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|epname=Clefairy Has Been Abandoned?!
|epname=Clefairy Has Been Abandoned?!
|desc=Red caught this {{p|Shiftry}} in an unnamed forest located in Hoenn.}}
|desc=Red caught this {{p|Shiftry}} in an unnamed forest located in Hoenn.}}
|img=Red Ditto PMHGSS.png
|desc=Red caught this {{p|Ditto}} accidentally using a [[Poké Ball#Introduced in Generation II|Heavy Ball]] he intended to use on one of the [[Legendary beasts]].}}

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If you were looking for the character based off of the FRLG male protagonist, see Red (Ruby-Sapphire).
レッド Red
Red PM.png
Red and his Pikachu
Gender Male
Eye color Green
Hair color Black
Hometown Pallet Town
Region Kanto
Anime cameos Lights, Camerupt, Action!

Red (Japanese: レッド Red) is the protagonist of the Pokémon Pocket Monsters manga. He is based on Red from the original Pokémon Red and Green. His full name is Isamu Akai (Japanese: 赤井 勇 Isamu Akai), which contains the Japanese word for "red" ( aka).

In the manga

Red is a young Trainer from Pallet Town who is on his way to see Professor Oak in order for him to begin his Pokémon Journey. In Introducing the Pokémon Clefairy!!, he bumps into someone who he immediately recognizes as Green and Green immediately recognizes him as well. It turns out that both of them are Trainers who are about to begin their journey. They end up becoming rivals and race to Professor Oak's lab. On his way to the lab, he encounters a giant Nidoran♂ who warns him to watch out for them as they are monsters. The male Nidoran breathes fire on Red when Red laughed at the advice. Red then encounters a violent male Clefairy and together they defeat a giant Nidoran♂ by accident. Red heads to the lab with Clefairy following him only to find out that Green got there first. After Green chose his Pokémon, Red noticed that Clefairy followed him to the laboratory. He chooses to travel with the Clefairy because he finds his antics amusing. Red is then given a Pokédex from Professor Oak and is sent on a quest to find out more about Pokémon.

His first Pokémon that he caught was an unknown Bug-type, which gets released later on. By the time he caught that, Green already had eight more Pokémon than Red. Red challenges the first Gym in Bring Down the Powerful Opponent Onix!! in which he ends up winning and obtains a Pikachu from Brock. He challenges the second Gym later on using his Clefairy. He defeats the Gym Leader, Misty, and they sought out for the Moon Stone.

In Great Success in the Mountains or the Seas!?, he battles and defeats Lt. Surge on the S.S. Anne. In Big Struggle with the Powerful Opponent Venusaur, he meets Erika and her Venusaur while on an island after his boat was burned by Green's Charmander. Red battles Erika's Venusaur and beats her. Erika stays with Red as her father, the Silph Co. president, is taken hostage by Giovanni's twin brother.

Red battles the Elite Four and battles the Champion who turns out to be his rival, Green. Afterwards, he battles Giovanni and his twin brother when the two plan on doing something bad. After defeating Giovanni and his brother from world domination in Pallet Town during the post-Indigo League, he continues his journey onto Johto.

He continues his journey in Pokémon Ruby-Sapphire, the sequel to Pokémon Pocket Monsters that takes place in Hoenn, after defeating the Johto Elite Four. While at Hoenn, he meets Professor Birch and challenges him to various contests, in which Professor Birch wins them all. He challenges Norman in There's Someone More Important Than Clefairy?! where he had to retrieve the Balance Badge from his Slakoth that swallowed it. He challenges Roxanne in Clefairy's Training Camp!!. He encounters Team Magma in We've Found Team Magma's Secret!!.

After his travels in Hoenn, Red continues his journey in Sinnoh in Pocket Monsters DP, the second sequel of Pokémon Pocket Monsters.

Red returned to Johto in Pocket Monsters HGSS where he meets the legendary beasts. It was also where he says his goodbyes to Tyrogue.

Red is currently traveling in the Unova region in Pocket Monsters BW. He meets Professor Juniper there and asks him about choosing a starter Pokémon. Later, Red challenges Cilan, Chili and Cress to a Gym battle using his Clefairy and somehow wins when his Clefairy takes advantage of their Pokémon's attacks by turning them into tea.

Red meets a Conkeldurr and it travels with him.

Characteristics and personality

Unlike his rival, Red doesn't catch a lot of Pokémon. He has two (later three) favorites, which he keeps outside their Poké Balls. He has caught several others, including Articuno, but never uses them in battle. However, he has used his non-favorites every now and then.


On Hand

This is a list of Red's known Pokémon in the Pocket Monsters manga:

Red's Clefairy
Clefairy → Clefable → Clefairy
Main article: Red's Clefairy

Clefairy is a Pokémon that Red obtained by befriending. He has been out of his Poké Ball in most of Red's adventures.

