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Rydel (Japanese: カゼノ Kazeno) owns the Mauville City bike shop. He is very generous and, if a traveler visits his bike shop, will give a free Mach Bike or Acro Bike to them and allow them to exchange one bike for the other freely. However, this is actually one of Rydel's advertising methods because, as another biker points out, the bike has Rydel's name printed all over it.

His name is probably based on the word "ride".


Language Name Origin
Japanese カゼノ Kazeno Literally means "of the wind" or "windy".
English Rydel Refers to ride.
French Rodolphe
German Radla From Rad, bike.
Italian Clelio From bicicletta, bike.
Spanish Anacleto From bicicleta, bike.

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