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A Ribbon Cup of the Kanto region
A Ribbon Cup of the Hoenn region

The Ribbon Cup (Japanese: リボンカップ Ribbon Cup) is a cup made of pure gold and the award given to the winner of a Grand Festival.

In order to compete for the cup, a Pokémon Coordinator must win five Contest Ribbons in a region and sign up for that region's Grand Festival. The winner of the entire competition will be given a Ribbon Cup, as well as the title of Top Coordinator.

In The Ribbon Cup Caper, Brodie, a former member of Team Magma, stole the Hoenn Ribbon Cup so he could sell it and make some money. However, after being confronted by Ash, his friends, Mr. Contesta and Officer Jenny, Brodie gave it up, allowing the Hoenn Grand Festival to go on as planned.

Ribbon Cup winners


In other languages

Language Title
Finland Flag.png Finnish Nauhapokaali
France Flag.png European French Coupe du Ruban
Germany Flag.png German Bänder-Cup
Italy Flag.png Italian Coppa del Fiocco
Poland Flag.png Polish Pucharem Pokazów
Brazil Flag.png Brazilian Portuguese Taça da Fita
Spanish CELAC Flag.png Latin America Copa Listón
Spain Flag.png Spain Copa Cinta

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