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Roland (Japanese: ヨーシチ Yōshichi) is a character of the day in An Elite Coverup! and a relative of Bertha.

Roland gave his Magby to the disguised Team Rocket trio for them to raise and evolve, unaware of their true intentions. Afterwards, he met Ash and his friends and became attracted to Ash's Pikachu, which he later played with in a park.

Later on, with the help of his new friends, as well as the Sinnoh Elite Four member Bertha, he was able to track Team Rocket down and get back his Magby. With Bertha's encouragement, Roland had his Magby deliver the final blow to defeat Team Rocket.


Roland's Magby
Magby can be seen traveling on Roland's shoulder at the start of the episode. It was later given to Team Rocket by Roland, oblivious of their true desire. After rescuing it, Magby was used by its Trainer to battle Team Rocket.

Magby's known moves are Flamethrower and Fire Punch.

Debut An Elite Coverup

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 大浦冬華 Fuyuka Ōura
English Eli James
Brazilian Portuguese Alex Minei
European Spanish Sara Vivas


  • Prior to this episode's initial airing in the United States, the online summary given by Poké incorrectly referred to Roland as Ian.

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