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SM026 : So Long, Sophocles!
Sun & Moon series
SM028 : Pulling out the Pokémon Base Pepper!
A Glaring Rivalry!
SM027   EP966
Come Forth! The Red, Red Gaze of Lugarugan!!
First broadcast
Japan May 18, 2017
United States August 13, 2017*
August 19, 2017*
English themes
Opening Under The Alolan Sun
Japanese themes
Opening アローラ!!
Ending ポーズ
Animation Team Kato
Screenplay 松井亜弥 Aya Matsui
Storyboard 浅田裕二 Yūji Asada
Assistant director 浅田裕二 Yūji Asada
Animation director 岩根雅明 Masaaki Iwane
No additional credits are available at this time.

A Glaring Rivalry! (Japanese: 出でよ!紅き眼差しルガルガン!! Come Forth! The Red, Red Gaze of Lugarugan!!) is the 27th episode of the Sun & Moon series, and the 966th episode of the Pokémon anime. It first aired in Japan on May 18, 2017 and in the United States on August 19, 2017.

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When Lillie’s big brother Gladion arrives on Melemele Island, everyone is excited about the powerful new Trainer in town—particularly Ash, who really wants to battle him! After hearing about Ash’s Z-Ring and his battles against Tapu Koko, Gladion agrees to meet up the next morning.

The battle is just getting started, with Ash’s Rockruff against Gladion’s impressive Lycanroc, when Team Rocket swoops in. Gladion and Lycanroc unleash a new Z-Move to send them blasting off again, and Ash is immediately interested in continuing the island challenge so he can get a Rock-type Z-Crystal!

School is starting, so the battle is postponed—but it seems Ash has a new rival!


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Tupp, Rapp and Zipp from Team Skull are in an alleyway when Tupp spots Gladion walking past along with his Umbreon and decide to go and take his Umbreon. They confront Gladion and tell him to stop but Gladion keeps on walking which leaves Rapp and Zipp annoyed at his attitude and demand he leave his Umbreon with them which gets Gladion's attention and he glares at them which leaves Tupp to declare he battles them and sends out Salandit and Zipp and Rapp send out Zubat and Garbodor. Gladion takes them on and sends out his Midnight Form Lycanroc. On seeing Lycanroc, Tupp, Rapp and Zipp nervously realize that he is a strong trainer and decide to go for Lycanroc and order their Pokémon to attack but before they can launch their attacks, Gladion orders Lycanroc to use Stone Edge which knocks out Salandit, Zubat and Garbodor with one move. They recall their Pokémon and retreat vowing to make Gladion sorry. Gladion recalls Lycanroc and continues on his way, passing Team Rocket who witnessed his battle and realizing how powerful his Lycanroc is decide to steal it as James wonders who that trainer was.

Outside Professor Kukui's house, Ash is training with his Pokémon with Rockruff battling against Rowlet. Rowlet goes to use Tackle which Ash orders Rockruff to dodge which it does causing Rowlet's foot to get stuck in the sand. As Rowlet struggles to get free, Rockruff uses Rock Throw but Rowlet manages to free itself and uses Leafage to counter the Rock Throw before silently appearing behind Rockruff who hits Rockruff with Tackle. Ash tells Rockruff to take a break and has Litten come in to battle Rowlet but Litten notices Rowlet coming at it with Tackle and gets ready to attack only for Rockruff to jump over Litten to hit Rowlet with its own Tackle. Seeing that Rockruff is fired up to battle, Ash has Rowlet take a break and Rowlet goes over to Pikachu before falling asleep. Rockruff and Litten start their battle with Rockruff using Rock Throw and Litten using Scratch which hits Rockruff before using Fire Fang which also hits Rockruff who strikes back with Rock Throw which Litten dodges. Ash decides to end the battle and tells Litten that its Fire Fang was the best and tells Rockruff he could feel how determined it was as Rotom notes that its Rockruff is more powerful. Rockruff rubs Ash affectionately as they head to school.

