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Rochelle (Japanese: ヒイラギ Hiiragi) is a character of the day who appeared in Roll On, Pokémon!. She lives in a valley located between New Bark Town and Cherrygrove City, where she finds precious amberite, with the help of her Donphan, to supply local artisans, collectors, and jewelers.

As Ash was attempting to catch one of Rochelle's Donphan, not knowing it already belonged to her, she stepped in front of the battered Donphan and declared that it was enough, and that she should report them to Officer Jenny. Brock then approached Rochelle romantically, asking what her name is, with Rochelle subsequently telling him. Brock noticed the necklace she wears, and noted that it was beautiful. Rochelle thanked him, and told him it is amberite. Throughout the episode, Rochelle was clearly uncomfortable by Brock's advances, and maintained her distance from him.

Rochelle cares deeply for her Pokémon, and was frantic when Team Rocket stole her untrained Donphan. She also trusts them immensely, allowing them free reign and uses a whistle to call for their assistance. Rochelle has an eye for detail and was able to perfectly describe Donphan's kidnappers to Ash and his friends.


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Rochelle's Donphan
Donphan (×4)
Rochelle has four Donphan, all of which have a sensitive sense of smell and brute power that aid her amberite supply business. Rochelle keeps a sample of amberite on a necklace, which helps her to train her Donphan to "sniff out" the gem. When it finds some, it will run towards the source of the amberite and ram repeatedly into the base of a rock cliff, causing a chunk from the upper sections of the cliff to fall.

One first appeared when Ash and Brock were trying to catch it, thinking it was wild, with their Heracross and Onix, respectively. Its speed and strength took everyone by surprise, as Brock was forced to recall Onix. However, its match against Heracross left it injured, forcing Rochelle to intervene. This same Donphan was later kidnapped by Team Rocket, though it proved to be useless to their goals as it was still untrained. It was shown to be considerably smaller in size and with shorter tusks than the other three.

Rochelle sent all of her other Donphan out to find the stolen one, and it didn't take long until they found Team Rocket. With the help of Ash and his friends, they were able to send the trio blasting off and reunite with the stolen Donphan. Later, Ash decided to have a battle against Rochelle's most experienced Donphan using his Heracross. Heracross was doing well but was distracted by sap on a tree, resulting in Donphan winning.

Donphan's known moves are Tackle and Rollout.

Debut Roll On, Pokémon!

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 天野由梨 Yuri Amano
English Tara Jayne
Arabic إيمان بيطار Iman Bitar
Finnish Elise Langenoja
Italian Elisabetta Spinelli
Polish Olga Borys
Brazilian Portuguese Tânia Gaidarji
Spanish Latin America Liliana Barba
Spain Sandra Jara

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