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[[Category:Pokémon Get da ze! characters]]

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Rin and Ran

Rin (Japanese: リン Rin) and Ran (Japanese: ラン Ran) are twin girls from Pokémon Get da ze! who steal Shū's Pikachu. Rin is very cute and young-looking while Ran is more mature-looking. Rin uses cute Pokémon she puts in bows and dresses, and does the same to Pikachu. She's afraid of ugly Pokémon. Ran, meanwhile, uses fierce-looking Pokémon.

Shū later captures a Parasect for them to help make medicine for their sick father.



Rin's Eevee, Clefairy and Jigglypuff
Eevee, Clefairy and Jigglypuff
Rin owns Eevee, Clefairy and Jigglypuff as part of her cute Pokémon collection.
Debut Twin Trainers, Rin & Ran


Ran's Arbok
Ran owns this Arbok as it represents her personality.
Debut Twin Trainers, Rin & Ran
Ran's Fearow
Ran is seen with Fearow.
Debut Twin Trainers, Rin & Ran
Ran's Scyther
Ran is briefly seen with Scyther.
Debut Twin Trainers, Rin & Ran
Ran's Parasect
Shū gave Ran a Parasect in order to take care of her sick father.
Debut Shū - Parasect: 1-0

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