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Rotational battles is one of the many forms of Pokémon battling. The idea is to predict what moves your opponent will use and to rotate accordingly. Rotational battles were introduced as a main series element in Pokémon Black and White. A rotational battle consists of three Pokémon (similar to a triple battle), however, only one Pokémon can attack at a time. Unlike Triple Battles, switching (or "rotating") Pokémon is a free action, meaning both players may switch and attack in the same turn. This type of battle is limited and can only be encountered with:

various trainers in Black City

A Rotational battle


Rotating can be done on both the player and the opponent's turn. Rotating is done to avoid certain Pokémon from taking moves that would be too damaging: for example if the player has a Water-type Pokémon and a Pokémon with Herbivorous against a Grass-type opponent, it is predictable a Grass-type move will be aimed at the Water-type, and so the player would rotate with the Herbivorous Pokémon. Rotating is different to switching in that it doesn't use up a turn and that it doesn't reset ailments like Confusion and Toxic, nor does it reset ability counters like Slow Start, and a rotating Pokémon is not hit for double damage by Pursuit.

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