Rubello Town

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Rubello Town
ルイボスタウン Rooibos Town
Rubello Town.png
Rubello Town
Region Hoenn
Debut A Fan with a Plan

Rubello Town (Japanese: ルイボスタウン Rooibos Town) is an anime-exclusive location found in Hoenn. It is located in between Petalburg City and Fortree City, and was visited by Ash and his friends in the episodes A Fan with a Plan and Cruisin' for a Losin'.

The town is most famous for its Contests. May and Drew both decided to enter the Rubello Town Contest to try to win another Ribbon for the Hoenn Grand Festival. Although May was confident she would be able to win, her attitude ended up getting the better of her. She lost to Savannah, who then went on to be defeated by Drew.

In addition to winning Rubello's Contest, Drew also appears to be a local idol among the townspeople. In fact, when he arrived in town, a group of women called the M.F.P., or Mothers for Pokémon, who were big fans of Pokémon Coordinators and sought Drew's autograph.

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