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==Voice actors==
==Voice actors==
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{{vatable|color={{normal color}}|bordercolor={{normal color light}}
|ja=''[[Satomi Kōrogi]]''
|ja=こおろぎさとみ ''[[Satomi Kōrogi]]''
|en=[[Tara Jayne]]}}
|en=[[Tara Jayne]]
|es_eu=Adelaida López}}
{{Project COD notice}}
{{Project COD notice}}

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The reporter

A reporter from PXTV is the character of the day of the anime who appeared in Shell Shock!.

The reporter along with her cameraman followed Nurse Joy's exhibition crew to a remote island in order to capture the discovery of Kabuto Fossils on film. She dreamed of winning an award for her work on reporting the story.

The only thing that she seemed to care about was getting ratings. She was completely oblivious to the warnings that Umberto gave about disturbing the Kabuto Fossils. When some of the Kabuto came to life, they latched on to the camera and destroyed it.

By the end of the episode she realized that it was best that no one found out about the Kabuto Fossils.

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese こおろぎさとみ Satomi Kōrogi
English Tara Jayne
European Spanish Adelaida López

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