Rainbow Energy (Team Rocket 17)

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Rainbow Energy
レインボーエネルギー Rainbow Energy
Rainbow Energy.jpg
Illus. Takumi Akabane
Classification Special Energy card
Provides Any
Additional effect No
Expansion Team Rocket
Rarity Rare Holo
English card no. 17/82
Expansion Team Rocket
Rarity Rare
English card no. 80/82
Expansion Aquapolis
Rarity Rare
English card no. 143/150
Expansion EX Ruby & Sapphire
Rarity Rare
English card no. 95/109
Expansion EX Legend Maker
Rarity Rare
English card no. 81/92
Expansion Platinum
Rarity Uncommon
English card no. 121/127
English expansion HeartGold & SoulSilver
Rarity Uncommon
English card no. 104/123
Japanese expansion SoulSilver Collection
Japanese card no. 070/070

Rainbow Energy is one of the three Special Energy cards released in the Team Rocket expansion, and has since become one of the most versatile Energy cards in the entire Trading Card Game.

Card text

Attach Rainbow Energy to 1 of your Pokémon. While in play, Rainbow Energy counts as every type of basic Energy but provides only 1 Energy at a time. (doesn't count as a energy card when not in play.) When you attach this card from your hand to 1 of your Pokémon, it does 10 damage to that Pokémon.(don't apply Weakness and Resistance.)

Release information

Rainbow Energy was re-released for HeartGold & SoulSilver with new artwork by Kent Kanetsuna.


  • This was the first holofoil Energy card and the first special Energy card to be reprinted in a Japanese expansion.
  • Initially, Rainbow Energy had its own Energy icon, Rainbow, though it has since been abandoned, and newer releases of Rainbow Energy use the Colorless Energy icon.


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