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{{samename|character based off of the {{2v2|FireRed|LeafGreen}} male protagonist|Red (Ruby-Sapphire)}}
{{samename|character based off of the {{2v2|FireRed|LeafGreen}} male protagonist|Red (Ruby-Sapphire)}}

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If you were looking for the character based off of the FireRed and LeafGreen male protagonist, see Red (Ruby-Sapphire).
レッド Red
Red PM.png
Red in Pokémon Pocket Monsters
Gender Male
Eye color Green
Hair color Black
Hometown Pallet Town
Region Kanto
Anime cameos Lights, Camerupt, Action!

Red (Japanese: レッド Red) is the protagonist of the Pokémon Pocket Monsters manga. He is based on Red from the original Pokémon Red and Green. His full name is Isamu Akai (Japanese: 赤井 勇 Isamu Akai), which contains the Japanese word for "red" ( aka).

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In the manga


PM series

Red in his army outfit

Red is a young Trainer from Pallet Town who is on his way to see Professor Oak in order for him to begin his Pokémon Journey. He bumps into someone who he immediately recognizes as Green and Green immediately recognizes him as well. It turns out that both of them are Trainers who are about to begin their journey. They end up becoming rivals and race to Professor Oak's lab. On his way to the lab, Red encounters a giant Nidoran♂ who warns him to watch out for them as they are monsters. The male Nidoran breathes fire on Red when Red laughed at the advice. Red then encounters a violent male Clefairy and together they defeat the giant Nidoran♂ by accident. Red heads to the lab with Clefairy following him only to find out that Green got there first. After Green chose his Pokémon, Red noticed that Clefairy followed him to the laboratory. He chooses to travel with the Clefairy because he finds his antics amusing. Red is then given a Pokédex from Professor Oak and is sent on a quest to find out more about Pokémon.

Later, he goes with Clefairy to Viridian Forest in order to accomplish his goal. Both of them get hungry in the middle and Red runs off to get him and Clefairy some coconuts. Red and Clefairy finish their coconuts and continue their journey. They encounter a Mewtwo along with various wild Pokémon there in different appearances, such as the three-eyed Persian, who end up laughing at the young Trainer. Red battles Mewtwo using Clefairy but Clefairy attacked an unknown Bug-type, in the form of a Diglett, instead of Mewtwo. As the creature was weakened, Red throws a Poké Ball at it and catches it. With the creature caught, Red targets Mewtwo as his next capture and gets determined to capture it. Due to his inexperience with catching Pokémon, Red just throws a bunch of Poké Balls which all bounce off of Mewtwo. Red then uses Clefairy to battle it but it was easily able to defeat Clefairy by kicking him off a cliff. Red runs off to the Pokémon Center, promising revenge with the forest Pokémon. Red met up with Green briefly while Clefairy was put inside a healing tank. Both Trainers compare their amount of captures to each other with Green being the victor. During Clefairy's operation, Red's Poké Ball containing the unknown Bug-type drops as the treatment got disrupted earlier. The unknown Bug-type gets released with Red chasing after it.

Red arrives in Pewter City and does some sightseeing, and stops by an ice cream shop to tell Clefairy about a way to get stronger. Clefairy got excited about this and followed Red to the Pewter Gym. Outside the Gym, Red noticed that Green was easily beaten. Red and Clefairy meet Brock who tells them that they'll be an easy challenge and heads inside the Gym. Red goes inside and tours around Brock's collection. During the Gym Battle, Red used Clefairy against Brock's Onix when Clefairy noticed his cousin trapped. Red won when Clefairy drew a picture of himself on Onix's tail and then smashes a falling pillar on it. Red is rewarded the Boulder Badge and the Pikachu from Brock's collection which was Clefairy's cousin that was trapped. Pikachu was willing to join Red on his adventures and zaps him, which did not make Red happy.

After the Gym battle, Red camps out and learns of a Moon Stone from Clefairy in order to properly evolve him. Red goes to Mt. Moon to get one and bumps into a Snorlax who tells him and his Pokémon that Misty has one of them. The group go to their next destination, Cerulean City, where they meet Misty who was the Gym Leader at the Cerulean Gym. Red battles her using his Clefairy and manages to defeat her Blastoise. With the battle won, Misty gives him the Moon Stone but a Mew flies off with it. Red and Green, who wanted to find Mew, go on the search for it, with Misty staying behind. Red and Green arrive at an abandoned water mill. Inside, Red and the others notice a secret room that Pikachu found hidden under the floorboards which contained a hidden laboratory. A man in the form of a leopard named Bill appears and introduces himself to Red and the gang. Bill's wife, who was the Mew and the one responsible for taking the Moon Stone explains to them about how one of the experiments caused them to be that way forever. Red and the group watch Bill and his wife change back into humans thanks to the Moon Stone and one of the machines. However, Bill's human appearance was too hideous for Red and Green so they ran away from him and the lab with their Pokémon.

Red's appearance in Pokémon Ruby-Sapphire

Red goes inside Diglett's Cave after a rice ball of his fell and rolled inside. This took him to Vermilion City. Inside, Red meets up with Green has a talk with Professor Oak about his progress via computer. He leaves the Pokémon Center and notices the S.S. Anne and a bunch of Water-type Pokémon. Instead of riding on the Water-type Pokémon, he goes fishing. During fishing, Lt. Surge appeared from the S.S. Anne and made a speech. Due to Lt. Surge being a Gym Leader, Red goes on board and gets prepared for a battle with him. He uses both Clefairy and Pikachu to take on his Voltorb/Electrode and wins. After the battle, the S.S. Anne gets destroyed when Clefairy sent Lt. Surge's Electrode in the ship's cannons.

Red and his Pokémon arrived in Lavender Town where it was raining. They kept running until they arrived in a mansion. Inside, the mansion had some burial grounds which Red did not want Clefairy to touch. They stumble across a Gastly that had special powers which were used to lift Clefairy in the air. With the Gastly warded away, two people who are the parents of a Trainer named Blue arrive. The father tells them a joke which temporarily makes the group laugh. Deep in the mansion, Red meets Blue, a Trainer who lives there. Red explains to Blue about the storm while looking at the blue item collection. When Clefairy destroyed his collection, Blue was consumed of hatred towards Red and became his rival. Blue then has a battle with Red. During the battle, Blue uses the Silph Scope in order to identify Gengar's movements. Clefairy notices it and takes it away from him. Red now has the upper hand. After the battle, Red tries to cheer him up but gets chased out by Blue.

Red goes to a department store where he witnessed a robbery led by a Machoke. The Machoke evolves into a Machamp and Red tries catching it and was successful after many throws. He goes hitchhiking and gets run over by a truck after getting blinded by Pikachu's electricity. Red and his Pokémon arrive in Celadon City and go in the Celadon Game Corner. He met up with Green and pulled off a win in the slots when his Pikachu pulled off a win. Red played many more games with Pikachu winning them all. Due to their large amount of winnings, Red stayed over in a mansion. As this attracted the attention of the manager, Giovanni, who was also the Team Rocket boss, his Hitmonlee snatched Pikachu while Red and Clefairy were playing outside in the backyard. Red noticed this immediately and goes after Hitmonlee as he refused to give back Pikachu to Red. Red and Clefairy get lured into a trap, a wrestling ring. In the location, Red motivates Clefairy to win to get Pikachu back. During the match, Red was able to get Pikachu while Clefairy was fighting Hitmonlee. After stopping Giovanni, Red then confesses to his Pokémon about his winnings which made the Pokémon chase after him for blowing up the savings.

