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For the Ribbons in the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon series, see Sun Ribbon and Lunar Ribbon.

A Ribbon (Japanese: リボン Ribbon) is a special item that can be awarded to a Pokémon for a variety of reasons. Ribbons stay on a Pokémon permanently even across generations and can be checked in different ways depending on the game version.

In the games

File:Pokenav ribbons.png
PokéNav's Ribbons screen in Generation III
Summary's Ribbons screen in Generation IV

Ribbons were introduced in Generation III, where they primarily serve as rewards for competing in Pokémon Contests, though certain Ribbons are obtainable by defeating the Elite Four or from special events, among others. They are viewable from the PokéNav in Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald. While in Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen they aren't visible, their data is still kept, and the correct Ribbons appear on a Pokémon if transferred to the Hoenn games or those from the following generations.

In Generation IV, more Ribbons were introduced, where they are viewable in the Pokémon's summary screen. While primarily obtained in Pokémon Super Contests, Ribbons could still be obtained in a variety of ways.

In Generation V, Ribbons are kept, and though they aren't obtainable anywhere in-game, they can still be seen in the summary screen if obtained in Generation IV or from an event, which are the only ways allowed to obtain Ribbons. Pokémon Black and White introduced a few new Ribbons as well as a categorization scheme, separating them as League, Contest, Tower, Memorial, and Gift Ribbons.

In Generation VI, it's possible once again to obtain Ribbons. This time, apart from the most common Generation IV Ribbons, the player can obtain them from Super Training, Pokémon-Amie and the Battle Maison.

League Ribbons

See also: List of League Ribbons

League Ribbons (Japanese: リーグリボン League Ribbons) are awarded to every Pokémon in the player's current party when he or she defeats the Elite Four in Generation III, Generation IV and Generation VI. There are four distinct League Ribbons, making this category have the least amount of Ribbons.

Contest Ribbons

See also: List of Contest Ribbons

Contest Ribbons (Japanese: コンテストリボン Contest Ribbons) are awarded to the winning Pokémon in any of Hoenn's Contests and Sinnoh's Super Contests. A different Ribbon is awarded for winning in each of the four ranks of the five different categories (Coolness, Beauty, Cuteness, Smartness, and Toughness), making a total of 20 Ribbons in each type of Contest. As those awarded in Contests and Super Contests are considered separate, there are a total of 40 Contest-related Ribbons obtainable in the games, making this category have the larger amount of Ribbons.

In Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire, the Normal Rank Ribbons for all five Hoenn Contests can be obtained at the Verdanturf Town Contest Hall while the Super Rank Ribbons are at Fallarbor Town. The Hyper Rank Ribbons are obtained in Slateport City, and the Master Rank Ribbons are at Lilycove City. In Emerald, all are obtained at Lilycove City.

In Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum, all twenty Ribbons for the four ranks of Super Contest (Normal, Great, Ultra, and Master) are obtained at the Hearthome City Contest Hall.

In Generation VI, five new Contest Ribbons were introduced, representing a Master Rank victory in Contest Spectaculars for each of the five Contest categories. In addition, the Contest Memory Ribbons were added, which represent all the Ribbons obtained in Contests and Super Contests in past generations. The Contest Star Ribbon was also introduced, which represents a Master Rank victory in all of the categories.

Contest Ribbons are the only type of Ribbons found in the games to be featured in the anime.

Tower Ribbons

See also: List of Tower Ribbons

Tower Ribbons (Japanese: タワーリボン Tower Ribbons) are awarded to Pokémon used to complete certain challenges in any of Hoenn's, Sinnoh's, or Johto's Battle Towers. There are a total of eight Tower Ribbons.

There are two Ribbons from the Battle Tower found in Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald. They are awarded for clearing the Level 50 Battle Tower and the Level 100 Battle Tower in Ruby and Sapphire, or Open Level Battle Tower in Emerald. Ribbons are awarded to party Pokémon upon completion of the eighth consecutive Battle Tower challenge (defeating 56 Trainers in a row) and each challenge thereafter if a Pokémon does not already have a Ribbon. Defeating fifty Trainers in a row but losing before 56 does not award any Ribbons.

In Generation IV, two new Ribbons replace the two given out in Hoenn, though they serve the same purpose. Four additional Ribbons are given out after winning fifty times in the Double Battles, in Multi Battles against the CPU, in Multi Battles with someone, or reaching Rank 5 in the Wi-Fi mode.

In Generation VI, two new Tower Ribbons were introduced in the form of the Battle Memory Ribbons, which represents all the Ribbons obtained in Battle Towers in past generations.

