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ラッちゃん Ratchan
Poké Ball
Debuts in Drat That Dratini!
Caught at Viridian Forest
Evolves in Can’t Catch Caterpie?
Gender Male
Ability Unknown
Nature Hardy
Current location With Yellow
Rattata Raticate
This Pokémon spent 17 rounds as Rattata.

Ratty (Japanese: ラッちゃん Ratchan) is the very first Pokémon that Yellow caught in the Pokémon Adventures manga, and the only one she didn’t release until Kitty.


Ratty as a Rattata

One day, the young Yellow wandered alone into Viridian Forest. Red happened across her as she was being attacked by a rampaging Dratini, Red saved her, and then noticed she had no Pokémon. He loaned her Pika, and under his instruction, she battled a wild Rattata and caught it.

Remembering Red’s words, Yellow raised Ratty with a kind and gentle heart, and he became her first deeply trusted Pokémon friend. He aided her and Bill in escaping from the Elite Four member Lorelei, and helped finish off the Super Nerd who attempted to take away Pika in Celadon City.

While they trained with Blue, Ratty evolved into a Raticate, much to Yellow’s shock and initial dismay. She had not known about Pokémon evolution (or very much about Pokémon at all, aside from her fondness for and empathy with them) prior to this training. By morning, she had recovered from the trauma and declared that “it doesn’t matter what it looks like! Ratty is Ratty!”, and it would not bother her anymore. Nevertheless, the experience influenced her and after learning about the evolution cancel feature of the Pokédex, she kept the rest of her team unevolved until she lost it.

Shortly after evolving, Ratty gnawed the sinking S.S. Anne in two to help Yellow defeat Ken, Al, and Harry. He remained with her throughout her quest to find the missing Red and defeat the Elite Four, fighting with her against Lance in the final battle on the Legendary Pokémon’s back high above Cerise Island. In the Gold, Silver, & Crystal chapter, Ratty was seen defending the Day Care Center with the rest of her Pokémon from the half-masked Team Rocket Grunts. She used Ratty in the FireRed & LeafGreen chapter to help save Silver. She used him to cut though Team Rocket's plane with Hyper Fang.

Moves used

Ratty Super Fang.png
Using Super Fang
Move First Used In
Hyper Fang Cloystered
Super Fang Eradicate Raticate!
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.


  • In both English and Japanese, his nicknames are diminutive terms of endearment for “rat”.
  • The statistics shown at the end of Volume 5 of Viz's second edition show that Ratty evolved into its Raticate stage around Lv. 10 contrary to the games where it evolved at level 20. This is due to an error of listing both Ratty and Yellow's Dody (Doduo) at the same level as Volume 4.

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