Debut Introducing the Pokémon Clefairy!!
Red's Pikachu
Pikachu → Raichu → Pikachu
Main article: Red's Pikachu (Pocket Monsters)

Brock caught this Pikachu way before Red started his journey. Pikachu was revealed to be Clefairy's cousin after Brock gave him to Red.

Debut Bring Down the Powerful Opponent Onix!!
Red's Conkeldurr
Main article: Red's Conkeldurr

Red met Conkeldurr in the Unova region when he along with Clefairy and Pikachu discover it in a box in a village. Since then, it traveled along with the trio, replacing Tyrogue.

Debut Pocket Monsters BW


Red's Machoke

Red's Machamp
Machoke → Machamp
While Red and his friends were in a department store, Machamp, as a Machoke, along with a Caterpie, Butterfree, Kakuna and Ekans were robbing the department store. Red was able to stop Caterpie and its evolutions. But, the Fighting-type Pokémon was the only one left. Clefairy created a distraction for Machoke so Red can catch it. Machoke evolved into Machamp and it became a tough foe for them to handle. It took several tries for Red to catch it and he finally caught it after Clefairy was about to give up. Later, Machamp and Clefairy cheated in the Athletic Meet by disguising himself as Clefairy and flinging a Snorlax away.
Debut Catch That Pokémon Thief!!
Red's Articuno
Articuno is a legendary Pokémon that was mentioned by Professor Oak while he was contacting Red. The villagers come by and tell Red about it as well. In the next chapter he catches it with a Master Ball. Articuno returns in Red VS Green!! where it was seen training for the Pokémon League.

Articuno's only known move is Blizzard.

Debut The Life-or-Death Magic Duel!!
Red's Tauros
Red caught this Tauros while he was in the Safari Zone.

Tauros's only known move is Take Down.

Debut Big Rampage at the Safari Zone!?
Red's Kingler
Red obtained Kingler before he headed over to the Power Plant. It was a Pokémon that was used in many competitions such as the baseball match and curry cooking competition.
Debut Regain the Deserted Power Plant!
Red's Venusaur
Red caught this Venusaur prior to Red VS Green!! where it was seen training with Red and the others in an Olympic related sport.
Debut Red VS Green!!
Red's Rattata
Red caught this Rattata prior to Red VS Green!! where it was seen training with Red and the others in an Olympic related sport.
Debut Red VS Green!!
Red's Jigglypuff
Red caught this Jigglypuff prior to Red VS Green!! where it was seen training with Red and the others in an Olympic related sport.
Debut Red VS Green!!
Red's Primeape

Red's Primeape
Primeape (×2)
Red caught this Primeape prior to Red VS Green!! where it was seen training with Red and the others in an Olympic related sport. Red caught another one off-screen in The Pokémon Banana League (Part 1).
Debut Red VS Green!!
Red's Cubone
Red caught this Cubone prior to Red VS Green!! where it was seen training with Red and the others in an Olympic related sport.
Debut Red VS Green!!
Red's Dragonite
Red caught this Dragonite prior to Red VS Green!! where it was seen training with Red and the others in an Olympic related sport.
Debut Red VS Green!!
Red's Pidgey
Red caught this Pidgey off-screen in The Pokémon Banana League (Part 1). It was one of the Pokémon that Red used against Blue and Green.
Debut The Pokémon Banana League (Part 1)
Red's Arcanine
Red caught this Arcanine off-screen in The Pokémon Banana League (Part 1). It was one of the Pokémon that Red used against Blue and Green.
Debut The Pokémon Banana League (Part 1)
Red's Larvitar
Red caught a Larvitar prior to The Great Helper!! somewhere around Mt. Silver.
Debut The Great Helper!!
Red's Scyther
Red caught this Scyther in an unnamed forest located in Hoenn. He was able to come across it despite the fact that they are not native to Hoenn.
Debut Clefairy Has Been Abandoned?!
Red's Slugma
Red caught this Slugma in an unnamed forest located in Hoenn.
Debut Clefairy Has Been Abandoned?!
Red's Alakazam
Red caught this Alakazam in an unnamed forest located in Hoenn.
Debut Clefairy Has Been Abandoned?!
Red's Shiftry
Red caught this Shiftry in an unnamed forest located in Hoenn.
Debut Clefairy Has Been Abandoned?!
Red's Ditto
Red caught this Ditto accidentally using a Heavy Ball he intended to use on one of the Legendary beasts.
Debut PMHGSS03


Red's Mew
Red met this Mew during his travels in Hoenn on a faraway island. It had a battle with Clefairy.
Debut Showdown! Clefairy VS Mew!!

