Rising Volt Tacklers

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Rising Volt Tacklers
ライジングボルテッカーズ Rising Volteccers
Brave Olivine Logo.png
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The Rising Volt Tacklers
Leader Friede
Region Worldwide
Admins Captain Pikachu, Orla, Murdock, Mollie, Ludlow
Base locations The Brave Asagi
Anime debut HZ001

The Rising Volt Tacklers (Japanese: ライジングボルテッカーズ Rising Volteccers) are a team of adventurers led by Friede. They first appeared in HZ001. The Rising Volt Tacklers own and operate the Brave Asagi.


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The formation of the Rising Volt Tacklers

As revealed in HZ018, a Pokémon Professor named Friede was fishing in the Paldea region with his Charizard and his former mentor Ludlow. Friede met up with a teacher of his, Lucca, who wanted him to meet someone. Upon meeting a wild Pikachu trying to fly, Friede decided to do research on him and befriend the Mouse Pokémon. Although he failed to befriend Pikachu, Friede didn't give up as he offered the Mouse Pokémon some food. Eventually, Friede decided to fly up to sky to see why Pikachu wanted to fly, realizing that he wanted to see the horizons. Seeing Pikachu falling, Friede and Charizard saved him, winning his friendship. Friede asked Pikachu to be his partner, which he accepted. Later, Friede asked Ludlow if he can have his boat and was okay with it. The two arrived in Slateport City in Hoenn where Friede met up with his childhood friend Orla and asked her to turn Ludlow's boat into an airship. Through her help, the boat turned into the Brave Asagi and the three of them formed the Rising Volt Tacklers. Also, Friede decided to nickname his partner Captain Pikachu.

Later, the three of them met Mollie, Murdock, and his niece Dot (who eventually became a well known streamer known as Nidothing) and they all joined the Rising Volt Tacklers. During their adventures, the Rising Volt Tacklers had various Pokémon from all the different regions settle in with them when they decided to make the Brave Asagi their home. One day, Friede was contacted by Lucca as she asked him to bring her daughter Liko, who was attending the Indigo Academy in the Kanto region, to Paldea and protect her during the journey there.

Pokémon Horizons: The Series

Friede facing the Explorers for the first time

The Rising Volt Tacklers debuted in HZ001. They first appeared looking for Liko at the Indigo Academy, as they failed to find her because all the students were wearing the same uniforms. Despite this, they decided to try again in finding Liko during the school holidays with Friede going back to the Indigo Academy by himself in order to find her. When Liko clashed with the members of the Explorers, Friede appeared to help her. After nearly getting hit by Ceruledge's Psycho Cut, Liko and her Pokémon partner Sprigatito were protected by the power of her mysterious pendant.

In the following episode, Friede took Liko to the Rising Volt Tacklers's airship, where she had her first interaction with the rest of the group. Before Liko could ask more about them, the ship was intercepted by members of the Explorers and another battle between Friede and Amethio ensued. After Liko almost gave herself to the Explorers, her Sprigatito unleashed a Leafage strong enough to break the forcefield around Wing Deck, but got blown overboard in the process, allowing Amethio to capture it before fleeing with his group.

Liko joining the team

In HZ003, Friede revealed that Liko's mother hired the Rising Volt Tacklers to protect her. The group went to the city where the Explorers were last seen, and Murdock's Rockruff managed to smell Sprigatito's scent in Onia. Friede, Liko, and Rockruff chased her back to their temporary base, where Friede engaged Amethio again in a battle to allow for Liko and Rockruff to find where Sprigatito was held captive. After being reunited with her Pokémon, Liko decided to trust in the Rising Volt Tacklers and became part of the group, whose next destination was Paldea.

Roy joining the team

Throughout their journey to get Liko to Paldea, the Rising Volt Tacklers met a boy named Roy on an island in Kanto as he helped them repair their ship. Roy eventually decided to join the Rising Volt Tacklers on their adventures, after forming a bond with a Fuecoco that lived with them as it became his first Pokémon. The Rising Volt Tacklers helped Liko and Roy become better at Pokémon battles. In addition, Liko and Roy learned of the existence of Dot (who was hiding in her room from the rest of the crew and Liko and Roy up until that point) as they attempted to make friends with her.

