Roy's Fuecoco

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Roy's Fuecoco
ロイのホゲータ Roy's Hogator
Bag Poké Ball SV Sprite.png
Roy Fuecoco.png
Roy's Fuecoco
Debuts in The Pendant That Starts It All: Part Two
Caught in The Ancient Poké Ball
Caught at Roy's hometown
Gender Unknown
Ability Unknown
Current location With Roy
This Pokémon has not evolved.
Voice actor Japanese English
As Fuecoco Daiki Yamashita Zeno Robinson

Roy's Fuecoco (Japanese: ロイのホゲータ Roy's Hogator) was the first Pokémon that Roy obtained at the beginning of his journey. It is usually outside its Poké Ball.

In the anime


As a wild Pokémon

Fuecoco and Friede's Charizard

Prior to meeting Roy, Fuecoco was a wild Pokémon living in Paldea. At some point, it came across the Rising Volt Tacklers and joined them on their journey around the world aboard the Brave Olivine, after coming to admire Friede's Charizard.

Fuecoco debuted in The Pendant That Starts It All: Part Two. It was first seen welcoming Liko and her Sprigatito to the Brave Olivine alongside Pawmi. During the Explorers' attack on the ship, Fuecoco joined Friede's Charizard to help Orla fuel the ship's combustion engine.

In The Treasure After the Storm!, Fuecoco got surprised by Liko during one of its singing practices sessions and ran away. After the Brave Olivine made an emergency landing to fix some patches, Fuecoco accidentally slid from the aircraft and landed in the island's shore. It stole some Berries from the local wild Pokémon and food from Roy's Secret Base before being found by the boy, who had heard its singing from afar. Fuecoco got embarassed and tried to run away, only for it to almost fall from a cliff if not for Roy's quick thinking. They bonded, and Roy encouraged Fuecoco to sing. After hearing a nearby commotion, Roy and Fuecoco both ran toward it and helped Liko and Sprigatito to run away from the wild Pokémon. They, however, did not give up on their hunt and succesffully captured them after Fuecoco failed to launch an Ember to scare them away. After being rescued by Friede, Liko and Roy gathered Berries for the wild Pokémon as an apology gift, and Fuecoco had to part ways with Roy.

In Found You, Fuecoco!, Fuecoco was informed by Mollie that Roy came looking for it the night before and had gifted it some Berries after not being able to find it. Wanting to see him again, Fuecoco hurried out of the aircraft and spotted the Explorers in the sea. After finding Roy, Fuecoco frantically told him that something was wrong. They partnered to face off against Zirc and his Rhydon, and Fuecoco was finally able to use Ember with some encouragement in the form of singing from Roy.

In The Ancient Poké Ball, Fuecoco joined in the fight against Amethio and battled alongside Sprigatito against his Ceruledge. Despite being two against one, Ceruledge was clearly dominating the battle, which ultimately came to a halt when a Black Rayquaza emerged from Roy's ancient Poké Ball, resulting in Amethio and the other Explorers retreating. After being healed by Mollie, Friede's Charizard gave it a Poké Ball, which it presented to Roy when he returned to the Brave Olivine and allowed Roy to catch it. Afterwards, they set off on the Brave Olivine, with Roy becoming a member of the Rising Volt Tacklers.

With Roy

Fuecoco and its friends

In HZ007, Fuecoco sparred against Liko's Sprigatito. However, they didn't make much progress, as both Pokémon tired themselves into a draw after consecutive uses of Ember and Leafage. Later, after being unable to talk to Dot, Liko and Roy's determination to get stronger convinced Friede to hold a special training session for the rookies: this time, Fuecoco and Sprigatito faced off against Captain Pikachu and needed to land only a single hit on the Mouse Pokémon to win the match. While they initially struggled against his Double Team, Fuecoco and Sprigatito destroyed each one of Pikachu's copies after Liko figured out his behavior, with Sprigatito managing to almost score a Scratch. After a lunch break, Fuecoco battled against Sprigatito once more in order to see how much the special training paid off. In the end, despite being at a type advantage, Fuecoco was knocked out by Sprigatito's newly-learned Quick Attack, resulting in Roy's defeat. This battle was the first step for the new Rising Volt Tacklers to get closer to Dot, who let them know that the Black Rayquaza was in Paldea.

