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Rocky (Japanese: イワシミズ Iwashimizu) is a character of the day who appeared in Training Wrecks.

Rocky makes his home on Muscle Island. He enjoys exercising, and using Pokémon to help him. Another one of his hobbies is battling. In fact, when Ash and his friends visited the island, Rocky challenged Ash to a Double Battle.

Using his Walrein and Quagsire, Rocky was able to get the upper hand in his battle against the young Pokémon Trainer by having the half-Ground Quagsire block all of Pikachu's Electric moves and having his Walrein use Ice Ball. However, Ash was able to deduce that the speed of the Ice Ball slowed down every turn. Using it to his advantage, he was able to defeat Rocky.


Rocky's Walrein
Walrein was called out for a Double Battle against Ash. Around the first turn, it used Ice Ball and in every turn, the move gets stronger. Ash saw that Ice Ball gets slower every turn and turned the tables on Rocky by having Pikachu dodge. Walrein was defeated after Quagsire fell for Grovyle's Leaf Blade and left itself wide open for Pikachu's Thunderbolt.

Walrein's only known move is Ice Ball.

Debut Training Wrecks
Rocky's Quagsire
Quagsire was in charge of blocking electric attacks from hitting Walrein. It was defeated after getting hit by Grovyle's Leaf Blade.

None of Quagsire's moves are known.

Debut Training Wrecks

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 千葉進歩 Susumu Chiba
English David Chen
Brazilian Portuguese Eduardo Monteiro
European Spanish Juan Antonio Arroyo


  • Rocky's name is both a reference to Rocky Balboa and his Japanese name, which means water trickling from between rocks.

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