In HZ009, the Rising Volt Tacklers arrived in Paldea. After Friede failed to reach Liko's mother, they decided to head over to her house as Alex, her father, was home. However, Liko overheard Alex talking to Friede, as he expressed how worried he was about her being on her own and expressed a desire for her to attend school in Paldea. Liko decided to head back to the ship for the night, but was not able to fall sleep. Through Orla and Mollie's advice and a drawing Dot made for her, Liko made up her mind as she left the ship to go back home to tell Alex her decision. Upon arriving home, Liko told her father that she wanted to continue traveling with the Rising Volt Tacklers and attend online classes at the Indigo Academy, which he understood and accepted her decision.

Following a led from Alex and Brassius about the Black Rayquaza, the Rising Volt Tacklers investigated Arboliva Forest where they met a giant Arboliva that had another Ancient Poké Ball and saw the damage that a forest fire caused to it. The Rising Volt Tacklers worked together to restore the forest and eventually witnessed Liko's pendant reveal an unknown Pokémon, which showed her and Roy a vision. After Arboliva decided to join them, Liko and Roy discovered that it and the Rayquaza belonged to the ancient adventurer named Lucius. Friede also found out about this through Lucca as she told him that she knew the legend thanks to her mother. Liko decided to meet with her grandmother in Galar to learn more about her pendant.

Roy, Liko, and Dot batting the Explorers

However, before they could set off for Galar, they were ambushed by Spinel of the Explorers who was able to steal Liko's pedant by using his Beheeyem to put her in a trance and lose her memory. While most of the crew was searching for Liko, Dot had some help in steamer and Levincia's Gym Leader Iono in finding her. Dot decided to leave the airship in order to find Liko, causing Roy to finally meet her in person. Meanwhile, Liko was able to recover her memory and met up with Roy and Dot, meeting the latter for the first time. After reuniting with Friede, Liko realized that her pendant was stolen, so the Rising Volt Tacklers made a plan to get it back from Spinel. Dot officially became a Pokémon Trainer with the Quaxly that have been living with the Rising Volt Tacklers as her first Pokémon. After they managed to get Liko's pendant back from Spinel, the Rising Volt Tacklers set off for the Galar region.

During their journey to Galar, the younger members became curious as to how Captain Pikachu was able to fly during a battle against Roy's Fuecoco and Wattrel. After falling to get an answer from Friede, Liko, Roy, and Dot asked the rest of the members, but no luck. However, their question did get the rest of the members curious as well, who turned to Friede for answers. Although he was reluctant to answer their question, Friede decided to tell them as to how he met Captain Pikachu and the formation of the Rising Volt Tacklers. In HZ019, the Rising Volt Tacklers arrived in Galar. They decided that their first stop was at Motostoke before heading to Hammerlocke by train.

However, after hearing from Kabu that he saw the Black Rayquaza flying to the west of Motostoke, they decided to take a detour to the Galar Mine. Here, Liko, Roy, and Friede encountered the Explorers again and they battle them. However, a Galarian Moltres that had an Ancient Poké Ball arrived and attack them, which led Captain Pikachu in getting injured. Fortunately, Liko and Roy managed to bring in Captain Pikachu out of the mine while Friede continued his battle against Amethio. After recovering at the Motostoke's Pokémon Center, Liko and Roy reunited with Friede and the three of them decided to confront Moltres again in order to calm it down. Through their teamwork, they were able to do it. After Terapagos reappeared, they saw a vision and Moltres decided to join them, returning to its Ancient Poké Ball. However, Terapagos didn't return to its pedant form, as Liko's Hatenna sensed its presence and revealed it to her Trainer. Friede hid Terapagos while he, Liko, and Roy decided to take it to the Brave Asagi.


