S.S. Libra

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S.S. Libra リブラ号
S.S. Libra
"Wild Missingno. appeared!"
SS Libra.png
Map description: The missing Pokémon cargo ship. Did Cipher transport it here?
Location: Northeast Orre, between Phenac City and Cipher Key Lair
Region: Orre
Generations: III
Orre S.S. Libra Map.png
Location of S.S. Libra in Orre.
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S.S. Libra (Japanese: リブラ号 S.S. Libra) is a cargo ship. At the beginning of Pokémon XD, it was attacked and abducted by Shadow Lugia, throwing 2 crewmen overboard. According to ONBS, these crewmen had not been found 3 days after the incident and there are no future reports suggesting they have ever had been. Shadow Lugia dropped it in the desert, where Cipher Admin Gorigan and his Cipher workers took every Pokémon on the ship but one to the Cipher Key Lair to transform them into Shadow Pokémon.

Later in the game, Cipher attacks Phenac City in order to provide a distraction while they got the last Pokémon off the ship.

After saving Phenac, Michael, the hero of the game, tries to go to the S.S. Libra. However, the sand proves to be too unstable for the scooter to drive on and he is forced to turn back. When Makan and Perr convert his scooter to a hoverscooter, now that he can go there, Michael journeys to the S.S. Libra.

The S.S. Libra has a hole in the side of its hull which people can walk through. The ship is now a makeshift home for a man living in it.

A Bonsly belonging to a Trainer at the ONBS had lived in the ship's hold, but when Michael tried to approach it, it was scared away by Michael's P★DA and flees.

When Michael walks out of the ship, he is ambushed by Snagem Goons and his Snag Machine is stolen. This is also where Cipher Admin Gorigan is first encountered.

To fully explore most of the ship, Michael must push several heavy crates around. The S.S. Libra has five floors in all.


Item Location Games
Iron Iron 1F, near the exit  XD 
TM Normal Battle CD 18 3F, past the deck  XD 
Fire Stone Fire Stone 2F, past the deck  XD 
Yellow Flute Yellow Flute 1F, past the deck  XD 
Max Ether Max Ether 1F, past the deck  XD 
TM Fire TM35 (Flamethrower) 1F, past the deck  XD 
Leftovers Leftovers 2F, found after Bonsly flees.  XD 
PP Up PP Up ×2 2F, past the deck  XD 
Luxury Ball Luxury Ball 2F, where Bonsly is  XD 


Trainer Pokémon
Cipher Peon Smarton
Cipher Peon Smarton
Reward: PokémonDollar.png1,080
367 Huntail Lv.27
No item
331 Cacnea Lv.27
No item
216 Teddiursa Lv.27
No item
109 Koffing Lv.27
No item


  • The way it was broken in two seems to reference the Titanic.
  • The inaccessible half of the ship represents an open shark's mouth protruding from the "water" (which, in this situation, is sand). It even appears to have eyes, and a small set of teeth (though certainly not the number a shark would have).
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