, 2004
United States September 23, 2006
English themes
Opening Pokémon Chronicles theme
Japanese themes
Animation Team Koitabashi
Screenplay 園田英樹 Hideki Sonoda
Storyboard 入好さとる Satoru Iriyoshi
Assistant director マキノ吉高 Yoshitaka Makino
Animation director 金子匡邦 Masakuni Kaneko
No additional credits are available at this time.

Those Darn Electabuzz! (Japanese: ナナコとリザードン!炎の猛特訓! Nanako and Lizardon! Super Hard Training of Flame!) is the 17th episode of Pokémon Chronicles, and the 17th side story episode of Weekly Pokémon Broadcasting Station in Japan. It was first broadcast in Japan on September 21, 2004, in the UK on August 31, 2005, and in the USA on September 23, 2006.

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The episode starts with the display of a baseball match which Casey follows it. One of the players prepares to throw and misses leading to the loss of the Electabuzz. Casey acts disappointed and longs for the return of the star pitcher of the team Corey Demario. Next, she is standing on a bench complaining about the Electabuzz when a Charizard named Don is shown on a rampage. Casey orders her Pokémon to stop it, but they are knocked out by Don.

It almost knocks Casey out when its owner manages to save her at the limit. He apologies to her and Casey recognizes him revealing to be Corey Demario. Still amazed she asks him about his shoulder. He tells her that it is taking a long time to heal. He then tells her that he has been helping his father with his ranch during the recovery. Casey introduces herself when Corey's younger brother Benny shows up.

He tells her that Corey gave his Charizard to him. Next, Don is seen being afraid of Casey's Pokémon to which Corey explains that Don isn't fit to battle because it hasn't done Flamethrower for a long time. Also, Benny says it forgot to Fly. At that moment, Casey quickly agrees in helping him train his Charizard to breathe flames and to fly. She then proceeds to sing her usual song. Upon hearing the song, Charizard stands up and Casey starts talking to it. Corey thinking the song helped it, orders Don to use Flamethrower.

Attempting to do so, Don only manages to release a small patch of smoke. Casey encourages it to try again and with tears in its eyes it forces itself to do it but with no chance of success. Due to its failure he turns back and runs with Benny following it. Then, Corey asks Casey to join him along with his brother and his father for dinner at his father's ranch. At the ranch, Casey sees a large collection of his son's photos playing with the Electabuzz. Casey then learns that Corey's shoulder healed months ago but he deliberately did not go back into baseball because he lost his confidence. Benny shows up and his father tells him that Casey is going to help Corey and Don get their fire back. The following day, Casey is instructing Don and Corey.

Corey's father is spying them behind a tree hoping Casey will succeed. Next, Casey tells them to shout out all their insecurities. She starts saying a line with the others repeating after her. After that she instructs them to shout all at the same time. Next, she informs them that an important step is cheerleading. They seem reluctant but nevertheless they all dress in cheerleading costumes and start practicing. Don seems joyful and starts jumping in the air. Upon seeing this, they all encourage it to start flying. It manages to fly about one meter before he quickly falls down. Casey tells it to try again repeating the same thing. Then a quick flashback appears showing Corey being criticized by his teammates. He then snaps out of it and Casey advises him that Don must battle in order to regain its confidence.

Corey and Benny disagree saying it isn't ready to battle. Casey tell them not to worry and Corey's father shows up with his Ampharos. Corey is the judge of the match. Ampharos starts with Tackle and hits Don. Casey orders Don to use Flamethrower but fails. Ampharos prepares its ThunderPunch when Casey tells Don to dodge it by flying. It fails again and it is hit by ThunderPunch losing the match. Casey congratulates Corey's father and his Ampharos for winning the match and starts to be mean to Don. Benny and Corey intervene saying that it is her fault for not giving it the proper training. Corey has an argue with Casey which encourages him to train Don himself. Casey then makes fun of Corey's decision. Corey takes Don saying they'll be back in an hour. Then, they both proceed to the mountains. Corey's father tells Casey she did a good job to which she replies that she may have been a bit too harsh.

Then she tells Benny she was trying to be a horrible coach to Don on purpose. The scene turns to Corey and Don who start training by running up the mountain. They reach to a place where Don first started flying. He encourages Don to fly. Don builds up its courage and starts flying, but upon seeing the water below, it freaks out and crashes onto a branch. Corey prepares to save Don but the edge breaks apart and Corey falls just as the scene turns back to the ranch. They start worrying for them as three hours passed. They go in search for them.

Casey sends her Pokémon out and tell them to scout the area. Beedrill having found something, leads Casey to the same place where Corey and Don were, only to see Don hanging on the branch and Corey on a small patch of land just a couple of meters above water. She then scolds Don for not using its wings to help Corey, but Corey explains to her that Don as a Charmander fell into a lake and became afraid of water. Casey then starts climbing down the hill, but an unexpected fierce storm unleashes and the wind blows her away. Corey throws a rope and she manages to grab it while he begins pulling her up.

She then hops on his back and he begins climbing up against the strong wind. Corey then slips on a rock and they both fall into water getting caught into a whirlpool. Upon seeing this, Don overcomes its fear of water, dives down and then takes Corey and Casey up in the sky. As they are on its back, Don reveals it gained back its fire, which makes Corey confident by telling Casey that is time to get back into the game. The scene turns to Corey's baseball match. As he prepares to throw the ball he sees Don flying above the stadium. He marks the target and the Electabuzz win the game.

Then the scene cuts to the credits.

Major events






  • The narrator reads the title card.
  • The English dub title is likely a reference to the musical comedy Damn Yankees.
  • The nickname of Corey's Charizard, Don, is likely a reference to Charizard's Japanese name, Lizardon.


  • The episode menu of the UK DVD Release spells this episode as "Those Darn Electabuzzi".

Dub Edits

  • A seven-second scene of Don looking at Corey and Casey, then breathing a powerful Flamethrower is cut from the dub.
  • Casey mentions that she owns a Rapidash and a Magmar in the dub, however no reference to either of these Pokémon are made in the Japanese version.

In other languages

SS016 : Luvdisc is a Most Splendored Thing
WPBS side stories
SS018 : The Search for the Legend
SS016 : Luvdisc is a Most Splendored Thing
Pokémon Chronicles
SS018 : The Search for the Legend