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The Rock Club (Japanese: ストーンクラブ Stone Club) is a group of trainers who use Rock-type Pokémon in Pokémon Card GB. It is led by Gene.

It is likely that the Rock Club was created due to the fact that, at the time of the game's release, there were only seven TCG types— one short of the eight that were needed for a game that was like the main series Pokémon games, and, due to the additional double usage of the Grass-type by both the Grass Club and Science Club, the hesitance to use Colorless as a club type.

Members and Decks

Name Deck
TCG1 Gene.png Club Master Gene Rock Crusher Deck
TCG1 Ryan.png Club Member Ryan Excavation Deck
TCG1 Andrew.png Club Member Andrew Blistering Pokémon Deck
TCG1 Matthew.png Club Member Matthew Hard Pokémon Deck

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