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These donuts are great! This article is about an episode of the Pokémon anime that has not been dubbed into English. As such, its coverage may contain romanized Japanese names, rather than dub names.
Sun & Moon series
SM121   EP1060
Mao's Valiant Effort! The Forest Pokémon Café!!
First broadcast
Japan May 12, 2019
United States
English themes
Japanese themes
Opening キミの冒険
Ending 心のノート
Animation Team Kato
Screenplay 藤咲淳一 Jun'ichi Fujisaku
Storyboard 尼野浩正 Hiromasa Amano
Assistant director 箕ノ口克己 Katsumi Minoguchi
Animation director 徳田夢之介 Yumenosuke Tokuda
No additional credits are available at this time.

(Japanese: マオ奮闘!森のポケモンカフェ!! Mao's Valiant Effort! The Forest Pokémon Café!!) is the 121st episode of the Sun & Moon series, and the 1,060th episode of the Pokémon anime. It first aired in Japan on May 12, 2019.

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Olivia enjoys a delicious bite at Aina's Kitchen. She calls out to Abe to thank him, and he replies that the Big Mushrooms added the nice flavour. Tsareena and Mallow emerge from the kitchen and present Olivia with another dish. Mallow says that it is her latest creation, and Olivia's taste buds are overwhelmed with the food’s fluffy yet crunchy texture. Mallow explains that it is her "Fluffy Radish" dish, made from Poni Island radishes. As Olivia thanks Mallow, Abe pokes his head out of the kitchen and orders Mallow to fetch some more Big Mushrooms from "Master Oranguru". Mallow accepts the task and decides that she will give him a Poni radish in exchange for the mushrooms.

At Oranguru's Café, the Team Rocket trio are taking some time to relax. As Jessie and James complain about Matori and the Rocket's headquarters overbearing nature, Meowth tells them to keep their voices down in the café. Jessie and James decide to become even louder, until Bewear arrives and scoops the pair up in her arms. She hands some sacks to Oranguru and buys a drink for her child, Stufful. Bewear turns her attention to Meowth, though she decides to leave him to enjoy his beverage and gives him some gently pats on the head. Though she still rushes off with Jessie and James. While Meowth continues to enjoy the silence, Mallow and her Pokémon arrive. Meowth accuses her of disturbing the peace, while Mallow believes the rest of Team Rocket are planning another capture attempt. Oranguru emerges from its storeroom and hands Mallow the Big Mushrooms. Suddenly the Melemele Greens enter the café, leaving Mallow surprised by the increasing popularity of the local hub.

Ash arrives at Aina's Kitchen to return a fry pan he borrowed. Instead of finding Mallow, he sees Olivia waiting on tables. Olivia explains that Mallow is out on a chore. In the midst of showing of her waitress skills, Olivia manages to break a tray of glasses as she spins around. Seeing this, Ash decides that he will help out at Aina's Kitchen.

Similarly, Mallow offers her assistance at Oranguru's Café. She puts straws in the Melemele Greens' drinks, which takes Oranguru by surprise. However, the Passimian troupe don't seem to mind and reward her with a large coconut during their departure. Next a Gumshoos enters the café, and Meowth reveals that it is actually Officer Jenny's Gumshoos. Oranguru accepts a payment of one Pecha Berry, and then it orders Mallow to prepare Gumshoos's order. Mallow accepts the challenge and she is cheered on by her Pokémon. Mallow considers what Gumshoos likes to eat, and settles on some Moomoo Milk. Gumshoos looks at the drink for a moment before gulping it all down and feeling satisfied. Meowth is annoyed, but declares that Mallow just got lucky.

Oranguru beckons Mallow outside and shows her to its very own edible garden. Mallow, and Meowth who follows behind are both shocked by the array of fresh produce. Oranguru hands Mallow a gathering basket and tasks her with collecting some Berries. Mallow proceeds to fill the basket with Pecha Berries, and Shaymin samples a few in the meantime. Meowth continues to watch Mallow intently. He sees the berry picking tasks to be easy, so he plucks a Berry of the tree and learns that it is a spicy Tamato Berry after taking an overzealous bite into it. Tsareena later calls Mallow over and points up to the sky, alerting her Trainer to a flock of swarming Fearow. Meowth recovers from the heat and rushes to alert Oranguru to the potential crisis. However, when Meowth returns to the orchard with Oranguru the Fearow are revealed to be customers, and give Mallow a Heart Scale.

