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Ramona (Japanese: ハルカ Haruka) is a character of the day of the Pokémon anime who appeared in The Stolen Stones!.

Ash and his friends first met Ramona when she and her younger brother Keegan, saved them from falling off a cliff with the help of their Arcanine. Brock was automatically impressed that Ramona could control a tough Pokémon so easily and began flirting with her.

Ramona and her brother were traveling to a city near Olivine City to deliver Fire Stones for a Fire-type Pokémon competition. They were to be handed out as prizes. But the Fire Stones are soon stolen by Team Rocket. She, Brock, and Misty went after James while Ash and Keegan went after Jessie. However, Ramona is led into a trap and remained there until Brock used his Onix to help her and Misty out.

They soon found Team Rocket again and Ramona commanded her two Arcanine to use Fire Spin on their balloon sending them crashing to the ground. Ramona got the Fire Stones back and she and Keegan delivered them to the competition headquarters.


Arcanine (×2)
Ramona has two Arcanine that first appeared when they saved Ash and his friends from falling off a cliff with the help of Keegan's Arcanine. Ash and his friends thank them and tell them that they are heading to Olivine City and they ride the Arcanine into the forest. Suddenly Team Rocket arrive and steals the Fire Stones and steal Ash's Pikachu. They get Pikachu back but Team Rocket quickly get on their fast bikes and the Arcanine give chase by fall down one of Team Rocket's holes.

Ramona, Misty and Brock including the Arcanine search for the stones but fall down another pitfall. Later they find Team Rocket with Keegan and Ash and they are able to destroy their balloon and send them blasting off.

Arcanine's known moves are Fire Spin and ExtremeSpeed.

Debut The Stolen Stones!

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 豊口めぐみ Megumi Toyoguchi
English Roxanne Beck
European Spanish Conchi López


  • Ramona's Japanese name "Haruka" is the same as May's, and she shares the same seiyū as Dawn.

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