In a jungle, Red crosses the river and his boat gets burned by Green's Charmander. He retreats to an island of Grass-type Pokémon. On the island, he goes inside a building that turned out to be flat on the inside. Afterwards, he builds a boat but was unsuccessful. Red goes inside a house standing ontop a tree trunk to sleep over but Venusaur who was inside the plant kicks them out. Erika shows up and is introduced to Red. Red battles Erika's Venusaur and beats her. Erika stayed with Red, seeing how strong he is. She explained to him that her father, the Silph Co. president, was taken hostage by Giovanni. Red and Erika get off the island and head back to the mainland. They go inside a limousine and head to Silph Co. in order for Erika to rescue her father. The four hide inside Venusaur when some Team Rocket Grunts come by but the group was exposed after Clefairy passed gas. They were able to avoid the grunts and climb up the building. The group get inside and Giovanni shows up with Erika's father. After Clefairy defeated Giovanni's Hitmonchan, Red witnessed him create multiple copies of Porygon with a device that Silph made. The Porygon were impossible to beat as there was too many copies of them to deal with. Pikachu finds the weakness to the device and shocks it, which resulted it in getting destroyed.

Red in Pocket Monsters DP

Red is given a Master Ball from Professor Oak, who tells him the story of Articuno. This led Red into going to the Seafoam Islands. Red meets up with Green after a fiery welcome from Charizard. When they arrived at the den, Articuno was very tough to deal with as it froze many opponents that faced it. With Green and Charmander frozen, it was up to Red. With the help of his Clefairy and Pikachu, Red manages to capture Articuno. Red leaves Seafoam Islands and arrives in the Kanto Safari Zone. He and his Pokémon have fun inside and then go out on their excursion where the Safari Zone Ranger gave them a tour around the Safari Zone. Red goes inside a vehicle that was recently rebuit by his Pokémon and saw a Nidoran♀ that attracted his attention. He threw some bait in order for the female Nidoran to come over but Clefairy touched the bait which made the Nidoran♀ flee. Red does the same for another one and threw a rock at her which caused the other one to flee. The group encountered a Tauros, in which Red catches him. The group arrive at a dead end which contained a secret laboratory. After Clefairy blew up the steel door, Red goes to the secret laboratory which had some ancient Pokémon. They are stopped by the Safari Zone Ranger and some park staff, and they release the ancient Pokémon. However, Red was safe when the Ranger's pill that made Pokémon grow giant landed in Clefairy's mouth, which resulted in the Safari Zone getting destroyed and Red was temporarily given a job to host Clefairy as a giant.

Red faced a challenge from Koga where he hired a Chansey torturer to kidnap the Chansey. The challenge was tough as Red had to go through his Grimer and Koffing. The Chansey manage to escape using their strength and Koga is defeated. Later, Red has a race with his rival, Blue, to the department store to get a flying machine. Unfortunately, Red dealt with two members of a motorcycle gang. Blue had his Blastoise trip them whereas Red did all of the work. As the duo kept Red busy, Blue managed to get the flying machine. Giovanni and his twin brother return to have revenge on Red. They plan on using Ditto to disguise itself as Red's Clefairy. However, in a food-eating contest, the plan did not work as Ditto got too full and reverted back to its original form. Red participated in many competitions such as, the No. 1 Pokémon contest, the sports meet, Baseball Tournament and a swimming race.

Red and his Pokémon hung out in a food place in Cinnabar Island and gets a call from Professor Oak. He tells the group to come see him in a museum. They arrived in the museum and Professor Oak gave them a tour around introduced them to his friend, who owns the Eevee that he used to have. During a battle between Eevee and Red's Pokémon, Red threw his Pokémon the necessary stone for them to evolve and fight Eevee and its evolutions. He watches in awe as Clefable, which evolved from Clefairy, defeated a Flareon. After the battle, both of Red's Pokémon returned to their original stages. Red meets with Blaine and challenges him to a Pokémon quiz. The quiz will have Blaine send out a Pokémon everytime Red gets it wrong. As Red got many answers to the quiz wrong, Blaine sent out many Pokémon. In the end of the quiz, his Clefairy battled Blaine's Arcanine which made them both stuck in cement. Later, Red was still traveling and noticed Green with his Charmander. He does a race with Red to a mansion. Green already went inside and Red did not go inside until a door to the mansion opened by itself. Inside the mansion, Clefairy unlocks a secret room hidden in a bookshelf and it took the group there. The mansion happened to be Giovanni's as he kidnapped Bill in order to finish the creation of Mewtwo and tied up Bill's wife, Green and his Charmander. Red tries to stop the creation from happening but Giovanni uses his Meowth to prevent them from interfering.

With the fiasco over, Red dresses up for the holiday spirit. During the holidays, he cheered up a depressed Cubone with the help of his Pokémon. He goes to a playground for Pokémon where it was run by the Pokémon Fan Club President of Kanto. Just then, Red had to deal with Giovanni, his Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan, and his Meowth. Red watched on as his Clefairy fought the Hitmons. With the Hitmons chased away, Red made a christmas tree for the Fan Club President since he was depressed as well as a cake, in which Meowth placed a Voltorb inside. After the Voltorb exploded, the Fan Club President chases Red and his Pokémon. Red goes to an amusement park which was also built by Giovanni. Inside, Giovanni immediately notices the trio and has his Pokémon try to get rid of them. Red goes on a ride which sent the trio far away and into a Blastoise, who blasts them through a rock pillar. Giovanni laughs at them for the pain but gets shocked too by Pikachu.

Red arrived in Professor Oak's house where he plays some games with Green, Blue and Giovanni while they celebrate the New Year. He plays with them some Japanese card games first. Later, he goes outside in order to play Japanese paddle ball. The final game was a race down the hill. With the race done, Red, Green, Blue, Giovanni and Professor Oak relax in a hot tub without Clefairy. After the New Year games, Red arrived in Viridian City and goes to the Pokémon League gate. He steps on a floor revolver and bumped into a Snorlax. Red notices a Machop and Machoke being given a hard time by Machamp. Red tries talking to it but Machamp punches Clefairy. Giovanni and his twin brother show up and Giovanni reveals to him that he is the final Gym Leader of the region. Red follows the two brothers inside. They go on a revolving floor which took them to a colosseum but Giovanni wanted Red to go to the house next to it. Inside, Red dealt with his Rhydon and Nidoking. Red managed to defeat them with Clefairy and Pikachu but as Clefairy dressed up as a Nidoqueen, it caused some problems as Nidoking ended up chasing him which destroyed the place.

Red in a Super Contest tuxedo

After getting all eight badges, Red has finally got through the Pokémon League gate. However, he could not get across an ocean until he noticed a guy with the boat. Both individuals manage to get on with their Pokémon. As Clefairy was reluctantly left behind, he swam to the boat and held on to a surfboard that Pikachu was riding. The boat moved faster when Clefairy was sent flying in the air and lifted it which sent Red and the others crashing on a rock, unharmed. Red has finally arrived in Victory Road. He goes inside with the help of a Machamp Clefairy gets. While inside, an elf-like character and his Kabutops battle Red. Before the battle can be finished, a Moltres appears. During the battle between Kabutops and Moltres, Red gets buried under the rubble of Victory Road when Clefairy destroyed it by using the rocks to stall Moltres.

Red goes to Indigo Plateau and inside, he gets congratulated by Professor Oak and his assistants for getting this far. Afterwards, he goes shopping inside and while paying the cashier, a number ball comes out and Red gets told which room he should go in first. Red entered room 1 and meets Lorelei who was under the guise as a teacher. The real battle began after Lorelei pulled off her disguise. After the battle, Lorelei congratulates Red for a good battle and when multiple Pikachu were thawing Clefairy out of the ice, it caused too many problems that a fire occurred and both Red and Lorelei run out of there screaming. Red then goes to a restaurant where his Clefairy tasted some food and did not like it. He was given a choice of doors to go through. He went inside one and meets Bruno who calls on him in order to do some training with him. Red meditated under a waterfall and inside a dojo with Bruno and his Hitmons. Bruno then goes on the offensive and battles with Red's Pokémon with Clefairy being able to outsmart them all and gets caught inside Onix's rocky body.

