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[[Category:Battle Revolution characters]]
[[Category:Battle Revolution characters]]

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ラプラ Rapla
Art from PBR (English Version)
Gender Female
Eye color Dark red
Hair color White
Hometown Pokétopia
Region Unknown
Trainer class Colosseum Leader
Generation IV
Games Battle Revolution

Colosseum Leader Rosie (Japanese: コロシアムリーダー ラプラ Colosseum Leader Rapla) is the fourth Colosseum Leader in Pokémon Battle Revolution. She is the head of Neon Colosseum. Similar to other Leaders in Battle Revolution, her costume resembles a Pokémon. Her costume of choice is a Roserade. Her design is based on the Cool Girl Model. Her costume is obtained after beating her under the "Level 50 All" Rule.

Rosie has white skin in the Japanese version of the game. For unknown reasons, her skin tone was darkened along with Sashay's in the English release. She is one of a minority of characters with dark skin tones.



Rosie JP.png
Image from
Battle Revolution (JP).


Language Name Origin
Japanese ラプラ (Rapla)
English Rosie From rose.
French Rosaura From rose.
German Jade From Jade, a green ornamental stone.
Italian Rosanna From rosa, rose.
Spanish Flora From flora.
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