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Rock Tunnel Unknown
"Wild Missingno. appeared!"
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Location: Route 10
Region: Kanto
Generations: I, II, III
Kanto Rock Tunnel Map.png
Location of Rock Tunnel in Kanto.
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File:Location rock tunnel.jpg
Location of Rock Tunnel.

The Rock Tunnel (Japanese: イワヤマトンネル Rock Mountain Tunnel) is a naturally formed underground tunnel. Because it has not been developed, it is pitch black inside. A light of some sort is needed for travelers to find their way. It is recommended that Pokémon Trainers bring along a Pokémon that can use Flash outside of battle.

Rock Tunnel is the only alternative route to Lavender Town, as any other route has either been rendered inaccessible by a slumbering Snorlax or the Saffron City Gatekeepers. The cave has two separate floors, both of which are roughly the same size. There are many trainers within the cave, there for the fun of exploring, training, or are simply lost in the darkness.

Route 10 leads from Cerulean City to Rock Tunnel. At the northern entrance of the cave is a convenient Pokémon Center. The roof of the Power Plant can also be seen from here (excluding Generation III). The southern entrance exits onto the remainder of Route 10, leading to Lavender Town.


All the Pokémon listed below are obtainable within the cave.

Generation I

Name Floor Games Levels Rate
Zubat 1F R B 15-18 55%
Y 15-21 55%
2F R B 16-18 50%
Y 20-22 45%
Machop 1F R B 15, 17 15%
Y 17, 19, 21 10%
2F R B 15, 17 15%
Y 18, 20 20%
Geodude 1F R B 16-17 25%
Y 16, 18, 20 35%
2F R B 16-18 26%
Y 17, 21 25%
Onix 1F R B 13, 15 5%
2F R B 13, 17 9%
Y 14, 18, 22 10%

Generation II

Data for Pokémon Crystal is not available, so it is assumed that it is the same as Gold & Silver in the following table.

Name Floor Games Levels Rate
Machop 1F G S C 12 20%
Machoke 1F G S C 14 5%
Marowak B1F G S C 14 5%
Kangaskhan B1F G S C 14 5%
Zubat 1F G S C 8 10%
B1F 10 10%
Geodude 1F G S C 10 30%
B1F 12 30%
Cubone 1F G S C 10, 13 35%
B1F 12 30%

Generation III

Name Floor Games Obtainable by: Levels Rate
Zubat 1F FR LG Walking 15-16 30%
Mankey 1F FR LG Walking 16-17 15%
Machop 1F FR LG Walking 16-17 15%
B1F 17 10%
Onix 1F FR LG Walking 13, 15 5%
B1F 13, 15, 17 10%
Geodude 1F FR LG Walking 15-17 35%
B1F 15-17 35%
Rock Smash 5-30 95%
Graveler B1F FR LG Rock Smash 25-40 5%
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