In HZ010, Roy used Fuecoco in his battle against Brassius. Fuecoco battled against his Sudowoodo, only to struggle before realizing it wasn't a Grass-type and that it was a Rock-type. While it was at a type disadvantage, it learned Stomping Tantrum during the battle, which dealt super-effective damage to Sudowoodo. Despite managing to deal some good damage and Sudowoodo Terastallizing into a Grass Tera Type, which gave Fuecoco the type advantage at that point, Fuecoco couldn’t stand up to the Imitation Pokémon's Terastallized power and was defeated, with Roy suffering his second official loss in a row.

In HZ016, Fuecoco was used in a battle against Spinel's Pokémon alongside Wattrel as they teamed up with Liko's Sprigatito and Dot's Quaxly. During the battle, Wattrel started a fight with Fuecoco, which unintentionally allowed Fuecoco to defeat Spinel's Magneton with Ember; afterward, the two continued with their fight so Roy intervened to break up the fight and left the battle. As their bickering continued in the next episode, Roy was inspired by Friede to have them battle together in order to deepen their friendship and relieve some stress. Their opponent was Captain Pikachu, against whom they lost due to their lack of teamwork. Immediately after, the Brave Olivine flew through turbulence, during which Wattrel activated its Wind Power Ability in order to boost its Spark and protect Roy from getting hit by a rogue tree branch. Seeing this as an opportunity to overpower Captain Pikachu, Roy, Wattrel, and Fuecoco trained the entire night in preparation for a combo move. The next day, they had their rematch against Captain Pikachu, with Fuecoco launching it and its teammate up by firing Embers downward in order to give Wattrel enough height to catch sufficiently strong winds and activate its Ability. Despite their improved teamwork, Captain Pikachu won once again, though their relationship was shown to have grown more amicable.

In HZ020, Fuecoco participated in a Gym challenge set up by Motostoke's Gym Leader Kabu. Fuecoco's role was to keep the Litwick flames lit while Sprigatito attempted to extinguish them. Though Fuecoco struggled to keep up with Sprigatito, it ended up winning due to Liko deciding Roy deserved it more. It then went on to battle alongside Sprigatito against Kabu's Centiskorch and Wakaba's Rolycoly. The two struggled to damage Centiskorch and, despite learning Flamethrower, Fuecoco was knocked out.

In HZ022, Fuecoco battled against the Explorers alongside Sprigatito until they encountered a Galarian Moltres that had an Ancient Poké Ball. After Moltres overwhelmed everyone and left Captain Pikachu injured, Fuecoco quickly escaped the Galar Mine with Roy, Liko, and the Mouse Pokémon. In the next episode, Fuecoco was brought to the Motostoke Pokémon Center in order to recover from its battle with Moltres. After recovering, Fuecoco helped to battle Moltres again in order to calm it down. Thanks to Lucius's Arboliva, the group succeeded and the Legendary Pokémon returned to its Ancient Poké Ball.

In HZ028, Fuecoco and Wattrel teamed up with Sprigatito to battle Tepen in order to get the Ancient Poké Ball back from him, after he stole it from Roy. However, the three of them were put to sleep by Tepen's special Sleep Powder that his Foongus had.

Personality and characteristics

Fuecoco and Roy

Fuecoco is shown to enjoy singing and eating, as expected of its species. At first, Fuecoco would get embarrassed and run away when there is someone nearby hearing it sing. However, after meeting Roy and through his encouragement, Fuecoco started to gain confidence in its singing and doesn't mind when others join in. It's also shown to be clumsy, such as when it accidentally slid off the Brave Olivine. In addition, Fuecoco is usually a friendly and upbeat Pokémon who doesn't get upset too often, as it quickly became friends with Liko's Sprigatito and Dot's Quaxly. Despite this, Fuecoco has shown to have a short temper, such as when it got frustrated with Wattrel for interrupting it in mid-battle against Spinel's Magneton.

