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Pokémon DP: Sinnoh League Victors
Season 13
Season 13 Logo.png
Logo for the season
Opening We Will Carry On!
Television Episodes 34
(DP158 - DP167, DP169, DP168, DP170 - DP191)
Home Video Episodes 34
(DP158 - DP167, DP169, DP168, DP170 - DP191)
Region Sinnoh
Series Diamond & Pearl series
Preceded by Pokémon DP: Galactic Battles
Followed by Pokémon: Black & White
Episode List
1 Regaining the Home Advantage!
2 Short and To the Punch!
3 A Marathon Rivalry!
4 Yes in Dee Dee, It's Dawn!
5 Playing the Performance Encore!
6 Fighting Ire with Fire!
7 Piplup, Up and Away!
8 Flint Sparks the Fire!
9 The Fleeing Tower of Sunyshore!
10 Teaching the Student Teacher!
11 Pokémon Ranger: Heatran Rescue!
12 Keeping In Top Forme!
13 An Elite Coverup!
14 Dawn of a Royal Day!
15 With the Easiest of Grace!
16 Dealing With a Fierce Double Ditto Drama!
17 Last Call — First Round!
18 Opposites Interact!
19 Coming Full Festival Circle!
20 A Grand Fight for Winning!
21 For The Love Of Meowth!
22 The Eighth Wonder of the Sinnoh World!
23 Four Roads Diverged in a Pokémon Port!
24 Bucking the Treasure Trend!
25 An Old Family Blend!
26 League Unleashed!
27 Casting a Paul on Barry!
28 Working on a Right Move!
29 Familiarity Breeds Strategy!
30 A Real Rival Rouser!
31 Battling a Thaw in Relations!
32 The Semi-Final Frontier!
33 The Brockster Is In!
34 Memories are Made of Bliss!

Pokémon DP: Sinnoh League Victors is the thirteenth season of the Pokémon anime, following the conclusion of the twelfth season. It is the fourth and final season of the Diamond & Pearl series, following Ash and Dawn as they conclude their journey in the Sinnoh region.

This is the final season that takes place in the Sinnoh region. It is preceded by Pokémon DP: Galactic Battles and is succeeded by Pokémon: Black & White, the first season of the dub of the Best Wishes series, which is based on the Generation V games.

It began on June 5, 2010 with the dub premiere Regaining the Home Advantage!, and concluded on February 5, 2011 with Memories Are Made of Bliss!. It originally aired in the United States as part of the 2010-2011 Cartoon Network Saturday morning line-up.


Watch Ash, Dawn, and Brock travel across the Sinnoh region to face challenges, battles, and the antics of Team Rocket! With Team Galactic out of the way, Ash can now focus on qualifying for the Sinnoh League. And Dawn will train to compete for her final Contest Ribbon, which would allow her to compete in the Grand Festival!

Important events

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Party changes


The following Pokémon are obtained:


The following Pokémon evolve or are revealed to have evolved:

Gym battles

Ash defeats the following Gym Leaders:

Pokémon Contests

Dawn wins Pokémon Contests in these locations:

Jessie wins Pokémon Contests in these locations:

Home video releases

North American DVD releases

Main article: List of English language Sinnoh League Victors home video releases (Region 1)

Australian DVD releases

Main article: List of English language Sinnoh League Victors home video releases (Region 4)


  • This is the shortest dub season to date, with just 34 episodes.
  • While the season has been entirely dubbed into Hebrew, it never aired in Israel because of Disney Channel Israel's decision to stop airing the anime.

In other languages

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