Rayquaza Constructed Starter Deck (TCG)

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For a different Japanese-exclusive Rayquaza themed half deck, see Gift Box Emerald.
構築済みスターター レックウザデッキ
Expansion Clash of the Blue Sky
Release date July 1, 2004
Types used FireWaterLightning
Coin Rayquaza

The Rayquaza Constructed Starter Deck (Japanese: 構築済みスターター レックウザデッキ Pre-built Starter Rayquaza Deck) is a Japanese-exclusive half deck that complements the Clash of the Blue Sky expansion of the Pokémon Trading Card Game.

The majority of these cards could not be found in the main expansion. Those that were not were added to the main set when the English version was made.

Like others, the Rayquaza Constructed Starter Deck also includes a rulebook, damage counters, status counters and custom coin.

Card list
No. Card Type Quantity
001/015 Slugma Fire
002/015 Magcargo Fire
003/015 Lotad Water
004/015 Lombre Water
005/015 Ludicolo Water
006/015 Electrike Lightning
007/015 Manectric Lightning
008/015 Rayquaza ex Colorless
009/015 Energy Charge T
010/015 Potion T
011/015 Switch T
012/015 Master Ball T
013/015 Lady Outing T [Su]
014/015 Professor Cozmo's Discovery T [Su]
015/015 Balloon Berry T [Tool]
Multi Energy Rainbow E
Fire Energy Fire E
Water Energy Water E
Lightning Energy Lightning E

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