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Undubbed character This article is about a character featured in the Pokémon anime who has not yet debuted in the English language dub.
As such, their information may contain romanized Japanese names, rather than dub names.

(Japanese: ロバート Robert) is the character of the day in BW054.

Robert is a Pokémon photographer who has traveled throughout the Unova region taking pictures of all kinds of Pokémon. He met Ash and his friends in a Pokémon Center and was immediately taken by Ash's Pikachu. With permission, he began to photograph the Mouse Pokémon.

Like his grandfather had done, Robert dreamed of being able to snap a photo of all four seasonal forms of Sawsbuck together. He heard of a place where the four forms gather and Ash and friends lend their hands to help him find that place. Along the way, he spotted a Summer form Deerling and began to follow it hoping to locate Sawsbuck as well. That's when he and Ash get separated from Iris and Cilan due to the fog. Fortunately, his Swoobat was able to help them navigate through it. Losing sight of it once more, Robert and Ash decided to camp out for the night and wait until morning to look for it.

The same Deerling reappeared in the morning and Robert began snapping photos of it. While he was doing that, he noticed that it was grazing much too close to a few wild Amoonguss that were getting ready to attack with PoisonPowder. Robert pushed it out of the way but ends up inhaling the poisonous powder himself. Despite his condition, he still wished to pursue Deerling which gave Ash no other choice but to carry him. Both are lead to a secret lake where the other Sawsbuck lived. For saving Deerling, the Sawsbuck used the lake's powers to cure Robert of his poison as a show of gratitude.

Once recovered, Robert attempted to photograph the four Sawsbuck together but the fog distorted the picture. However, he is still pleased by the picture he took and was happy for the experience of seeing them.


Swoobat is the only Pokémon Robert is known to have on hand. He used it to help track down both Deerling and Sawsbuck. It later finds the special flower that grew where Deerling and Sawsbuck live. Using its Charm, it was also able to make the Deerling that Robert was pursuing feel more comfortable around them.

Swoobat's only known move is Charm.

Debut BW054
Voice actors
Japanese Chinami Nishimura

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 山口勝平 Kappei Yamaguchi
西村ちなみ Chinami Nishimura (young)


  • Robert shares his Japanese voice actor with Todd Snap, another Pokémon photographer.
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