Rayquaza (Unnamed Third Set 28)

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Unnamed Third Set
レックウザ Rayquaza
Sculpted by Enoki Tomohide
Figure type Pokémon
Move Points 1
Type Colorless
Set Unnamed Third Set
US figure no. 28/42
For more information on the Pokémon this figure depicts, see Rayquaza.

Rayquaza (Japanese: レックウザ Rayquaza) is a figure from the Unnamed Third Set of the Pokémon Trading Figure Game.


Miss 16.6%
Twister 29.2%
Extreme Speed 25%
Fly 29.2%
Rayquaza moves up to 3 spaces, jumping over the Defending Pokémon and any other Pokémon.
Length: 23'00", Weight: 455.2 lbs.


  • The move Extreme Speed was formatted as two words on this figure, yet prior to X and Y, it was formatted as ExtremeSpeed, one word.


Twister, ExtremeSpeed, and Fly are all moves in the Pokémon games that Rayquaza can learn.

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