As first seen in The Pendant That Starts It All: Part Two, Fuecoco greatly admires Friede's Charizard and looks up to it, wanting to help and be around it all the time, even becoming upset when the Flame Pokémon is not around. Mollie theorized that the reason why Fuecoco was on the Brave Olivine to begin with was to be with Charizard. Fuecoco also wants to become strong like Charizard and enjoys watching it no matter what it was doing. In addition, Fuecoco seems to be very good friends with Charizard.

Roy and Fuecoco quickly formed a strong bond after meeting each other, as they thought about each other even when they were apart and went out of their way to find one another again. Their bond has led them to become partners in The Ancient Poké Ball, when Fuecoco stored a Poké Ball inside its mouth so Roy could catch it. Fuecoco, like its Trainer, is excited to battle. It would often give its all, but doesn't feel bad about losing, especially when Roy assures it that it tried its best. They are also almost identical in personality-wise, and thus are the perfect match for one another.

Fuecoco and Wattrel

Although it has shown to be gluttonous, Fuecoco enjoys certain types of food, such as berries and spicy flavored food. Fuecoco also enjoys eating sweets, as shown in HZ019, when it and Roy got excited about eating the sweets that Murdock and Mitchell made after they did an unexpected bake-off. Fuecoco also doesn't like sharing its food with others and would get defensive if it felt its food was being threaten. However, despite this, Fuecoco does know when to share with others, as seen in HZ013, when it offered to share its sandwich with a wild Wattrel.

Despite being a Fire type, Fuecoco doesn't seem to get bothered by water. Fuecoco also has a habit of being insensitive to the feelings of others, but it is unintentional, as seen in HZ017, when it didn't realize that it was blocking Wattrel's sunlight and getting in its personal space, as it wanted to be close with its teammate, which has led them to arguing. However, after growing closer as a team, Fuecoco got along much better with Wattrel. Although, despite its improved relationship with its teammate, Fuecoco does still get into arguments with Wattrel, as shown in HZ023, when they fought for a Grepa Berry.

Moves used

Roy Fuecoco Ember.png
Using Ember
Move First Used In
Ember Found You, Fuecoco!
Tackle HZ007
Stomping Tantrum HZ010
Flamethrower HZ020
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.


Roy Fuecoco anime.png Roy Fuecoco anime 2.png
Official artwork from
Pokémon Horizons: The Series[1]
Official artwork from
Pokémon Horizons: The Series
Pokemon 2023 Anime Promo Artwork.png Pokemon 2023 Airdate Promo Artwork.png
Reveal artwork from
Pokémon Horizons: The Series
Reveal artwork from
Pokémon Horizons: The Series
Pokemon 2023 First Broadcast Poster.jpg Pokemon Horizons Promotional Poster 2.jpg
First poster from
Pokémon Horizons: The Series
Second poster from
Pokémon Horizons: The Series

In the manga

Pocket Monsters ~The Detouring Volt Tacklers!!~

Roy in Pocket Monsters ~The Detouring Volt Tacklers!!~

Fuecoco appeared in the Pocket Monsters ~The Detouring Volt Tacklers!!~ manga alongside Roy. In DVT03, Fuecoco and Roy were practicing their singing when they were interrupted by Liko. During the course of the story, Liko tried to help the two to improve their music.

Moves used

Roy Fuecco Ember DVT.png
Using Ember
Move First Used In
Ember DVT03
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.
Fuecoco in Pocket Monsters

Pocket Monsters

Fuecoco appeared in the Pocket Monsters manga, as one of the Pokémon belonging to the Rising Volt Tacklers.

In the games

Pokémon Mezastar

Fuecoco appears in Pokémon Mezastar as one of Roy's Pokémon. It appears as an opponent during the first Gorgeous Star set.

As an opponent
Mezastar Fire type.png
Mezastar Fire type.png Ember

Tag No. Name Type Grade
4-1-070 Fuecoco Fire
P Fuecoco Fire


  • Fuecoco is the first:
  • Fuecoco shares both its Japanese and English voice actor with Goh.
  • In an interview with Roy's VA Yuka Terasaki, she says "Roy and Fuecoco have a friendship between men" (Japanese: 「ロイとホゲータは喧嘩したとしても気づいたら肩を組んで仲直りしているような「男同士の友情」), possibly implying that Fuecoco is Male.[2]


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