Rotom's Room

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Rotom's Room ロトムのへや
Rotom's Room
"Wild Missingno. appeared!"
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Location: Eterna CityPt
Saffron CityHGSS
Region: Sinnoh and Kanto
Generations: IV
Sinnoh Eterna City Map.png
Location of Rotom's Room in Sinnoh.
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Rotom's Room (Japanese: ロトムのへや Rotom's Room) is a hidden room in the Pokémon games that appears in HeartGold, SoulSilver, and Platinum. It houses five appliances that Rotom can inhabit and thus change forms.

If the player presses the A button while facing an appliance with more than one Rotom in their party, the game will ask which Rotom the player wants to insert into the appliance.

In Sinnoh

In Platinum, Rotom's Room is located on the ground floor of the Galactic Eterna Building, to the left of the television. The Secret Key is required to gain access to the room. A microwave oven, a rotary fan, a refrigerator, a washing machine, and a lawn mower are lined up in the center of the room, and on the table is a notebook written by Charon explaining the limitations of Rotom's forms. There is a second, longer journal detailing the discovery of Rotom as well.

The first time that Rotom merges with an appliance, Professor Rowan will enter the room and speak with the player.

In Kanto

Location of Rotom's Room in Kanto
Rotom's Room in Silph Co

In HeartGold and SoulSilver, Rotom's Room is located inside the Silph Co. building in Saffron City. It is only accessible via the broken elevator when Rotom is in the first slot of the party. Its electricity will send the elevator down one floor from the ground level into a room nearly identical to its counterpart in Sinnoh, with the only differences being the location of the door, the floor being littered with boxes, and a lack of the old notebook.


In Unova

In Black and White, Rotom can change forms in a storage room at Shopping Mall Nine. Unlike Rotom's Room, this location does not have five separate appliances: instead, a single box has the power to change Rotom's form.


Mysterious notebook

"It was by pure chance that I obtained information about the Pokémon Rotom.
Remarkably, Rotom has the ability to enter and merge with special motors.
It's now known that Rotom can stay inside a motor almost indefinitely.
However, it will emerge if it enters a Union Room or a Wi-Fi Club.
Rotom will also emerge from the motor if it is left at the Day Care.
Rotom may also forget certain moves when it leaves a motor.
This Pokémon requires exhaustive observation and analysis.
To ensure I get all the credit, my Rotom research must be kept secret.
They will come to recognize me as the scientific genius Char..."

Old notebookPt

"Our encounter was a sudden one.
It was when I found my toy robot, one that I had earlier misplaced.
At that instant, a Pokémon startlingly emerged from the lawn mower's motor!
Clutching my robot, I stared, transfixed by the peculiar Pokémon."
"The Pokémon hovered in the air, held aloft by a power unseen.
As if curious and unafraid of my presence, it floated toward me.
Crackling sounds accompanied it, as if from static electricity in the air.
Remarkably, it seemed the Pokémon was the source of this power!
In alarm, I flinched, certain that my face would be subjected to a shock.
Much to my surprise, the Pokémon seemed to favor me with a smile."
"Finally, I came to realize that the Pokémon only wished to be friends.
I have decided to name this most wondrous Pokémon 'Rotom.'
Simple though it may be, Rotom emerged to me from the motor of a lawn mower.
Motor and Rotom... Surely the link is obvious?"
"Rotom is a Pokémon that is simply sensational.
The fact that it can turn invisible is simply the beginning.
What makes Rotom unique is its ability to enter and operate machinery!"
"Rotom and I became fast friends. We were perpetual companions.
The electricity from its body forbade contact, however.
We could not touch, let alone hug or hold hands, but we cared not.
For we were bonded on a much deeper, incorporeal level."
"A feeling of mischief got the better of me one day.
Seeing Rotom hovering, I decided to startle it--normally I would not.
Perhaps frightened, Rotom discharged power beyond its usual range.
I fell, stunned, into the arms of unconsciousness..."
"When I came to, to my horror I realized that Rotom had disappeared.
I searched high and low for my friend in dismay and desperation.
'Don't chastise yourself.'
'The fault is mine. No harm done.'
'Let us play as we always have.'
Though my words poured out, my friend could not be found to hear them..."
"My search for Rotom carried me far from home.
It was in the town's rubbish heap that I again found my old toy robot.
Curiously, our eyes met, then the robot waved a hand as if in greeting.
I knew then that I had found my lost friend.
I ran to and hugged Rotom tight, talking on and on."
"The robot's eyes lit up happily as I held it.
I'm certain that, within it, Rotom was emitting lots electricity.
Somehow, I felt I could understand Rotom's thoughts better than before.
Also, I realized that we would remain friends throughout our lives..."

In other languages

Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese ロトムのへや
Germany Flag.png German Raum von Rotom
Spain Flag.png European Spanish Sala de Rotom

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