Red goes to the luxury liner where Agatha awaits their arrival since she was interested in Clefairy. Agatha befriends Red for a little bit in order to get to Clefairy. After stuffing Clefairy up, she finally goes for Clefairy and Red did not notice this until the luxury liner was filled with water. Unfortunately, the blood Agatha sucked out of Clefairy was not tasty and she threw it out of her mouth. The blood in the form of Clefairy grew big and sunk the luxury liner with Red getting upset at Clefairy. Going on shore, the trio have a campfire and its gets disrupted by a space shuttle. The astronaut inside was none other than Professor Oak who wants the group to go in outer space. Professor Oak sends then to a space shuttle and go off in outer space. Red and his Pokémon land in a planet where most of the buildings were destroyed and it was a mess. Only one building not like the others ones remains and Red goes there. Lance stands atop of that building and meets Red. After Clefairy fell off a ladder by being pushed off, Lance battles Red and while Red was able to defeat Gyarados and Aerodactyl rather easily, his Dragonite was proven to be very tough for him to handle. As a result, Red and his Pokémon retreat to their shuttle and become relieved once inside. However, Lance and Dragonite managed to get inside but Dragonite had trouble breathing. Clefairy opened the doors to get Lance and Dragonite to leave. Doing so forced some winds from space to get inside and Red and his Pokémon were holding on to the shuttle. As the shuttle landed on Earth rapidly, Red and the group, save for Lance and Dragonite, get caught in the debris of the shuttle.

Later, Red boards a plane to Giovanni's mansion in order to get 10 billion yen for Professor Oak. Red arrives and Green tags along. With the help of a Magnemite in the mansion, the two manage to get to the vault containing a large amount of money. However, they get caught by Giovanni, his twin brother and Team Rocket. Red asks Giovanni how they got caught and points out that it was Clefairy when he posed at the security camera. Red blamed Clefairy for this. During the ensuing fight between Clefairy and Giovanni's Hitmons, Pikachu opens the vault to the large amount of cash and Red and Green get inside. Giovanni and his twin brother trap them inside by closing the vault. Both Red and Green managed to escape when their Pokémon worked together to blow up the place.

Red crosses a desert and gets exhausted and dehydrated until Green and his Charizard show up. As Green refused to play the role of destroying a village, Red deals with Lance and Dragonite once more as they volunteered to play the role. Red was almost able to defeat Lance until Dragonite mentions that Lance was its savior. Red felt touched by this after Dragonite told the story about how they met. However, after Red found out that the whole thing was made up, he chased Lance and Dragonite as they both go to Lance's Dragonite's parents to reunite.

The group gets caught in the rain and a guy takes them to a mansion where they re-encounter an old foe from before that Giovanni and Bill created and then released, Mewtwo. Red witnesses Clefairy's DNA getting switched with a Rattata and Mewtwo. After his DNA got switched back, Red and his Pokémon ran away from the mansion. Red goes to a Pokémon Zoo built by Professor Oak where he takes care of the Pokémon there. His Clefairy was successful in entertaining the Pokémon. One night, Red breaks in the zoo to get the Pokémon out of there. He gets noticed by Professor Oak and Clefairy tripped on a hidden pipe which set the place ablaze as he was holding a torch.

Red in Pocket Monsters HGSS

Red goes to a fitness gym where unbeknownst to him at first, it was ran by Giovanni. After finding out his scheme where his Hitmons became fat, Red chases him for scamming him out of 100 billion. Red boards another plane to go to Hawaii. He goes on a vacation there on a beach and meets up with Green who competes with him a soccer match. Later, a Trainer who was very similar to Red decides to commit evil deeds in front of the town Red was entering in. As the real Red arrived, the whole town started to dislike him. The imposter Red reveals himself as Yellow and using their Pikachu, they battle. The battle was a draw when Clefairy called over some Blastoise and they formed a big wave which swallowed the group whole.

While Red went fishing, his Clefairy fishes a Squirtle who tells Red that he was bullied by Giovanni's Pokémon and wants to get tougher. Red watches on as Clefairy coached Squirtle and was proud of it when it knocked Clefairy in the air. Red arrived in Giovanni's mansion and Squirtle demands a battle with Giovanni. At first, Squirtle had the upper hand due to the training but when Hitmonlee made it cry, Squirtle's tears caused a flood in the mansion which caught Red in it. Red arrived in a town and heard the news about Team Rocket collecting many Voltorb. Red heads over to the launching center and witnesses Team Rocket putting in their Voltorb inside a missile. Red dresses up in an army outfit and boards a helicopter. He gets close to a truck containing the missile and shoots a missile at a bridge but it was too late as the truck already got to the other side of the bridge. Red has arrived in the launching site where Team Rocket has already prepared the missile to get launched. Red goes up to the missile and his Clefairy cutter the wire to disable the launch. The Voltorb are freed and the group gets recognized for stopping the destruction. As a Jynx sings on stage and panic occurs, Red gets hired to be Jynx's bodyguard. He finds the source of panic and notices nothing was there. However, Red gets a call from Giovanni that he will blow up the place using a bomb until he gets a lot of money. In the main room, Red notices a guy with a funny nose which comes off and reveals himself to be Giovanni. He deduced the fact that the bomb was hidden inside a piece of chicken. However, by the time they found it, the bomb exploded which destroyed the building they were in and sent them flying. In order to make up for the damage, Red forms his own band and puts in some songs in CDs, in which multiple copies are made.

Red returns to Cinnabar Island and reunites with Blaine. Blaine tells him about a tournament in the Pokémon Dome where the strongest Trainers await. Red is given a Meowth from Blaine and Clefairy calls over Arcanine, Primeape and Pidgey as Red's main pals could not handle the tournament on their own. Blaine wishes Red luck and Red runs off to the Pokémon Dome. In the dome, Red met up with his rivals and Blue shows him a tray of Poké Balls in order to put his Pokémon in to until their match began. Red puts the Pokémon inside their Poké Balls. His first opponent was Blue where he went up against his Raichu and Blastoise. After both of them got subdued, he sent out his trump card which was the gag Mewtwo. Red kept out Clefairy and after a battle of gags, Red came out on top. His next opponent was his main rival, Green. Both sides used six Pokémon and after they both got beaten, Green sent out his Onix and Misty gave Red her Togepi. Despite Togepi not knowing any physical moves, its tears flooded the whole battlefield and with Red as well. After the tournament, Red and Green go to Professor Oak's office. They go back in time and a Charizard chases the group. Red's prehistoric self saves them by throwing a rock at Charizard. He takes them to the ancient Pokémon and they have an ensuing battle with Kabutops taking Pikachu hostage. Since Professor Oak agrees to take them on his time machine, Pikachu was released. Afterwards, Red and the group go back to the present.

Later, Red is given a mission by Professor Oak to go to the islands to get the three orbs to awaken Lugia. Red goes with Green and Blue to the islands and they are stopped by the legendary birds. Red battles them and obtains their orbs each. As he was about to meet Lugia, Clefairy messes things up by breaking the orbs and summoning a Jynx instead of Lugia. Red, Green and Blue blame this on Clefairy and he dresses up as a Lugia in order to pretend that the summoning of Lugia was a success. Red returned to Pallet Town and was proud to be back home. At first, the town seemed empty when he returned and then cheering went on. The citizens show up and were proud of Red's accomplishments, especially Professor Oak. Professor Oak drives Red around while the citizens still cheered him on. Just when Red was getting comfortable, Giovanni appears on the television screens, informing the town of a missile launch that already happened. Red watches as Clefairy launches one of his own and becomes saddened when Clefairy gave up his own life to stop the firing of Team Rocket's missile. After both missiles exploded, Red becomes officially sad and walks home.

