Royalty Deck (TCG)

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The Royalty Deck is a Theme Deck from Pokémon Play It! v2. It predominantly focuses on Grass-type Pokémon.

It is one of seven standard decks found in Pokémon Play It! v2. The player can use this deck, but due to a programming oversight, it is the only deck that Julie will not use.


Quantity Card Type Rarity
Nidoran♂ Grass Common
Nidorino Grass Uncommon
Nidoran♀ Grass Common
Nidorina Grass Uncommon
Nidoqueen Grass Rare Holo
Bellsprout Grass Common
Weepinbell Grass Uncommon
Tangela Grass Common
Pinsir Grass Rare Holo
Potion T Common
Bill T Common
Gust of Wind T Common
Pokémon Breeder T Rare
Scoop Up T Rare
Pokédex T Uncommon
24× Grass Energy Grass E

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