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(I doubt her real name will be "White 2")
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(Japanese: '''ホワイト2''' ''White2'') is the female [[player character]] in {{game|Black and White|s|Pokémon Black 2 and White 2|2}}. She is the female counterpart to [[Black2]]. Her real name is currently unknown.
(Japanese: '''ホワイト2''' ''White2'') is the female [[player character]] in {{game|Black and White|s|Pokémon Black 2 and White 2|2}}. She is the female counterpart to [[Black2]].
==In the games==
==In the games==

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Get it? Because the name is unknown. The subject of this article has no official name.
The name currently in use is a fan designator; see below for more information.
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ホワイト2 White2
Official artwork from Black 2 and White 2
Gender Female
Eye color Blue
Hair color Brown
Hometown Aspertia City
Region Unova
Trainer class Pokémon Trainer, Player character
Generation V
Games Black 2, White 2

(Japanese: ホワイト2 White2) is the female player character in Pokémon Black 2 and White 2. She is the female counterpart to Black2.

In the games

As the protagonist

White2 is a young girl living in Aspertia City with her childhood friend Hihihiroshi. At the start of the game, she sets off with Hihihiroshi to collect her first Pokémon. They then go their separate ways and she starts her journey across the Unova region.

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