During their lunch break, Ash and his classmates watch as Charjabug, Togedemaru, Steenee, Pikachu, Popplio, Snowy and Turtonator play in the classroom having formed a train. Lana notes that it is cute as Lillie sees that Snowy is having a fun time. Sophocles asks if they heard about a strong trainer who arrived on the Island, Mallow says that she heard about him from a customer. Ash asks Mallow what the customer said and Mallow mentions that it a guy with a Midnight Form Lycanroc which Ash finds cool as Lana asks if Midnight Form is just one of its forms which Rotom confirms as Sophocles says that he also heard that the trainer has an Umbreon. Ash says he would love to battle that trainer hopes it will happen some day. In town, a crowd has gathered to watch a battle as a Blastoise is knocked into a fountain as its trainer who is a Sailor who is battling Gladion wonders how much power his Lycanroc can have as Blastoise emerges from the fountain, still able to battle. Blastoise becomes nervous as the Sailor tells it to remain strong.

Nearby, Ash is doing some shopping and checks with Rotom on what they need to buy as Pikachu notices the battle taking place which grabs Ash's attention and they go down for a closer look. They arrive as the Sailor instructs Blastoise to use Skull Bash but Gladion has Lycanroc use Counter which strikes Blastoise hard, knocking it out. Watching the battle, Rotom notes how heavy Blastoise is yet Lycanroc beat it easily which Ash finds awesome and as Rotom takes pictures of Lycanroc, Rotom tells Ash that as Gladion has Lycanroc and Umbreon, he must be the mysterious trainer. Ash runs over to Gladion as he recalls Lycanroc and introduces himself and calls his battle incredible and asks for a battle as someone calls Gladion's name. They both look and see Lillie arrive with Snowy and Hobbes. Lillie runs over to Gladion, surprised that the mysterious trainer was her older brother which surprises Ash and Rotom. Gladion sees that Lillie can touch Pokémon which he is glad to see as Lillie introduces him to Snowy as Hobbes tells Gladion that she has been raising Snowy since it was an egg and this is the first time a Pokémon has been in her charge. Gladion tells Lillie to take care of Snowy and goes to leave but Hobbes asks him to come with them to the mansion but Gladion says not this time as Ash tries to get Gladion to have a battle as he wants to become a Pokémon Master as Gladion notices Ash's Z-Ring which Ash says he got directly from Tapu Koko which surprises Gladion as Lillie tells him that Ash has even battled Tapu Koko. Gladion tells Ash that he'll consider having a battle and leaves as Ash tells him that he is staying at Professor Kukui's house.

Later at Lillie's mansion, Lillie explains to Ash that Gladion left home about six months ago having wanted to train by himself and Hobbes, whilst providing food to Snowy, Pikachu and Rotom says that Gladion wanted to improve on his battling skills and ruminate on his life which is what he understood which Ash finds cool but Lillie notes that Gladion used to be sweet, gentle and kind but that wasn't the Gladion they saw today and its as if he was a different person altogether as Snowy jumps onto Lillie's lap. Seeing Snowy and Lillie reminds Gladion of a scene where in the past, Gladion had brought an injured Eevee home, he ran outside to Gladion who says that he found Eevee in the fall grass where it was hurt and crying and asked Hobbes to do something to help where Hobbes took Eevee from Gladion praising his compassion and said he would give it first aid before taking it to Nurse Joy and assures Gladion that Nurse Joy can look after Eevee. Lillie says she never knew about that as Hobbes explains Lillie was still a small child at the time but there is no doubt that Gladion is a generous person at heart as Ash remembers Gladion telling Lillie to take care of Snowy before he left and calls Gladion a nice guy.