Red in Pocket Monsters BW

With Clefairy still gone, Red decides to go fishing and puffs up. He notices a motorcycle from the distance and it was none other then Clefairy. Red was happy to see him. He noticed that Clefairy carried a bag containing a Marill. Due to Marill being a new species, he ran to Johto to find out.


Red arrived in New Bark Town and goes inside the lab there. Professor Oak gets a visit from him and introduces him to Gold, Silver and Professor Elm. Red is given an upgraded Pokédex from Professor Oak and a Pokégear. Professor Elm then gives Red an Egg. He promises his two new friends, Gold and Silver, luck on their journeys as they set off. While journeying in Johto, Red gets a call from Professor Oak that a Chikorita was stolen and both wondered who would do such thing. Inside the house, Professor Oak plays the recording of the theft of Chikorita and Red deduces the fact that it wasn't Gold or Silver who stole the Chikorita. As Professor Elm came by, Red is shown an image of Clefairy being responsible even though Clefairy was innocent. Afterwards, Red and his Pokémon go searching for the missing Chikorita and find it in an alley. The mysterious Trainer also appears in the alley and reveals himself to Red as the one responsible for taking Chikorita. Red battles Chikorita since it was not willing to give up its Trainer. However, as Pikachu took it out with Thunderbolt, the mysterious Trainer reveals himself to be none other than Green and explains to Red the situation with Chikorita. After Green told the story, Chikorita allows Red to get it returned to Professor Oak's.

He and his Pokémon are running to the next town until they encounter a kid who was recently beaten by Silver. Red asks him how he lost to Silver and the kid shows Red his Donphan who would constantly sleep. Red goes up to the Donphan to get it to become less lazy. He and the kid go on it for a ride and they crash into a wall, and reunite with Silver and his Totodile. Upset at Silver for insulting Donphan's Trainer, Red battles him with Clefairy. Clefairy runs off and gets a go-cart made of Donphan which chase Silver and Totodile. Red takes out the Egg that Professor Elm gave him and Pikachu plays with it. Red takes it to the hot springs where it went washing away from the spa. Red and his Pokémon swim for it to get it back but the current was too quick. Luckily for them, Gold managed to get the Egg but he does not return to them right away since he doesn't think that they are good responsible owners. Red battles Gold for ownership of the Egg. Before the battle could finish, a Togepi gets hatched from the Egg and dances with Pikachu, showing that it wants to go with Red.

Red arrived in Violet City and went to the Pokémon academy there. After class, he battled a Sentret who belonged to Earl's assistant. As Red headed to the Violet Gym, a note on the door told him that the Gym Leader, Falkner, went to the Sprout Tower, so he goes there instead. Inside, he speaks to one of the Sages when he was meditating. One of the pillars in Sprout Tower shakes and Red was curious about it so the Sage told Red to go find out himself as the Sage was busy. Clefairy noticed a shadowy figure in Sprout Tower which was Falkner. Falkner battles Red using his Natu and even though Natu had some sneaky moves up its sleeve, it was beaten by Red's Clefairy, with Clefairy rounding up the Bellsprout. The Sage from before uses his powers to bring a giant Bellsprout to life. Red has his Pokémon attack the giant Bellsprout but it was no use. Red becomes hopeless when Clefairy ran off but became surprised after seeing the other Clefairy with him. After the Clefairy defeated the giant Bellsprout, the Sage throws Red the Zephyr Badge.

Red goes to the Ruins of Alph and a guard from there speaks to him. He wants Red to solve the puzzle and claims that he was not able to do so. As Pikachu was able to solve it, the guard pulls a switch and sends Red and his Pokémon inside the actual Ruins of Alph. Inside, he noticed that various Pokémon there were turned into fossils and Red was afraid that he would become fossilized too. He notices Green and they team up to leave the place. The guard from before shows up and wants Red to stay and have fun. He battles the Unown as they were forming words to mock him and then Green used his Charizard to do the same. The group made their escape when Clefairy hammered one of the pillars but were upset at him for ruining the fun. In Azalea Town, Red meets the Charcoal maker who gives them an onion. He then recommends Red to go to the Azalea Gym. Red walks over to the Azalea Gym while the Charcoal maker stayed behind. In the Gym, he meets Bugsy who was the Gym Leader there. Red hears his story about his Bug-type Pokémon and then battles Red. Red was able to win the battle and earned himself the Hive Badge and some Poké Balls. With their prizes, Red goes to Professor Oak and gives him the Poké Balls, with one of them containing the onion from before.

Traveling in Goldenrod City, Red meets DJ Mary and his Clefairy becomes interested in her. The group goes with DJ Mary when Team Rocket took over the Radio Tower. In the Radio Tower, the Radio Director that DJ Mary thought was real was turned out to be Giovanni in disguise. He battles Red using Spinarak and Ledyba, where Clefairy was able to tie them up when Spinarak used Spider Web. Red cheered on but Giovanni sent out his secret weapon, a Houndour. However, the Radio Director's bald head blinded Houndour. With the Radio Tower back to normal, Red watches Clefairy perform his own gig. Red participated in the winter games with his rivals where in the middle of the race, he and Green deal with a Machamp.

He went to Girls' Town and disguises himself as a woman since men weren't allowed in that town. In the town was a Gym and inside the Gym was a restaurant where Whitney served them milk from her Miltank. However, as Clefairy's cover was blown, Red and the group were taken to the kitchen and Red and Pikachu remove their disguises too. Whitney becomes mad at them for sneaking in. Red tells her that he wants to have a Gym battle and he goes up against her Clefable, which was the childhood friend of Clefairy. Despite being friends, both Pokémon gave it their all and in the end, Red and Clefairy were the winners. Red is given the Plain Badge and gets busted by Whitney when his Clefairy stole tons of food.

Outside, Red noticed that Togepi was acting up and the Pokémon Fan Club Chairman of Johto becomes interested in his Togepi. After a worthwhile decision, Red gives his Togepi to the chairman while Tyrogue stays with Red in return. Red goes to Ecruteak City and lounges around outside the Brass Tower. A Kimono Girl goes up to them and tells them that Bill is here. Red is then shown Bill's invention, the time machine. Red and his Pokémon try it out and Bill presses the button which sends them back in time. In the past, the group explores the Brass Tower and meets a younger Kimono Girl. The younger Kimono Girl summons the Legendary beasts and Red battles them. During the battle, Clefairy makes a camp fire and Red has Clefairy put it out right away but fails as the fire kept spreading. With no other choice, Red and his Pokémon are taken back to the present where the Brass Tower becomes the same as the one that got burnt.

Still in Ecruteak City, Red goes to a ramen noodle restaurant but doesn't stay. Outside, his Clefairy noticed an opening and thinks it is the bathroom. A guy who is Morty's assistant comes up the opening and Red goes through the pipes underground which took them to Morty. Morty tells him that he wishes to see Ho-Oh. True to his wish, a Ho-Oh appears but turns out to be Tyrogue in disguise and gets chased by Red for tricking him. The group go to Olivine City and notice some crashed boats. A fish manager tells them the source that the lighthouse has been out for days and the group climbs the lighthouse ladder. On the top floor they find out that the Ampharos in charge of it became sick and is burning up a fever. As Jasmine became hopeless of the situation, Red tells her that he would like to help. Red leaves the lighthouse with his Pokémon and goes on a boat to Cianwood City to get Amphy's medicine. Clefairy finds a pharmacy and Red goes inside. The shopkeeper there tells him that it was 100 billion yen but was joking and tells them the story of his shop. After the story, he gives Red the SecretPotion for Amphy. With the SecretPotion, Red goes back to the Olivine Lighthouse and loses the SecretPotion along the way. When Jasmine was told the truth, she became upset when Red was irresponsible. However, Clefairy held the only pill that didn't get lost and it flew in his mouth. As one of the ships came by, Clefairy started glowing and successfully navigated the ship to safety. This act made Amphy feel better.

