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#REDIRECT [[Soran and Riku]]
[[File:Soran Riiku.png|thumb|250px|Soran (left) and Riku (right)]]
(Japanese: '''リーク''' ''Rīku'') is one of the [[characters of the day]] that appeared in ''[[BW099|A Surface to Air Tag Battle Team!]]'', the other being [[Soran]], his older brother.
When {{Ash}}, {{an|Iris}} and {{an|Cilan}} were walking through the countryside, they were suddenly confronted by a {{p|Drilbur}} and a {{p|Braviary}}. These were soon revealed to be owned by Riku and Soran, who revealed themselves from their hiding place. They challenged {{Ash}} and {{ashfr}} to a tag battle, and after that introduced themselves, saying they are the number one siblings in the world. Soran even went as far as saying he and his brother had defeated Subway Bosses [[Emmet]] and [[Ingo]] in a tag battle, which was however quickly revealed to be false by Riku.
Riku and Soran were excited to hear Cilan is a [[Gym Leader]] and so they wanted to battle against him and Ash. While Riku and Soran chose Drilbur and Braviary to battle, Ash and Cilan decided to go with {{AP|Unfezant}} and {{TP|Cilan|Pansage}}. At first, Ash and Cilan were surprised by the unique combinations of the brothers, but after taking some hits, they countered with their own combinations and eventually won. This loss made the brothers upset, and they started to blame it on each other. Cilan quickly offered his help however, and analyzed the Pokémon of the siblings. He came to the conclusion that the brothers needed to catch a {{type|Water}} Pokémon to battle perfectly, because then they would have full coverage over land, sky and water.
Cilan and the brothers went fishing and they quickly came across a male and a female {{p|Frillish}}. They wanted to catch them, but the brothers started arguing again on what combination to use to attack the Frillish. This made the Frillish attack first and escape. Shortly after that, a {{p|Buizel}} and {{p|Corphish}} appeared. This time, the brothers worked together perfectly, even deciding who would catch which Pokémon. Riku managed to catch Corphish, while Soran succeeded in catching Buizel. They sincerely thanked Cilan for his help and after that said goodbye to him, Ash and Iris.
|img=Riiku Drilbur.png
|epname=A Surface to Air Tag Battle Team!
|vajp=Kiyotaka Furushima
<!--|vaen=Tom Wayland-->
|desc={{p|Drilbur}} first appeared digging from the underground towards {{Ash}} and {{ashfr}}. Riku introduced it as the "Earth Warrior". It then battled in a tag battle against {{AP|Unfezant}} and {{TP|Cilan|Pansage}}. Together with [[Soran]]'s {{p|Braviary}}, it made unique combinations, such as "Drill Wing" (a combination of {{m|Drill Run}} and {{m|Wing Attack}}), "Hole Bird" (a combination of {{m|Dig}} and {{m|Brave Bird}}), "Aerial Claw" (a combination of {{m|Aerial Ace}} and {{m|Metal Claw}}), and "Random Rock" (a combination of {{m|Fury Attack}} and {{m|Rock Slide}}). Unfezant and Pansage countered with their own combinations however and so it and Braviary lost.
Later it battled against two {{p|Frillish}} in an attempt by Riku and Soran to catch them, but due to the brothers arguing, the Frillish attacked Drilbur and Braviary and fled. Shortly after that it battled a {{p|Corphish}} and a {{p|Buizel}} and this time their Trainers succeeded in catching the Pokémon.
Drilbur's known moves are {{m|Dig}}, {{m|Drill Run}}, {{m|Metal Claw}} and {{m|Rock Slide}}.}}
|img=Riiku Soran Corphish Buizel.png
|epname=A Surface to Air Tag Battle Team!
|vajp=Shin'ichirō Miki
<!--|vaen=Bill Rogers-->
|desc=Riku caught this {{p|Corphish}} after Cilan advised him and Soran to catch a {{type|Water}}. After it was caught, Riku immediately came up with a unique combination with Corphish and Drilbur, "Drill Beam" (a combination of {{m|Drill Run}} and {{m|BubbleBeam}}).
Corphish's only known move is {{m|BubbleBeam}}.}}
{{vatable|color={{normal color}}|bordercolor={{normal color light}}
|ja=愛河里花子 ''[[Rikako Aikawa]]''
* His Japanese name comes from 陸 ''riku'' (land).
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