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(I think that is more accurate since recurring Pokémon usually refers to Pokémon that appear in more than one episode but don't serve as a main character)
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The '''Rotom Pokédex''' (Japanese: '''ロトム{{tt|図鑑|ずかん}}''' ''Rotom illustrated encyclopedia'') is a recurring {{OBP|Pokémon|species}} character in the {{pkmn|anime}} and {{Ash}}'s [[Pokédex]] in the {{series|Sun & Moon}}.
The '''Rotom Pokédex''' (Japanese: '''ロトム{{tt|図鑑|ずかん}}''' ''Rotom illustrated encyclopedia'') is a main {{OBP|Pokémon|species}} character in the {{pkmn|anime}} and {{Ash}}'s [[Pokédex]] in the {{series|Sun & Moon}}.

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Rotom Pokédex
ロトム図鑑 Rotom illustrated encyclopedia
Rotom Pokédex anime.png
As Rotom Pokédex
Debuts in Loading the Dex!
Gender Genderless
Ability Unknown
Current location With Ash
This Pokémon is fully evolved.
Voice actor Japanese English
As Rotom Daisuke Namikawa Roger Callagy

The Rotom Pokédex (Japanese: ロトム図鑑 Rotom illustrated encyclopedia) is a main Pokémon character in the anime and Ash's Pokédex in the Sun & Moon series.


An empty Rotom Pokédex

Rotom made its first appearance in Loading the Dex!, in which it entered Ash's empty Pokédex he had received earlier from Professor Kukui, turning itself into the Rotom Pokédex Form. After introducing itself to Ash, it followed him to the Pokémon School, where it met Ash's classmates and Samson Oak. Later, it accompanied Ash and his friends during their fieldwork in a forest.

In SM017, Rotom was shown to be a big fan of the detective show Alola Detective Raki and impersonated Raki throughout the episode. Upon finding out that Ash had lost his Electrium Z, Rotom decided solve the case. After learning about a camera crew that had filmed the Pokémon School, it went to the Alola TV station, where it copied the video from one of the cameras and updated itself with a video camera function. Using its new function, Rotom concluded that Kiawe was the culprit, but was proven wrong by Lillie. It was then revealed that the Z-Crystal had been stuck inside Rotom's wig the whole time. At the end of the episode, Rotom offered to help Ash and Kiawe with their training by recording it.

Personality and characteristics

Rotom claims to be a self-learning Pokédex (similar to an A.I.) and has the ability to talk human language. It also updates itself whenever it meets a new Pokémon by taking pictures of it or when it finds something new about a Pokémon. It has a bad habit of getting up close and personal to the Pokémon in order to see if information about it is true, only to annoy and get attacked by said Pokémon. It gets along with Ash and all his friends, but has shown an aversion to Sophocles's attempts to 'study' it.

After Rotom inhabited the Pokédex, it seems to have lost all combat functions, and is unable to use any move. As shown in SM017, it can use its "arms" to extract data from other electronic devices and update itself with the device's function.

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