Pokémon at the baseball match

Red participates in a baseball match with Green. It is unknown if those Pokémon belong to him.

Red Onix Diglett PM.png
Red Golem Snorlax PM.png
Red Slowbro PM.png
Red Magneton PM.png
Red Farfetch'd PM.png
Red Gastly PM.png
Red Onix Diglett PM.png
Red Chansey PM.png
Red Tangela PM.png
Red Golem Snorlax PM.png
Red Jynx PM.png

Pokémon at the curry cooking competition

These Pokémon are seen with Red during the curry cooking competition with Green. It is unknown if these Pokémon belong to him, nor is it known if the Diglett or Onix are the same ones from the baseball game.

Red Blastoise PM.png
Red Diglett PM.png
Red Rapidash PM.png
Red Onix Exeggutor PM.png
Red Scyther PM.png
Red Onix Exeggutor PM.png
Red Eevee PM.png
Red Voltorb PM.png


Red's Mew
This Mew is actually a human woman and the assistant to the scientist Bill. She was accidentally transformed into a Mew when she and Bill attempted to try to create the ultimate Pokémon by combining human and Pokémon DNA. After giving them their Moon Stone, Mew and Bill were turned back to their normal selves.
Debut Obtain the Moon Stone!!
Red's Treecko
Treecko was in Red's possession for a little while when Ruby traded it for his Pikachu when he wasn't around. Treecko was able to get back to Ruby when it, along with Clefairy and Tyrogue work together to get Pikachu back to Red, his rightful owner.
Debut Something Happened!! Let's Go After Pikachu!!

Status unknown

Red's Gastly
A Gastly showed up while Red had a confrontation with Giovanni and his twin brother. This Gastly was out of its gas form.
Debut Which One is the Real Clefairy!?
Red's Haunter
While Red and the gang were at a haunted house, a Haunter was with Clefairy giving the citizens a tour around the area.
Debut Which One is the Real Clefairy!?
Red's Exeggcute

Red's second Exeggcute
Exeggcute (×2)
Red was given an Exeggcute from Professor Oak after the baseball match. He was shown to have another one in Red VS Green!!. Since the Exeggcute were with Red temporarily, it is unknown if Red kept them or not.

The first Exeggcute's only known move is Barrage.

Debut Fierce Competition at the Pokémon Baseball Tournament!
Red's Miltank
Red was revealed to have a Miltank in A Finger Lickin' Battle!. However, due to her brief appearance, it is not known if he actually caught her.
Debut A Finger Lickin' Battle!
Red's Snubbull
Snubbull (multiple)
Red was given many Snubbull from a girl. It is unknown if he gave them back to her or released them.
Debut A Finger Lickin' Battle!


Red's Togepi

Red's Togepi
Egg → Togepi
Togepi was given to Red from Professor Elm when it was an egg. It hatched in Hatch the Pokémon Egg!! and was traded away to the Pokémon Fan Club President for Tyrogue in Togepi's Determination.
Debut Welcome Back, Clefairy!!
Red's Tyrogue
Main article: Red's Tyrogue

Red received this Tyrogue from the Pokémon Fan Club President when he gave him his Togepi. Tyrogue became the third main Pokémon to travel with Red out of his Poké Ball. Tyrogue was released in the HGSS chapter.

Debut Togepi's Determination


Red's Meowth
Red borrowed a Meowth from Blaine. It is not known if Red kept it or returned it to the Gym leader.
Debut The Pokémon Banana League (Part 1)
Red's Togepi
Main article: Misty's Togepi

Red borrowed this Togepi from Misty. Later on in the chapter, he returns the Togepi to Misty.

Debut The Pokémon Banana League (Part 1)


Unnamed Bug-type Pokémon
Unnamed Bug-type Pokémon
This unnamed Bug-type Pokémon was captured by Red Akai in Big Battle in the Viridian Forest!!. It was his second Pokémon, after Clefairy. It is supposedly very weak. It escaped from its Poké Ball in the same chapter.
Debut Big Battle in the Viridian Forest!!

In the anime

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Red in the anime

Red makes a cameo appearance in the Pokémon anime in Lights, Camerupt, Action as a character in a short movie along with his Clefairy and Pikachu.


Red Clefairy anime.png
Red Pikachu anime.png

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 大谷育江 Ikue Ohtani
Latin American Spanish Gabriel Ramos


Language Name Origin
Japanese 赤井 勇 Isamu Akai
レッド Red
His surname contains the Japanese word for "red" ( aka).
From Pokémon Red game.
Chinese (Mandarin) 赤井 勇 Yǒng Chìjǐng
雷特 Léitè
Same as Japanese name.
Transliteration of Japanese name.
Indonesian Ali Similar to main protagonist's dub name in the anime.

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