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Rory (Japanese: ミキオ Mikio) is a character of the day in the Pokémon anime who appeared in the episode Spring Fever.

He is a professional hot spring digger that travels the world digging hot springs with his daughter, Peggy. Big hotels hire him to dig these hot springs in order to build large resorts.


This listing is of Rory's known Pokémon:

Su, Ein, and Ub
Su, Ein, and Ub
Rory's three SwinubSu (Jp: ウー U), Ein (Jp: リー Ri), and Ub (Jp: ムー Moo)—are the Pokémon Rory uses to locate possible hot spring sources. When Team Rocket interferes with a locating operation, the three are kidnapped, then rescued, and finally battle against Wobbuffet, Arbok, Weezing, and Victreebel, freezing them. In the end, they manage to locate a water source.

All three Swinub know Powder Snow and Tackle, and additionally, Ein knows Take Down.

Debut Spring Fever
Voice actors
English Kayzie Rogers
Rory's Graveler
Graveler is used by Rory as his main worker: once the Swinub trio detect something, Graveler is sent in to dig away to see if the spot is a potential hot spring. It may or may not know Dig as a consequence.

Graveler's known moves are Defense Curl and Tackle.

Debut Spring Fever

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 郷里大輔 Daisuke Gōri
European Spanish Héctor Cantolla


  • The Japanese nicknames for all three Swinub literally spell Swinub's name: Urimoo. The dub nicknames spell out Swinub phonetically.

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