That night, Ash has told Professor Kukui about his encounter with Gladion who is amazed that Blastoise was over powered as Pikachu and Rockruff play right whilst Rowlet and Litten sleep only for Litten to be disturbed when Rockruff bumps into it. Litten isn't happy about it as Rockruff tries to play with Rowlet before going over to Professor Kukui and Ash, rubbing against them affectionately leading Professor Kukui to guess that Rockruff has become a fan of the Lycanroc which Ash says he thought was the coolest Lycanroc he has seen. Outside a Wimpod scurries along the beach as inside, everyone has fallen asleep but Pikachu is awoken by knocking and looks up to see Umbreon on top of the roof, peering through the open window and tries to wake Ash up but only manages to do it but using Thunderbolt which also wakes Litten, Rockruff and Rowlet up as Ash asks why Pikachu did that, Pikachu points to the window where Umbreon drops a note which Ash reads and becomes excited as Rotom asks what it is about.

Jessie leads her teammates along the beach as James wonders why they had to get up so early as he, Meowth and Wobbuffet yawn, Jessie says that if Bewear finds them before they swoop in, it will be game over for the day before noticing Gladion and Umbreon and recognize him from before and wonder what he is doing here as James notices the sun coming up which they find beautiful as Ash arrives and meets up with Gladion who informs him that he asked him here to test his battling skills so he can see what Tapu Koko sees in him. Team Rocket look on, wondering what Gladion wants with Ash as Ash calls Rockruff out to battle and Gladion responds with Lycanroc with Ash telling Rockruff to give it its all despite battling its hero. Watching this gives Jessie the idea to use this opportunity to catch Lycanroc and Pikachu for the boss. Ash starts the battle by having Rockruff use Bite which Rockruff hits Lycanroc with but Lycanroc soon throws Rockruff away as Ash orders a Rock Throw but Gladion has Lycanroc counter with Stone Edge which smashes through Rock Throw, aiming straight at Rockruff who runs but Gladion has Lycanroc chase after Rockruff to use Crunch which stops Rockruff from running allowing it to be hit by Stone Edge before being hit by Lycanroc's Crunch. As Rockruff gets up, ready to battle, Team Rocket fire a net which captures Lycanroc before firing a second net to catch Pikachu. As Gladion asks who they are, they recite their motto as Ash demands they give them back their Pokémon but they refuse and drive up in a truck as Ash, Gladion and Rockruff chase after them and Rockruff manages to catch up with them and grabs hold of the net as Jessie orders James who is driving to take action as Gladion orders Umbreon to use Dark Pulse which flattens a tire, sending the truck out of control as Rockruff uses Bite on the net to free Pikachu and Lycanroc.

Jessie isn't happy at them getting away and are confronted by Pikachu and Lycanroc but before Ash can command a move, Gladion asks to let him deal with Team Rocket and they power up to use Continental Crush which amazes Ash as Team Rocket become worried by what they see coming their way. Lycanroc hits them with Continental Crush which sends them blasting off only for Bewear to push itself into the air using the trees and catches them and takes them back to its den. Amazed, Ash tells Gladion that he wants to try a Rock-type Z-Move as well and Gladion asks him if he has the Rock type Z-Crystal which Ash says he doesn't so Gladion tells him to go to Akala Island and pass its grand trial which Ash agrees to and as they go to finish their battle, Lillie arrives and Rotom reminds Ash that it is nearly time for Pokémon School as Ash realizes how late it is as Gladion tells them they'll have to finish it later and he finds it difficult with Lillie watching as Ash agrees as Gladion tells him about the look in Rockruff's eyes is similar to that in Lycanroc's eyes before leaving as Lillie comes over to Ash, asking where Gladion is only to learn that he has left and she was hoping to force him to come home for one day.

Major events

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Pokémon debuts



Dare da?


Who's That Pokémon?

Who's That Pokémon?: Lycanroc (Midnight Form)



  • Briefly after the Sailor's Blastoise stands up in the fountain, its jaw is miscolored blue.
  • When Ash hugs his Rockruff at night, his shirt is miscolored blue.

Dub edits

  • When Lillie first calls out to Gladion, she calls him by name in the dub, but in the original, she calls him "brother".
  • The Japanese text depicting Continental Crush's names are edited out in the dub.

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SM026 : So Long, Sophocles!
Sun & Moon series
SM028 : Pulling out the Pokémon Base Pepper!
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