Member Team position
Friede is the commander, leader, and founder of the Rising Volt Tacklers.
Captain Pikachu
Captain Pikachu
Captain Pikachu is Friede's Pokémon partner. He is responsible for the navigation of the Brave Asagi when Friede is not present.
Orla is the engineer of the Brave Asagi and is responsible for the engine room. She also appears to be the team's second-in-command and one of the founding members.
Ludlow is a fishing expert and is responsible for watching the ship whenever the rest of the members are absent. He is also a founding member of the team.
Mollie is a healing specialist and is responsible for the ship's infirmary and the health of the members and Pokémon of the Rising Volt Tacklers.
Murdock is a skilled chef who is responsible for feeding the team.
Dot is responsible for the technology part of Brave Asagi and was the creator of most of the software used by the team members. She is also Murdock's niece.
Liko is responsible for taking care of the airship's observatory as she is the lookout. She also helps take care of the Pokémon who live on the Brave Asagi and does various chores around the ship.
Roy is responsible for hoisting the Rising Volt Tacklers flag.



  • Members of the Rising Volt Tacklers have an app installed in their Rotom Phone as proof of joining. The app was developed by Dot.
Rising Volt Tacklers App.png


Main article: Brave Asagi
  • The Brave Asagi is the base of operations of the Rising Volt Tacklers, which also acts as both the group's airship and living quarters.
Brave Asagi
Brave Olivine.png


Belonging to the crew


Friede Charizard.png
Friede Captain Pikachu.png
Captain Pikachu


Orla Metagross.png
Metang → Metagross
Orla Elekid.png


Ludlow Quagsire.png


Mollie Chansey.png


Murdock Rockruff.png
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Dot Quaxly.png


Liko Sprigatito.png
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Roy Fuecoco.png
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On the Brave Asagi

Rising Volt Tacklers's Pawmi
Pawmi is one of the Rising Volt Tacklers' known Pokémon.

None of Pawmi's moves are known.

Debut HZ002
Voice actors
Japanese Yoshino Aoyama
Rising Volt Tacklers's Shuckle
Shuckle is one of the Rising Volt Tacklers' known Pokémon. It is used to create juice for the crew to drink.

None of Shuckle's moves are known.

Debut HZ002
Rising Volt Tacklers's Snorunt
Snorunt is one of the Rising Volt Tacklers' known Pokémon.

None of Snorunt's moves are known.

Debut HZ002
Rising Volt Tacklers's Noctowl
Noctowl is one of the Rising Volt Tacklers' known Pokémon. It serves as lookout on the Brave Asagi.

None of Noctowl's moves are known.

Debut HZ002
Rising Volt Tacklers's Carkol
Carkol is one of the Rising Volt Tacklers' known Pokémon. It is used to generate energy for the Brave Asagi. It also helps dry any clothes that are wet whenever any of the members could't do it outside.

None of Carkol's moves are known.

Debut HZ002
Rising Volt Tacklers's Slugma
Slugma is one of the Rising Volt Tacklers' known Pokémon. It is used to generate energy for the Brave Asagi.

None of Slugma's moves are known.

Debut HZ002
Voice actors
Japanese Kohsuke Tanabe
Rising Volt Tacklers's Muk
Muk is one of the Rising Volt Tacklers' known Pokémon. It disposes of the airship's trash by consuming it.

None of Muk's moves are known.

Debut HZ002
Rising Volt Tacklers's Nosepass
Nosepass is one of the Rising Volt Tacklers' known Pokémon. It helps with navigating by acting as the airship's compass.

None of Nosepass's moves are known.

Debut HZ002

Previously wild

RVT Fuecoco.png
RVT Quaxly.png


Rising Volt Tacklers.png
Official artwork from Pokémon Horizons: The Series[1]


Language Title
The Netherlands Flag.png Dutch De Stijgende Volt-Tackers
France Flag.png French Électacleurs Volants
Germany Flag.png German Volttackle-Aeronauten
Italy Flag.png Italian Locomonauti
Poland Flag.png Polish Wojownicy Elektroakcji
Portuguese Brazil Flag.png Brazil Trovonautas
Portugal Flag.png Portugal Investida Elétrica Ascendente
Spanish CELAC Flag.png Latin America Tacleada de Voltionautas
Spain Flag.png Spain Aeronautas del Placaje Eléctrico


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