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レンド Rend
Gender Male
Hometown Chabio Town
Region Unknown

Rend (Japanese: レンド) is a character in the Pokémon RéBURST manga. He is an old friend of Ryouga's father, Garyuu, and fought alongside him in the past.


Rend is a somewhat goofy man who even when he's being serious can start laughing with little provocation. He seems to be well respected in his village as seen when the villagers refer to him as "Doctor" or "Teacher."

Despite his goofy nature, Rend is apparently knowledgeable about Burst and its mechanics and knows how to actually send a person inside of one.


Rend first appears in his village where he stops one of the residents from beating up Yappy. After Yappy is put down, the Compass of Light he is holding reacts to Rend, revealing him to be a Burst Heart owner. Yappy decides to follow the man but he is easily spotted by Rend who activates his Burst form, a Boldore, and attacks him.

Yappy is found by Ryouga, who is angry at him for stealing the Compass and after attacking him, goes to battle against Rend. Rend overwhelms Ryouga with his powerful defense and deals a powerful blow to Ryouga, defeating him. Rend then reveals that he knew Ryouga's father, Garyuu, and offers to train Ryouga in controlling his Burst.

Later, at his house, Rend wakes up a sleeping Ryouga, Miruto, and Yappy and starts Ryouga's training. In order to have Ryouga better connect with his Zekrom, Rend knocks Ryouga out in order to send him into his Burst Heart. While Ryouga explores in his Burst Heart, Rend reveals to Miruto and Yappy that he and Garyuu had fought Great Gavel in the past.


On hand

Rend's Boldore
Boldore is Rend's only known Pokémon. Rend uses Boldore to Burst, allowing him to use the abilities that Boldore has.
Debut RB13


As a user of Burst, Rend can use many of the abilities of the Pokémon he combines with, his Boldore. With the power of Boldore, he can easily take a hit with stride and attack like nothing had happened. Though his defense is great, it can be broken if the attack he takes is powerful enough.

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