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caption=Ruby |
caption=Ruby |
years=12 (as of [[List of rounds in the sixth chapter of Pokémon Special|the sixth chapter]]) |
years=12 (as of [[List of rounds in the sixth chapter of Pokémon Adventures|the sixth chapter]]) |
gender= Male|
gender= Male|
hometown=[[Goldenrod City]]|
hometown=[[Goldenrod City]]|
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{{Pokémon Special main character series}}
{{Pokémon Special main character series}}
[[Category:Pokémon Special characters]]
[[Category:Pokémon Adventures characters]]
[[Category:Male characters]]
[[Category:Male characters]]

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ルビー Ruby
Age 12 (as of the sixth chapter)
Gender Male
Hometown Goldenrod City
Region Johto
Relatives Norman, Unnamed mother
Trainer class Coordinator

Ruby (Japanese: ルビー Ruby) is the eighth main character of the manga series Pokémon Special. As a counterpart to Sapphire, Ruby has a great passion for Pokémon Contests. While he's an excellent battler, he only fights when necessary and when no one's looking. He believes that Pokémon battles are barbaric, and get his Pokémon dirty—something that he hates.

Ruby's extremely good at sewing and knitting. He makes clothes for all his Pokémon to wear, and even made Sapphire the clothes she wears for much of her adventures. His other hobby is photography. He has a photo album of all of his Pokémon's biggest moments - such as evolutions or contest victories. He's not shy about showing it off, either.

Ruby can be quite shallow at times, putting too much emphasis on outward appearances. He even once kicked Mimi out of his party for not being beautiful enough. Recently, however, Mimi returned to Ruby and, after being mocked by Archie for being weak and ugly, Ruby declared that Mimi had inner beauty and it evolved into a Milotic.

His first Pokémon were a Skitty, Poochyena, and Ralts, all given by his father Norman; his "starter" Pokémon was a Mudkip which he received from Professor Birch.

Ruby has admitted to have a crush on his rival Sapphire.

Ruby's journey

File:Ruby E.PNG
Ruby in the Emerald arc of the manga (Volume 27)

Ruby once lived in Goldenrod City, Johto. Ruby's family moved to Hoenn in volume 15, against his will as he felt that he preferred the modern cities of Johto to the wilderness and countryside in Hoenn. Ruby enjoys participating in Pokémon Contests, and wound up running away from his new home in Littleroot Town because he felt that he was being oppressed by his father, Norman, who didn't approve of Ruby's lifestyle choice of being a Pokémon Coordinator to win all the Contests. Ruby despises Pokémon battles and refuses to battle unless he has no other choice, though as a child he adored battling.

As a child, he met Sapphire once, and the young Ruby and Sapphire had a lot of fun with each other, until their fun was interrupted by a Salamence. Acting quickly, Ruby was able to knock it out with his Pokémon, but got his forehead split in the process. It was his fault that day, when his father failed the Gym Leader Test because the Salamence broke into Rayquaza's containment area, and set it free. At that time, Rayquaza was being held by the Pokémon Association near the place he and Sapphire were playing. Sapphire ran away crying, and later came to realize she ruined Ruby's dignity, and vowed to become stronger. Ruby, on the other hand, realized he had been too brutal, and promised to suppress his strength in battle.

After running away, Ruby encountered Sapphire once again without recognizing her as the girl of so many years ago, who challenged him to a contest of her own—to see if he could win all the contests in Hoenn within 80 days, and if she could defeat all the Gyms. Ruby accepted readily, thinking that he would win without a doubt. However, their challenge was abandoned when they teamed up to stop the rampaging Kyogre and Groudon by using the Red and Blue Jewels. The challenge, made 80 days ago by Sapphire, ended in a tie, with Ruby winning the Master Rank Contests, and Sapphire winning the Balance badge.


This listing is for Ruby's Pokémon as of the most recent chapter.

On hand


Status unknown

  • This Plusle was partnered with Ruby during the Mirage Island training and the final battle. However it hasn't been seen since.




Besides necessities, Ruby also has a "Makeup Box" and "Sewing Box" in his backpack, for his contest appearances. Ruby has a pair of Running Shoes made by the Devon Corporation. He received them from his father for his eleventh birthday. They're extremely powerful and useful, and propel Ruby along the ground with bursts of compressed air.

Ruby's eyes are myopic, and he has a pair of glasses to correct this. He's usually too vain to wear them, though.


  • Ruby is the first main character whose starter Pokémon has a type advantage over that of his rival (his Mudkip vs Sapphire's Torchic). This is, of course, possibly due to both Ruby and Sapphire being based on in-game player characters, one of which ends up as the rival, depending on the player's choice of gender.
  • Two of his Pokémon have nicknames matching the names of the Ice Climbers—Popo and Nana.
  • Ruby's birthday is July 2nd.
    • A ruby is the birthstone for those born in July.
  • Ruby's blood type is O.
  • All of Ruby's Pokémon mirror his gender, with the exception of Zuzu, Plusle, and Celebi, the latter being a genderless species. The same goes for Sapphire (with the exception of a genderless Pokémon), with only her starter and electric rodent the same gender as her.
  • Ruby's only Pokémon that hasn't fully evolved is Ruru, with the others either being fully evolved or don't evolve at all.

In other languages

Language Name Reference to
Japanese ルビー Ruby From the game, Pokémon Ruby.
English (Singapore) Ruby From the game, Pokémon Ruby.
Korean 루비 Ruby From the game, Pokémon Ruby.
Chinese 路比 Lùbǐ Phonetical translation of Ruby.

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