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If you were looking for the character in Pokémon Adventures nicknamed "Rald", see Emerald (Adventures).

ラルド Rald
Rald CBF.png
Gender Male
Hometown Unknown
Region Hoenn

Rald (Japanese: ラルド Rald) is an experienced young Pokémon Trainer who is a character in the Pokémon Battle Frontier manga.


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Rald first appears in Enta Arrives at the Battle Frontier! when Enta noticed his Sceptile. He meets Enta and ends up becoming the energetic young boy's teacher, but refuses to go easy on him in battles. He tells Enta to participate in the Multi Battle challenge in which Enta does. After the battle, Rald witnesses what happened and has a practice battle with Enta using his Gyarados. The next day, Scott reveals to Enta that Rald was a Champion who made it in the Hall of Fame.

In Battle Between Student and Master!, Rald goes to the Battle Dome where he battles Mitsuki. Rald manages to defeat him without any of his Pokémon taking damage. Later, he becomes Enta's opponent. They fight extremely hard and they are left with Sceptile and Vulpix respectively. Sceptile manages to survive the battle despite having a type-disadvantage. During the battle, Rald wins by forfeit as Enta did not want to see his Vulpix getting hurt. In Introducing the Frontier Brains, it is revealed that he lost a match with one of the Frontier Brains which motivated Enta to find the one who was responsible for this. In Final Battle: Versus The Salon Maiden, Rald has one last battle with Enta before Enta challenges Anabel as his last Frontier challenge. Rald comes out on the top and rewards Enta with a Fire Stone so that Enta could get stronger. Rald was last seen when he waved Enta goodbye, promising the young Trainer that he will have a battle with him one day.


In contrast to Enta, Rald is calm and collected. He doesn't take Enta's headbutting habit too seriously as he moved away from him every time. As Enta's teacher, Rald would give advice to Enta when Enta has trouble with something or doesn't know what to do.


This listing is of Rald's known Pokémon in the manga:

Rald's Sceptile
Sceptile is one of Rald's main Pokémon. It has helped Rald in many of his battles in the Battle Frontier. 

Sceptile first appeared when Enta admired it for being strong. Later, it was seen in the Battle Dome where it battled Mitsuki's Goldeen and easily defeated the Fish Pokémon. Throughout the battle, Sceptile did not suffer from any attacks. Later, it was the first Pokémon sent out against Enta when his opponent was revealed to be him. It managed to deal some severe damage to Vulpix despite the type-disadvantage. With Vulpix recalled, Sceptile went up against Illumise next. Sceptile took some damage when Silver Wind was used. Later in the same battle, it was sent out again while Enta sent out Vulpix. Once again, Sceptile dealt severe damage to Vulpix despite getting hurt by Flamethrower and Overheat which resulted in Enta forfeiting the match. When Rald battled Enta one last time, Sceptile was used once more against Vulpix where it managed to come out on top.

Sceptile's only known move is Leaf Blade.

Debut Enta Arrives at the Battle Frontier!
Rald's Gyarados
Rald sent out Gyarados in a practice battle against Enta's Vulpix where it managed to defeat Vulpix.

None of Gyarados's moves are known, but it knows an unidentified Water-type move.

Debut Battle Between Student and Master!
Rald's Charizard
Charizard is another one of Rald's main Pokémon. It was first seen battling with Mitsuki's Shroomish where it was able to defeat Shroomish due to the double type-advantage it had. During the battle, it did not suffer from any of the opponents's attacks.

During the final practice battle with Enta, it battled against his Zangoose and won. Milotic became Charizard's next opponent. Due to the type-disadvantage, Charizard lost to Milotic's Hydro Pump.

Charizard's only known move is Flamethrower.

Debut Battle Between Student and Master!
Rald's Manectric
Rald sent out Manectric against Enta's Tropius. Even though Manectric was able to overpower Tropius, it was knocked out at the same time as its opponent.

None of Manectric's moves are known, but knows an unidentified move that knocked out Tropius.

Debut Battle Between Student and Master!


Rald is based on Brendan and his name is a shortening of "Emerald". "Rald" is also one of the default names for Brendan in the Japanese version of Pokémon Emerald.