Memorial Ribbons

See also: List of Memorial Ribbons

Memorial Ribbons (Japanese: メモリーリボン Memory Ribbons) are normally given after fulfilling an in-game accomplishment. The first Pokémon in the player's party is usually the one to obtain this type of Ribbon, although some Ribbons are rewarded to all the members of the player's party. There are a total of fifteen Memorial Ribbons.

Gift Ribbons

See also: List of Gift Ribbons

Gift Ribbons (Japanese: プレゼントリボン Present Ribbons) are normally found already with Pokémon given to the player, such as event Pokémon. Unlike most other Ribbons, Gift Ribbons are not simply given to a Pokémon already under the player's ownership.

There are "Pokémon Event" and "Pokémon Festival" Ribbons which have been distributed at Pokémon events and festivals. The description of these Ribbons may be "A commemorative Ribbon obtained at a mystery location." if the player has yet to obtain a Pokémon with one of these Ribbons themselves from an event—only obtaining a Pokémon with one from a trade.

Gift Ribbons available after Generation III normally prohibit Pokémon with them from being traded in the Global Terminal.

Other Ribbons

See also: List of other Ribbons

Many Ribbons were made available as prizes from tournaments, among many events, in Generation III and only in that generation; they could not be transferred to other generations.

On the other hand, six Ribbons available in Generation III and IV data have no longer been made available in Generation V.

Tournament Ribbons

Some of these Ribbons may have been awarded to players who won tournaments at Pokémon events in Japan. Other Ribbons were never handed out.

There are Ribbons for Regional, National, and Global tournaments for 2003, 2004, and 2005. Each has a Champion Ribbon, a Runner-Up Ribbon, and a Semifinalist Ribbon.

Additional Ribbons are:

  • Pokémon Battle Cup Participation Ribbon
  • Pokémon League Advance Cup
  • Pokémon Tournament Participation Ribbon

Pokémon Center Ribbons

There are Ribbons for the Pokémon Centers in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, and New York. These Ribbons were never handed out, but are present in the game code.

Holiday Ribbons

  • Summer Holidays Ribbon
  • Winter Holidays Ribbon
  • Spring Holidays Ribbon
  • Evergreen Ribbon
  • Special Holiday Ribbon

Tower Ribbons

  • Darkness Tower Clear
  • Red Tower Clear
  • Blackiron Tower Clear
  • Final Tower Clear

In the anime

Ash and May holding the Terracotta Ribbon

In the Pokémon anime, Ribbons are not attached to individual Pokémon like in the games. Instead, they can be compared to Badges earned at Gyms. They are considered proof that a Pokémon Coordinator has won a particular Contest. In contrast with Badges, Coordinators only get a single chance of earning a particular Ribbon in a certain Contest within a specific time period. They also must compete with other Coordinators to earn it.

Once a Coordinator earns five Ribbons, they are able to enter and compete in the Grand Festival, the Contest equivalent of the Pokémon League Conference. Ribbons also do not expire, and multiple years can be used to collect the five needed for the Grand Festival. However, after being used to enter the competition, the five Ribbons cannot be used again. In addition, Ribbons can only be used in the Grand Festival of the region where they are earned, with the exception of some.

The following is a list of known Ribbons from the regions of Kanto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh. There are also Ribbons for the Johto region, although the locations where they are obtained are unknown.

Harley's Kanto Ribbons
May's Johto Ribbons
Drew's Hoenn Ribbons
Dawn's Sinnoh Ribbons
Dawn's dream Ribbons from Malice In Wonderland!

Kanto Ribbons

Hoenn Ribbons

Sinnoh Ribbons

Other Ribbons

Aqua Ribbon

The Aqua Ribbon (Japanese: アクアリボン Aqua Ribbon) is the prize given to the winner of the Wallace Cup. It can be used for entering the Grand Festival in any region, not merely that of the region it is won in.

Terracotta Ribbon

The Terracotta Ribbon is a commemorative Ribbon awarded to the winner of the unofficial Pokémon Contest held annually in Terracotta Town. It cannot be used to enter the Grand Festival.


Rustboro Ribbon Saffron Ribbon Mulberry Ribbon Terracotta Ribbon
Rustboro Ribbon.png Saffron Ribbon.png Mulberry Ribbon.png Terracotta Ribbon.png
Jubilife Ribbon Solaceon Ribbon Celestic Ribbon Chocovine Ribbon
Jubilife Ribbon.png Solaceon Ribbon.png Celestic Ribbon.png Chocovine Ribbon.png
Sandalstraw Ribbon Brussel Ribbon Daybreak Ribbon Arrowroot Ribbon
150px Brussel Ribbon.png Daybreak Ribbon.png Arrowroot Ribbon.png

In other languages

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Italy Flag.png Italian Fiocchi
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