Mallow prepares to make the Fearow a drink, and she eventually learns that they prefer Belue Berries. She goes onto make a Belue and Durin Berry combination, and the refreshers go down well with the Fearow. Meowth is curious as to why Mallow selected the odd mixture, and Mallow replies that Lillie informed her of the complementary flavors. Mallow continues to serve the café's customers, with a Pancham and Pangoro enjoying a bamboo salad and later a pair of Heracross sipping a sap drink. Oranguru prepares its signature Flower Nectar Spring dish for some Ribombee and Cutiefly. Grandpa Forest arrives and Mallow presents it with a freshly squeezed Haban Berry drink. The order refreshes Grandpa Forest, who lets out a mighty roar to say thank you.

Meanwhile Kiawe soars into Aina's Kitchen to drop of a canister of farm fresh Moomoo Milk. When he opens the door he is pleasantly surprised to be greeted by Ash and Olivia as they serve the diner's tables, and he goes on to assist. Later on, Lillie, Lana and Sophocles arrive at the busy eatery to also lend a hand. Olivia drops several plates, but Primarina and the other Pokemon manage to catch them in time. Without Mallow, Abe is beginning to feel the pressure as Rotom calls for another ten juices to be made.

Night begins to settle in and Shiinotic takes its post as the Oranguru Café's light source. Meowth orders another drink, and this time Mallow makes it for him. He has his doubts, but a quick sip and Meowth finds the drink to be delicious. A sudden knock at the door and Tapu Koko arrives. Oranguru is happy to see the guardian deity again and suggests that Mallow make its order. Mallow begins to panic from the pressure, but Oranguru assures her by placing its hand on her shoulder. Shaymin and Tsareena chirp in their support, so Mallow pledges to do her best. Mallow grabs the Poni radish she had given to Oranguru earlier and begins to make a dish from it. Some peeling, squeezing and kneading later, she places the dough into a fry pan heated by a Torkoal. Mallow places the piping hot loaves onto a leaf, but she is still not satisfied with her efforts. She goes on to whip up a "Fluffy Radish Burger", topped with honey, nuts and a Pecha Berry. Mallow encourages Tapu Koko to eat up. The island guardian tosses the dish into the air and consumes it while inside its protective shell. Tapu Koko opens up again and a clean plate lands on the serving counter. Mallow remains confused and awaits feedback. Tapu Koko lets out a cry before presenting Mallow with a Grassium Z for her efforts, before vanishing. Meowth informs Mallow that the gifted Z-Crystal is a symbol of Tapu Koko's gratitude and approval of her cooking. Mallow recalls her busy but fulfilling day, and settles on making Aina's Kitchen an eatery for both human and now Pokémon customers. Meowth is impressed with the idea and declares that he might even drop by for a Fluffy Radish Burger sometime. Oranguru gives Mallow the ordered Big Mushrooms and as an additional thank you, an old Z-Ring.

Mallow returns home to Aina's Kitchen where she finds her friends lying exhausted from the hectic food service day. Abe declares that everyone helped him to avoid a complete disaster. Mallow apologizes before handing her father the requested Big Mushrooms. She informs everyone that she also had a busy day at Oranguru's Café. Mallow goes onto show everyone her new Grassium Z and Z-Ring, which she admits appears to be broken. Olivia takes the Z-Ring, with a few repairs and some threaded green-colored beads to create a new wrist strap, the Z-Ring is as good as new. Mallow places the Z-Ring on her wrist and inserts her Grassium Z onto it, proudly holding up her gift. Lillie declares that everyone now has their own Z-Ring. Together, the group of six form a circle and show off their respective Z-Rings as their Pokémon, Abe and Olivia smile on.

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