Red goes to Cianwood City where he noticed a roadblock coming from Chuck and his Primeape. Chuck has Red follow him to his Gym. He battles him using Primeape where it was proven to be strong as it took out Tyrogue and Pikachu without any problems. After the Gym Battle, he and his Pokémon become fatigued and hungry. Suddenly, a Togepi comes by and it was the Togepi that Red originally had. The Pokémon Fan Club Chairman of Johto was also there and takes Red on a trip to an eating contest. In the eating contest, Red competes with the Chairman and loses since only one morsel of food was left. As a result, he went on kitchen duty to clean up the place.

Arriving at the Lake of Rage, Red goes fishing and his Clefairy catches a different colored Gyarados that was enraged. The source of Gyarados's anger came from a noise which also temporarily possessed Red's Pokémon. Luckily for Red, Clefairy recorded the whole thing and finds out that the noise came from a shop in Mahogany Town. They go inside and learn that the shop was also Team Rocket's hideout. He gets through the grunts and in the transmitter room. As Giovanni revealed himself to be the one behind this by recording sounds in a CD-rom, Pikachu attacks Giovanni which made him drop the CD and Red temporarily becomes in control of it. As Clefairy was on the CD, the whole town including Red became fat. After the ordeal with Team Rocket, he meets Pryce who was looking for Swinub. After finding Swinub, he battles Red an the battle was called off when Piloswine appeared.

Red was going to Blackthorn City and looks for the Dragon's teeth. While there, Green lies unconscious and reveals that he was shot by arrows. Teaming up, they search for the Dragon's teeth and in a last-ditch effort, Green leaves Red behind as a rock slide inside the cave they were in occurs. They were able to make it out okay and the Dragon's teeth went to Clefairy as Green dropped it. One of the giant Poké Balls revealed itself to be Clair. Red watched on as Green wanted her to come with him. Running to the Gym, Red noticed that Green and his Charizard were beaten. Red goes inside the Gym and notices that Clair is the actual Gym Leader. She had Red get to the other side of where he was. As he tried to stack himself with his Pokémon, they fell in and was cooled off by Clair. Afterwards, he battles her Dragonair with Clefairy. He also used Tyrogue since Clefairy couldn't handle the battle alone.

He returned to Indigo Plateau to challenge the Johto Elite Four. Red noticed that the members, save for Karen, just fell down over a tall building. Koga tells him that he should find out himself how they fell. Red climbs the stairs of the Indigo Plateau building. He encounters Karen, asking her what she had done with Koga, Bruno and Will. Karen refused since it wasn't his business. Karen battles with Red using her Pokémon and the ones from the Johto Elite Four. As Red was outnumbered, Clefairy seived the Pokémon which was left to her Umbreon. After the battle, Karen reveals to him that she told them a joke that they found dumb and fell after hearing it. Karen tells Red the same joke and he too fell along with Pikachu and Tyrogue, with only Clefairy finding it humorous.

With all of the tough battles in Johto behind them, Red goes to a house to relax in and meets Professor Birch, a professor from Hoenn who gives him which Pokémon he wants to start with. Red chooses Torchic due to its ditzy nature. However, before going to Hoenn, he returns Torchic to Professor Birch.

PMRS series

He continues his journey in Pokémon Ruby-Sapphire, the sequel to Pokémon Pocket Monsters that takes place in Hoenn. Red meets some monks who accuse Clefairy of stealing dumplings. As they found the real thief, a Zigzagoon, Red goes searching for it and during the middle of the search, Clefairy destroys the monks's taiko. During the parade, Red watches on as Clefairy became the taiko substitute. In Littleroot Town, he reunites with Professor Birch at a fishing lodge and challenges him to various contests, in which Professor Birch wins them all.

In Petalburg City, Red meets a depressed Norman who was drinking a lot and Norman reveals to him that his Slakoth became lazy and swallowed the Balance Badge. Clefairy falls in a deep sleep and Red tries to wake up Clefairy by yelling into him. As Clefairy fell asleep, Slakoth woke up and became energetic. Red watched on as Slakoth prevented Clefairy from getting the badge. With the Balance Badge taken out of Slakoth's body, Red gets chased out of the Gym. Red goes to a Pokémon Contest after getting his own fan club and got recommended by one of the judges. Clefairy volunteered to participate and Red ended up choosing him. During the contest, Red reunites with the Torchic he chose earlier prior to going to Hoenn. This Torchic was with a new Trainer, Sapphire. Both Trainers promise to give it them all. During the contest, Sapphire beated Red by one point and watches on the television screen about Clefairy's embarrassment with the contest.

Arriving in Rustboro City, he helps out Roxanne when she was carrying some heavy stuff. She invites Red over to her Gym. Inside the Gym, Red noticed her Nosepass doing some school work since the Gym was also a Pokémon School. By making an effort to help out Nosepass, Red was going to be given the Stone Badge but he gave her a donut. In the end, Red managed to find Nosepass a job as a picnic table. Later in Dewford Town, Red goes to the Gym there and notices that it is dark. A Sableye helps him navigate the Gym. After arriving at the end of it where Brawly is. Sableye reveals to Red that it is Brawly's Pokémon and battles him using the dark as its advantage. However, it turns out that Sableye was hiding the whole time, waiting for the right moment to strike.

Outside, Red noticed a School Kid running out of the house and goes on the ledge. Red tries to save him, assuming the fact that he is about to jump off but it turns out that the School Kid was just fishing. He shows Red a chart and a Volbeat inside one of the playground tubes since Volbeat had a injured leg for a bit. The School Kid then shows Red the glowing tail that Volbeat produces. One night, when the School Kid went missing as he climbed the fence to go to the pool. Red noticed that he was in trouble and Clefairy got Volbeat in order to save him. The School Kid was grateful for Red's actions and other Volbeat came by to be with the School Kid. Red gets a lottery ticket and becomes a big winner. He meets a Kecleon who was interested in Red winning. Two thugs come by who also heard the news and Red runs off with the ticket. He, his Pokémon and Kecleon wonder what to do with it and Kecleon spends some of the money on food and a hot bath. As the company comes by to reward Red, they tell him that the ticket was false and Clefairy gets into a mishap with Kecleon.

On a Christmas night in Mauville City, Red bought himself a cake and an Electrike steals it. He and his Pokémon follow the footprints to see where Electrike went. They find Electrike with Wattson, enjoying the cake. Wattson gave Red a note about his actions and explains that he is poor. Wattson invites Red and takes him to an abandoned house. Red then tells Wattson that he could deliver some presents that he stole to show how sorry he was. After he did so, he noticed that the house was empty. Red goes to a restaurant and he and his Pokémon ate tons of food. When Red was given his bill to pay, he reveals that he had no money and works in the restaurant until he had enough money. Professor Oak comes by and introduces the group to another Red, who claims that he is better than Isamu "Red" Akai. To prove it, both Reds battle each other using their Clefairy. As the battle went underway, Professor Oak stops it and claims that both Reds are good Trainers.

Red goes to Blue's house where he meets her parents. Red finds Blue in her room and explains to him that her parents do not allow her to have her own Pokémon so she snuck a Charmander inside a shack. Blue and Charmander were playing outside and she tripped on a tree branch, injuring herself. Red has Tyrogue take Blue inside while he and Clefairy handled Charmander. After her parents finally allowed Blue to keep Charmander, Red gets caught in an explosion coming from some dynamite. The group goes to Professor Oak's dome where they learn about Deoxys. Professor Oak assigns Red to get Deoxys's orb and runs off in order to do so. The group allowed drops the orb but Clefairy catches it in time. As a result, a Swampert and its Trainer appear out of the waters who also want the orb. They fight for the orb while Swampert's Trainer secretly switches it for a Voltorb. After obtaining the "orb", Red and his Pokémon return to Professor Oak's to show him what they have. They show him the "orb" which turned out to be a Voltorb which ends up blowing up the place.

