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(In the manga)
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==In the manga==
==In the manga==
===In the Pokémon Adventures manga===
===In the Pokémon Adventures manga===
====In the {{chap|Diamond & Pearl}}====
[[File:Roughneck Adventures.png|thumb|Two Roughnecks in Pokémon Adventures]]
[[File:Roughneck Adventures.png|thumb|Two Roughnecks in Pokémon Adventures]]
{{adv|Diamond}} and [[Riley]] encountered two Roughnecks hired by [[Team Galactic]] to distrupt their progressing in ''[[PS381|Vexing Vespiquen & Unmanageable Mothim I]]''. The Roughnecks took {{p|Riolu}}'s egg as a hostage but were eventually outsmarted by Diamond.
{{adv|Diamond}} and [[Riley]] encountered two Roughnecks hired by [[Team Galactic]] to distrupt their progressing in ''[[PS381|Vexing Vespiquen & Unmanageable Mothim I]]''. The Roughnecks took {{p|Riolu}}'s egg as a hostage but were eventually outsmarted by Diamond.
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Mothim's only known move is {{m|Air Slash}}.}}
Mothim's only known move is {{m|Air Slash}}.}}
====In the {{chap|Platinum}}====
Another Roughneck appeared in the ''Platinum chapter'' in the {{OBP|Battle Frontier|Generation IV}}.
|img=Roughneck Ursaring Adventures.png
|epname=VS Claydol
|desc={{p|Ursaring}} briefly appeared with its Trainer during the time [[Looker]] flew on his jetpack to search for {{adv|Platinum}}.}}

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スキンヘッズ Skinheads
Nicky Unova.png
Roughneck Nicky in the anime.
Other names Cue Ball (Generations I and III)
Introduced in Generation I
Appears in Red, Blue, and Yellow
FireRed and LeafGreen
Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, HeartGold, and SoulSilver
Black and White
Black 2 and White 2
Gender Male
Counterpart {{{counterpart}}}
Notable members Nicky
Anime debut [[]]
TCG debut [[(TCG)|]]
TCG card {{{card}}}
Manga debut {{{manga}}}

A Cue Ball or Roughneck (Japanese: スキンヘッズ Skinheads) is a type of Pokémon Trainer that first debuted in the Generation I games. They appear as bald men wearing leather jackets. Cue Balls are usually in the vicinity of Bikers, as proven by their many appearances on Cycling Road. In Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, they have a Gyarados on the back of their vest; in Pokémon Black and White, they have a Krookodile. Their name may be referring to their bald heads, which can resemble white billiards balls.

They are sometimes depicted as being affiliated with Team Rocket.

When paired with Bikers in Double Battles, they are called Hooligans.

They specialize in Fighting-type Pokémon in Generations I and III, and in Dark-type in Generation V. In the Battle Subway, they specialize in Pokémon with one-hit knockout moves, and in the early stages, Dark- and Fighting-type Pokémon.


Spr RG Cue Ball.png Spr FRLG Cue Ball.png Spr DP Roughneck.png Spr BW Roughneck.png Spr B2W2 Roughneck.png SJP Cueball.png
Cue Ball sprite from
Red and Blue
Cue Ball sprite from
FireRed and LeafGreen
Sprite from
Generation IV
Sprite from
Black and White
Sprite from
Black 2 and White 2
Cueball portrait from
File:Cue Ball cycling I OD.pngFile:Cue Ball swimming I OD.png Biker III OD.png Roughneck IV OD.png Roughneck OD.png
Cue Ball overworld sprites from
Generation I
Cue Ball overworld sprite from
Generation III
Overworld sprite from
Generation IV
Overworld sprite from
Generation V

Trainer list

Pokémon Red, Blue, and Yellow

Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen

Pokémon Diamond and Pearl

Pokémon Platinum

Pokémon Black and White

Pokémon Black 2 and White 2

In the anime

A Roughneck by the name of Nicky appeared in Rocking the Virbank Gym! Part 1 and Rocking the Virbank Gym! Part 2 and is the drummer in Roxie's rock band "Koffing and the Toxics".

In the manga

In the Pokémon Adventures manga

In the Diamond & Pearl chapter

Two Roughnecks in Pokémon Adventures

Diamond and Riley encountered two Roughnecks hired by Team Galactic to distrupt their progressing in Vexing Vespiquen & Unmanageable Mothim I. The Roughnecks took Riolu's egg as a hostage but were eventually outsmarted by Diamond.

Roughneck's Vespiquen
One of the Roughnecks sent out Vespiquen to blind Riley and his Lucario. She was a formidable foe as she used her grubs as her weapons to attack and defend. Vespiquen was taken out by a single leaf coming from Tru's Razor Leaf.

Vespiquen's known moves are Attack Order, Defend Order, Heal Order and Power Gem.

Debut Vexing Vespiquen & Unmanageable Mothim I
Roughneck's Mothim
The other Roughneck sent out Mothim to block off the aura coming from Riley's Lucario. The out-of-control grubs managed to defeat Mothim.

Mothim's only known move is Air Slash.

Debut Vexing Vespiquen & Unmanageable Mothim I

In the Platinum chapter

Another Roughneck appeared in the Platinum chapter in the Battle Frontier.

Roughneck's Ursaring
Ursaring briefly appeared with its Trainer during the time Looker flew on his jetpack to search for Platinum.
Debut VS Claydol


  • In Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum, Roughneck Kirby in the Lost Tower uses only one Pokémon; a Cleffa. This is highly contradictory to the established archetype for this Trainer Class, as well as his name that fans consider to go along with his Pokémon.
    • However, he does mention that he is in the Lost Tower because his Pokémon died at the hands of Team Galactic, and Cleffa is the only one he has left.
    • Also, in Pokémon Platinum, one of the Roughnecks that can be fought in the Battle Frontier expresses a dislike towards having Pokémon fight each other.
  • The Japanese name of this Trainer class refers to a subculture known as the Skinheads, who are often believed to represent racist and Neo-Nazi views. This is most likely the reason why the name was changed for international releases.

In other languages

Language Title
France Flag.png French Loubard
Germany Flag.png German Glatzkopf (I, III)
Raufbold (IV)
Italy Flag.png Italian Zuccapelata
South Korea Flag.png Korean 빡빡이 (Ppakppak'i)
Spain Flag.png Spanish Calvo

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