A Rayquaza attacks the town and Red dresses up in armor to stop it. He and his Pokémon fly on a Wingull plane to battle Rayquaza. However, this wasn't enough as the plane gets destroyed in the process and gets beaten by Rayquaza. He lost all hope until Clefairy's rescue squad comes by to battle it. With Rayquaza defeated, Red rescues a baby dressed up as a Pikachu and is recognized by Scott who wants to take him to the Battle Frontier. Red took a train there while Scott rode on a bike. After arriving, Red notices all of the tough battles the other Trainers are doing. With much sightseeing, Scott takes them to the Battle Tower where Red will be doing his first battle there. However, one of the judges there mention that Red isn't battle-worthy. Red runs away from the Battle Tower and Scott stops him, giving Red a job to clean the bathrooms.

Red goes to a faraway place where he meets the Mew there. Mew traveled with him for a while until Clefairy went primitive. He then went to an unnamed location where he caught Scyther, Slugma, Shiftry and Alakazam in order to surprise Clefairy for a barbecue. Reaching the end of their trip in the Hoenn region, a Poliwhirl saves the group from a rock slide and then revealed to them that a Pokémon Ranger was the one who actually did it. Red chases after the Pokémon Ranger and Poliwhirl as he want to meet him. Red watched Clefairy wake up a Feraligatr in order for Red to get his wish. The Feraligatr chases Clefairy and attacks him with Slash and then walks off. Red did not believe that it would work but the Pokémon Ranger came by and another chase went on. As they got closer, the Pokémon Ranger was none other than an old man with a fishing rod to tie up Poliwhirl, much to Red's disappointment.

PMDP series

After his travels in Hoenn, Red continues his journey in Sinnoh in Pocket Monsters DP, the second sequel of Pokémon Pocket Monsters. During Red's first time in Sinnoh, he meets a Chatot and Bonsly, where Chatot give him a copy of Pokémon Pearl. However, since Clefairy threw it in the air, Red had to race for it to get it back and it landed in a Sharpedo's mouth. As Clefairy fought Sharpedo to get it back, the game flew out of Sharpedo's mouth and landed in Red's hands. As Red was enjoying it, Clefairy gets chased by Sharpedo. Red goes to a Pokémon Center afterwards where the nurse there mentions about an underground place that no one should go to. Red decides to check it out. The nurse calls on some Pokémon inside to force Red and his Pokémon to leave. However, Red found a treasure box which revealed Professor Oak's assignment that had terrible grades on them.

A Starly attacks Red and his Pokémon. Pearl attacks the Starly with Chimchar and both Red and Pearl become fast friends. Pearl allows Red to have a sleepover with him. Both Red and Pearl did not allow Clefairy in Pearl's tent. While Red was sleeping, Clefairy runs off with the briefcase and puts himself in there. Red goes digging with Professor Rowan and Red's Clefairy finds a Cranidos which caused trouble. It battled with him and since Clefairy went through all that trouble to get the Mareep to lift, he gets chased by Red and Pikachu. Red goes to a Poffin House and bakes some Poffins. As one of the Poffins flew out of Clefairy's hands, a cook chases Red out since the Poffin landed in his station. Red runs to a Super Contest and participates in it. As his Clefairy performed on stage and ran off to bake Poffins instead of what Red wanted, Red flipped the table over.

He meets Diamond when many cameramen were running by and showing some forms of media Diamond appeared in. He has a battle with Red with Clefairy and Munchlax running off and both having a food-eating contest. An Azelf goes to Red and warns him about Team Galactic. He and his Pokémon then dress up as them and go in their hideout. Their cover was blown when Clefairy messed things up. Mars arrived and Clefairy throws her off while Red went deeper in the building and found Mesprit and Uxie. He managed to free them and leave Team Galactic's hideout while Clefairy was thrown high in the air by Mars. Red reunites with Pearl who was training his Palkia and Deoxys. Pearl volunteers to train with Red as well. After Clefairy had enough, the training equipment was taken away.

Red gets the middle part of his head shaved and completely hides it from his Pokémon until Clefairy took his hat. Clefairy tries to fix it up but it made Red look worse. After Red's hair grew back, he goes swimming and gets challenged to a race by Prinplup. Later, he meets Looker of the International Police who ends up chasing them when he got tired of Clefairy's antics. When Red gave up being chased by Looker, it was revealed that Looker had something to give them all this time. Red encounters Team Galactic again in a casino where he finds them in the basement. Charon is alerted about this and has his Pokémon attack him. However, Clefairy slams the door on them and Red frees the imprisoned Pokémon in the process. As Team Galactic got away, Red laughs as Tyrogue, Clefairy and Pikachu get stuck inside one of the slot machines, spitting out coins.

PMHGSS series

Red returned to Johto in Pocket Monsters HGSS. He completes in the Pokéathlon where Professor Elm and his Sudowoodo were in charge of. During the Pokéathlon, Red's Pokémon does some various competitions there. Later, when he and his Pokémon were playing in the playground, one of the Team Rocket grunts lay out a piece of pie as a trap. As Clefairy went for the pie, Red went chasing after him and into Team Rocket's hideout. Inside, Professor Oak is also there while Red was trying to rescue Clefairy. Later, he watches when Tyrogue falls in love with the disguise Clefairy put on.

Red meets the legendary beasts and throws many Poké Balls at them in which they fail to capture them. As a normal Poké Ball would not do the trick, Red goes back to Kurt in order to get a Heavy Ball. As Clefairy held out the Heavy Ball, it slips out of his hands and catches a Ditto, much to Red's mispleasure. Without the Heavy Ball, Red goes back to throwing random Poké Balls and it was the same result as last time. Despite that, the legendary beasts decide to join him as if he was able to catch them. Red walks with the legendary beasts to Violet City and they depart, leaving Red and his Pokémon be. Inside, Red re-challenges Falkner to a Gym battle and wins. Red re-challenges the other Gyms as well including Bugsy's and he returns to Raikou, Entei and Suicune. He shows them the badges and accidentally blasts them off.

Red has his last travels with Tyrogue as he shares a loaf of bread with his Pokémon, which result them in fighting. As Tyrogue tells the group about his time with the Pokémon Fan Club Chairman of Johto and where they met, Red becomes sad about that. Red dumps out his bag and admires the badges he got from the Johto Gym Leaders. He then notices that Tyrogue is lifted in the air by his own mind. As Tyrogue was lifted in the air, Red meets Tyrogue's evolutions, Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan and Hitmontop. Red has a picnic with them and Tyrogue chooses to stay with them. Accepting Tyrogue's choice, Red, Pikachu and Clefairy ride on their bikes into the sunset while Tyrogue stays with his evolutionary members.

PMBW series

Red went to the Unova region in Pocket Monsters BW where he was riding a bike with his Pokémon and crashed. They get back up and noticed some Pokémon they haven't seen before. A Patrat goes up to them and tells them that they are in Unova. Patrat advises the trio to go to Professor Juniper's lab and run off when Clefairy gave it a tiny berry despite hoarding a pile of bigger berries. Inside the lab, Professor Juniper congratulated Red for being the thirtieth person to come to her lab for being a Trainer. As Professor Juniper brought out a box containing Snivy, Tepig, and Oshawott, Red wondered which one he wanted but did not get a chance to choose as those three were already reserved for three Trainers. Professor Juniper tells him that he already has an adorable Pikachu. However, Red and Clefairy attempt to get Professor Juniper to change her mind but Professor Juniper saw what they were doing and did not work. Red and his Pokémon leave the lab after Clefairy gets beaten up easily by the Unova starters. In the forest, the trio became disappointed about Professor Juniper not giving them a Pokémon but Red stated that he'll have to find some new ones himself. Red goes to a restaurant in Striaton City as Clefairy suggested to him to go there. He meets the three waiters, Cilan, Chili, and Cress who were also the Gym Leaders of the Striaton Gym. As Clefairy failed to get the brothers to fight each other, they challenged Red to a Gym Battle where Cilan went first by using Pansage, followed by Cress and Chili with Panpour and Pansear respectively. As the three use their attacks, Clefairy made some tea using their attacks.

Red battles a Darmanitan using Pikachu and as Red had trouble knowing what he said, the battle could not be finished since Darmanitan's Trainer had to go watch Team Plasma give out a speech. As Red still had trouble knowing what Pikachu told him, N comes by and told him what Pikachu was actually saying. Red then tried proving himself that he could understand Pokémon language similar to N by having Pikachu speak slower but that did not work. Red uses Clefairy's tape that he recorded of N talking to a Purrloin and Red was able to understand what Pikachu was saying. As Clefairy sold copies of his CD containing N's speech, Red and Pikachu became shocked about that. However, it did not work out when Clefairy woke up from his dream.

Later, Red meets a Conkeldurr and he travels with him.


Unlike his main rival, Red doesn't catch a lot of Pokémon. He has two (later three) favorites, which he keeps outside their Poké Balls. He has caught several others, including Articuno, but never uses them in battle. However, he has used his non-favorites every now and then. Red has a tendency of exploding when his Clefairy does something he doesn't like or get mocked by someone.


On hand

This is a list of Red's known Pokémon in the Pocket Monsters manga:

Red's Clefairy
Clefairy → Clefable → Clefairy
Main article: Red's Clefairy

Clefairy is a Pokémon that Red obtained by befriending. He has been out of his Poké Ball in most of Red's adventures.

Debut Introducing the Pokémon Clefairy!!
Red's Pikachu
Pikachu → Raichu → Pikachu
Main article: Red's Pikachu (Pocket Monsters)

Brock caught this Pikachu way before Red started his journey. Pikachu was revealed to be Clefairy's cousin after Brock gave him to Red.

Debut Bring Down the Powerful Opponent Onix!!
Red's Conkeldurr
Main article: Red's Conkeldurr

Red met Conkeldurr in the Unova region when he along with Clefairy and Pikachu discover it in a box in a village. Since then, it traveled along with the trio, replacing Tyrogue.

Debut The New Member is an Architect!!


Red's Machoke

Red's Machamp
Machoke → Machamp
While Red and his friends were in a department store, Machamp, as a Machoke, along with a Caterpie, Butterfree, Kakuna and Ekans were robbing the department store. Red was able to stop Caterpie and its evolutions. But, the Fighting-type Pokémon was the only one left. Clefairy created a distraction for Machoke so Red can catch it. Machoke evolved into Machamp and it became a tough foe for them to handle. It took several tries for Red to catch it and he finally caught it after Clefairy was about to give up. Later, Machamp and Clefairy cheated in the Athletic Meet by disguising himself as Clefairy and flinging a Snorlax away.

None of Machamp's moves are known.

Debut Catch That Pokémon Thief!!
Red's Articuno
Articuno is a legendary Pokémon that was mentioned by Professor Oak while he was contacting Red. The villagers come by and tell Red about it as well. In the next chapter, he notices that there were many frozen objects which was caused by Articuno. When Green and his Charmander was frozen, Red fought Articuno on his own. He catches it with a Master Ball.

Articuno reappears in Red VS Green!! where it was a participant in soccer. It served as a goalie throughout the game. After the game, Clefairy uses it as a surprise for Green but unfortunately, it backfired as he along with some other people got frozen.

None of Articuno's moves are known.

Debut The Life-or-Death Magic Duel!!
Red's Tauros
Tauros appeared when Red and the others were at the Safari Zone. As soon as they arrived, Tauros immediately ran to them in an attacking position. Red then catches him.

None of Tauros's moves are known.

Debut Big Rampage at the Safari Zone!?
Red's Kingler
Red obtained Kingler before he headed over to the Power Plant. It was a Pokémon that was used in many competitions such as the baseball match and curry cooking competition.

None of Kingler's moves are known.

Debut Regain the Deserted Power Plant!
Red's Venusaur
Venusaur was participating with Red's other Pokémon in a soccer event. During the game, it fell asleep along with the other Pokémon when Jigglypuff was singing. Later, it was attacked by Exeggcute when Blastoise deflected them back to Red's side.

None of Venusaur's moves are known.

Debut Red VS Green!!
Red's Rattata
Rattata was a participant along with Red's other Pokémon in soccer. After Rattata fell asleep due to Jigglypuff's singing, Red kicked it awake. Later, it was attacked by Exeggcute when Blastoise deflected them back to Red's side.

None of Rattata's moves are known.

Debut Red VS Green!!
Red's Jigglypuff
Jigglypuff was a participant along with Red's other Pokémon in a soccer event. It became a goalie for Red's team. After catching the ball and reserving it, Jigglypuff sang a song which made the Pokémon on both sides drowsy. Later, it was attacked by Exeggcute when Blastoise deflected them back to Red's side.

None of Jigglypuff's moves are known.

Debut Red VS Green!!
Red's Primeape

Red's Primeape
Primeape (×2)
One of the Primeape appeared as a participant in soccer. During the game, when the ball coming from Cubone slammed towards Primeape, this made Primeape mad and gave Cubone several punches.

Red owned another one in The Pokémon Banana League (Part 1) where it along with Arcanine and Pidgey joined Red for the Pokémon League. During Red's match against Green, he sent it out and after a gag fight with Green's Pokémon, it along with both sides, were knocked out, leaving them with one Pokémon left.

None of Primeape's moves are known.

Debut Red VS Green!!
Red's Cubone
Cubone appeared as a participant in soccer. During the game, when Charizard served the ball, Cubone was the first to strike it but it accidentally went straight for its own teammate, Primeape. Primeape became mad and served Cubone some punches. When Cubone fell asleep after hearing Jigglypuff's song, Red kicked it awake. Later, it was attacked by Exeggcute when Blastoise deflected them back to Red's side.

None of Cubone's moves are known.

Debut Red VS Green!!
Red's Dragonite
Dragonite was briefly seen where Red was running with his Pokémon to the soccer field.

None of Dragonite's moves are known.

Debut Red VS Green!!
Red's Pidgey
Pidgey was first seen along with Arcanine and Primeape where it joined Red for the Pokémon League. During Red's match against Green, he sent it out and after a gag fight with Green's Pokémon, it along with both sides, were knocked out, leaving them with one Pokémon left.

None of Pidgey's moves are known.

Debut The Pokémon Banana League (Part 1)
Red's Arcanine
Arcanine was first seen along with Pidgey and Primeape where it joined Red for the Pokémon League. During Red's match against Green, he sent it out and after a gag fight with Green's Pokémon, it along with both sides, were knocked out, leaving them with one Pokémon left.

None of Arcanine's moves are known.

Debut The Pokémon Banana League (Part 1)
Red's Lugia
A Lugia was causing destruction and it was up to Red and his Pokémon to stop it. While Clefairy was fighting it, he had an army of clones work with him but it was not enough to stop the legendary Pokémon. Later, Clefairy built a robot suit that was immune to Lugia's attack. Using the suit, he pressed a button which fired a Poké Ball and successfully caught Lugia.

Lugia's only known move is Gust.

Debut Clefairy Rangers to the Rescue!!
Red's Larvitar
Red caught a Larvitar prior to The Great Helper!!. He dropped it off at a Day Care Center and went back to check up on it. Larvitar was then picked up even though it got used to being in the Day Care.

Larvitar's only known move is Rock Slide.

Debut The Great Helper!!
Red's Scyther
Red caught this Scyther in an unnamed forest located in Hoenn. He did so by luring it out of its hiding place by feeding it some food and threw a Poké Ball at it. Later, Red used Scyther for a barbeque who sliced up some of the food.

None of Scyther's moves are known.

Debut Clefairy Has Been Abandoned?!
Red's Slugma
Red caught this Slugma in an unnamed forest located in Hoenn. He tried the same trick as he did with Scyther by putting out some food but Clefairy, disguised as a karate master, kicks Red, making him drop the Poké Ball. The Slugma flees when it notices the group. Slugma came back when Red dropped a little more and then threw a Poké Ball without any interferences. Later, Red used Slugma for a barbeque who served as a stove.

None of Slugma's moves are known.

Debut Clefairy Has Been Abandoned?!
Red's Alakazam
Red caught this Alakazam in an unnamed forest located in Hoenn. By dropping some pieces of food, he was able to catch it. Later, Red used Alakazam to mix up the ingredients for a barbeque.

None of Alakazam's moves are known.

Debut Clefairy Has Been Abandoned?!
Red's Shiftry
Red caught this Shiftry in an unnamed forest located in Hoenn. By dropping pieces of food, Red was able to catch Shiftry. Later, he used it as a fan for a barbeque.

None of Shiftry's moves are known.

Debut Clefairy Has Been Abandoned?!
Red's Ditto
Red caught this Ditto accidentally using a Heavy Ball he intended to use on one of the Legendary beasts.

None of Ditto's moves are known.

Debut PMHGSS04


Red's Lapras
Lapras served as a transportation to get across the water when Red and his Pokémon were stuck. When Giovanni caused trouble with his Slugma, Lapras battled it but was unable to keep up with Slugma's strength.

None of Lapras's moves are known.

Debut Escape from Magma!?
Red's Mew
Mew first met Red when it ate all of Clefairy's food. Clefairy, angry at it for stealing, decides to pick a fight with it but was unsuccessful. Despite that, it stayed with the group for a little while. Mew left somewhere after Clefairy decided to go primitive.

None of Mew's moves are known.

Debut Showdown! Clefairy VS Mew!!


Red's Mew
This Mew is actually a human woman and the assistant to the scientist Bill. She was accidentally transformed into a Mew when she and Bill attempted to try to create the ultimate Pokémon by combining human and Pokémon DNA. After giving them their Moon Stone, Mew and Bill were turned back to their normal selves.
Debut Obtain the Moon Stone!!
Red's Torchic
Red met this Torchic at a house he stayed in when Professor Birch released the starters for him to see. This Torchic was a bit ditzy but fun to be with. Due to the Torchic's personality, Red decided to choose it and it became a walking Pokémon similar to Clefairy, Pikachu and Tyrogue. However, when the group headed to Hoenn, Torchic was returned to Professor Birch who he gave to Sapphire later on.

None of Torchic's moves are known.

Debut Strongest Rival Appears!?
Red's Treecko
Treecko was in Red's possession for a little while when Ruby traded it for his Pikachu when he wasn't around. Treecko was able to get back to Ruby when it, along with Clefairy and Tyrogue work together to get Pikachu back to Red, his rightful owner.
Debut Something Happened!! Let's Go After Pikachu!!

Status unknown

Red's Gastly
A Gastly showed up while Red had a confrontation with Giovanni and his twin brother. This Gastly was out of its gas form.
Debut Which One is the Real Clefairy!?
Red's Haunter
While Red and the gang were at a haunted house, a Haunter was behind Clefairy.
Debut Which One is the Real Clefairy!?
Red's Exeggcute

Red's second Exeggcute
Exeggcute (×2)
Red was given an Exeggcute from Professor Oak after the baseball match. They chased and attacked Red and his Pokémon afterwards.

In Red VS Green!!, another one appeared where Clefairy disguised them as balls for the playing field. As Clefairy threw Exeggcute, it attacked Green's Pokémon especially his Charizard and Blastoise. Blastoise deflected the Exeggcute back to Red's side and then they went to the audience, much to their horror.

None of Exeggcute's moves are known.

Debut Fierce Competition at the Pokémon Baseball Tournament!
Red's Miltank
Red used a Miltank while in a cooking class. However, due to her brief appearance, it is not known if he actually caught her.

None of Miltank's moves are known.

Debut A Finger Lickin' Battle!
Red's Snubbull
Snubbull (multiple)
Many Snubbull ran up to Red after Clefairy fought one. The Snubbull were interested in Red's cooking that they stayed to him. However, it is not known if he actually kept them.

None of Snubbull's moves are known, but one of them from before knows Bite and Scary Face.

Debut A Finger Lickin' Battle!
Pokémon at the baseball match

Red participates in a baseball match with Green. It is unknown if those Pokémon belong to him.

Red Onix Diglett PM.png
Red Golem Snorlax PM.png
Red Slowbro PM.png
Red Magneton PM.png
Red Farfetch'd PM.png
Red Gastly PM.png
Red Onix Diglett PM.png
Red Chansey PM.png
Red Tangela PM.png
Red Golem Snorlax PM.png
Red Jynx PM.png

Pokémon at the curry cooking competition

These Pokémon are seen with Red during the curry cooking competition with Green. It is unknown if these Pokémon belong to him, nor is it known if the Diglett or Onix are the same ones from the baseball game.

Red Blastoise PM.png
Red Diglett PM.png
Red Rapidash PM.png
Red Onix Exeggutor PM.png
Red Scyther PM.png
Red Onix Exeggutor PM.png
Red Eevee PM.png
Red Voltorb PM.png


Red's Togepi
Egg → Togepi
Main article: Red's Togepi

Togepi was given to Red from Professor Elm when it was an egg. It hatched in Hatch the Pokémon Egg!! and was traded away to the Pokémon Fan Club President for Tyrogue in Togepi's Determination.

Debut Welcome Back, Clefairy!!
Red's Tyrogue
Main article: Red's Tyrogue

Red received this Tyrogue from the Pokémon Fan Club President when he gave him his Togepi. Tyrogue became the fourth main Pokémon to travel with Red out of his Poké Ball. Tyrogue was released in PMHGSS23 of the HGSS chapter.

Debut Togepi's Determination


Red's Meowth
Red borrowed a Meowth from Blaine. It is not known if Red kept it or returned it to the Gym leader.
Debut The Pokémon Banana League (Part 1)
Red's Togepi
Main article: Misty's Togepi

Red borrowed this Togepi from Misty when he and Green ran out of Pokémon. Following the said battle, he returns the Togepi to Misty.

Debut The Pokémon Banana League (Part 1)


Unnamed Bug-type Pokémon
Unnamed Bug-type Pokémon
This unnamed Bug-type Pokémon was captured by Red in Big Battle in the Viridian Forest!!. It was his second Pokémon, after Clefairy. It is supposedly very weak. It escaped from its Poké Ball in the same chapter.
Debut Big Battle in the Viridian Forest!!

Pokémon competitions

Here is a listing of competitions Red competed in over the course of his journey.

  • No. 1 Pokémon contest
  • Sports meet
  • Baseball Tournament
  • Swimming race
  • Curry cooking competition
  • New Year games
  • Giovanni's racing contest
  • Soccer match
  • Winter race

In the anime

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Red in the anime

Red made a cameo appearance in the Pokémon anime in Lights, Camerupt, Action as a character in a short movie along with his Clefairy and Pikachu.


Red Clefairy anime.png
Red Pikachu anime.png

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 大谷育江 Ikue Ohtani
European French Aurélien Ringelheim
Spanish Latin America Gabriel Ramos
Spain Adolfo Moreno


Language Name Origin
Japanese 赤井 勇 Isamu Akai
レッド Red
His surname contains the Japanese word for "red" ( aka).
From Pokémon Red game.
Chinese (Mandarin) 赤井 勇 Yǒng Chìjǐng
小智 Xiǎo Zhì*
雷特 Léitè*
Same as Japanese name.
Same as Ash's Chinese name.
Transliteration of Japanese name.
Indonesian Ali Similar to main protagonist's dub name in the anime.

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